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Ooper reviewed A Strange Sort Of Start on Apr 01, 2014 07:58 PM [Report This]

Girl, Lillith is a solid eleven so let's not start this okay??? I will win this fight.

Ugh honestly money ruins everything. Okay, so my Songs About Jane story for Jannie honestly has some shit to do with money. I honestly have hated men just for their money where I've had to work my ass off. It's prejudiced of me, but hey... I'm human.



Why did she throw up the first time maybe I missed it hmmmmmmmm????????

Okay so honestly I love this story and I'm finally able to actually, properly read it. I'm sorry I've been such a bum up to this point!!

I am so pumped for the next chapter. Oh. Yeah.

For now I have to write though because creativity strikes at the weirdest times. ;D
Author's Response: LOLLLL thank youuuuuuuu. But yes I hate when boys rank girls so I feel you girl I feel you!!! (But thank you for calling me an 11, you 15!) Money is an odd thing to cause tension but it does cause tension. I get awkward around rich boys o.o and I hate it when people are privileged when we have to work every day to get what we want so I feel you. I'm not horribly off but I'm not in the best state in the world. I'm curious to read the songs about jane for jannie :O! LOLLL XD girl I love your reaction!! She didn't throw up XD at least lol in the story, because it was all in Toma's point of the view in the beginning we didn't see her over consumer her alcohol and throw it up. Noo don't call yourself a bum! You're kind of awesome! and I love you for reading it so thank you lovely! Creativity is the best :D!

Ooper reviewed Prologue on Apr 01, 2014 07:50 PM [Report This]

This is actually the most gripping prologue I have ever read. Off to the next bit~!
Author's Response: :DDD gurlll I am so excited you read this and loved it seriously! Can't wait to read all your reviews :D! Glad you enjoyed the prologue!

Christine reviewed No Strings Attached on Feb 23, 2014 06:45 PM [Report This]



Now I know why it is your favourite hehehe. Toma observing Lillith was a bit creepy but at the same time cute? hehe

i think he needed to see her in order to get over this idea he had of her...hopefully they will see more of each other.

I like that you so easily fit them back together and sort of intertwined them in each other's lives.

I hope they see more of each other hehehe. Toma is adorable though...curious as to who she was meeting kekeke.

Will they see each other again?

Update soon! xxx
Author's Response: :DDD thank you bb! I enjoyed writing that chapter more than any other chapter in this story because it was very simple and easy to write :O like the image was in my mind and boom. on word :D It is creepy and cute neh XD now can my ideal guy be like that please? You're right. If he didn't see her, he would have fictionalized her into this evil witch in her mind. (using a nicer word here). When she wasn't that bad. The same way she would have idolized him if she didn't see him. This way they normalize their image of each other. After sometime of being apart that tends to happen, your memories get fuzzy neh? They'll never truly be apart because they have the same friends, so they'll always have that at their side. If they'll see each other again though...that I'm not sure when it'll happen. Thank you for your insight and feedback lovely :)! As always you awe me with your perceptions :) I hope you're doing well in Japan! And that your speech went well! Ajaja! Fighting!

Lil Daisy reviewed No Strings Attached on Feb 23, 2014 02:25 AM [Report This]

This is seriously one of my favourite stories from you if not the favourite one right now. the characters feel very real^^ good work and keep going *huggies!*
Author's Response: GURLLLL... when you say things like that you make me smile like a lunatic (but not the legitimately crazy kind) :D thank you for being patient with me in getting this out. Adjusting to life post-grad has not been the easiest thing in the world! Hope you're doing well :) your pictures on insta look very happy :D!

minhosnoona reviewed No Strings Attached on Feb 21, 2014 09:33 PM [Report This]

the fact that there isn't another chapter after this one makes me sad. So please, can you make me happy by adding another one soon?
Author's Response: And I'm truly sorry it took me so long to get this one out minhosnoona! Thank you for reading and enjoying Locks and Latches :) it's truly one of my favourite babies to write because how often do we see main leads live their lives apart from each other. It makes the story a little longer but I think it serves the better purpose of developing character :D I hope you enjoy the new chapter! and once again I look forward to reading what you have to say about it! *hugs*!

Lil Daisy reviewed Pity at Pi's on Jan 08, 2014 01:50 AM [Report This]

I am loving how this story develops. I mean Toma and Lilith's character are so different with such different circumstances and even when they don't meet there is still so much tension between them. urgh!
and Mukai! why are you flirting everywhere if you're in a relationship?? bad boy!
Author's Response: Oh they'll only get more different as time goes on. The dynamic I'm trying to play with here is the dynamic of two people who were mildly interested in each other who drift apart before they come back together. It's funny keeping my two main leads completely away from each other and letting them live their lives apart. Letting them like other people and really be indifferent towards the other. a very bad boy. VERY BAD. don't hate me T.T But he's not a good character. T.T i mean he has his redeeming qualities but in general he's not a great guy. ALSOOO I'VE BEEN READING ALIVE AND I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT But I'm also not done :O but also T.O.P is kind of a bitch right now. I mean...when Minho came I literally died inside. He was so bashful and adorable.

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Pity at Pi's on Jan 07, 2014 01:40 PM [Report This]

That poster is super pretty.^^ And I love the quote she used too.

Ohh, and Daisy's character makes her first appearance in this chapter! She seems so sweet, and I feel like Mukai brought her there just to flaunt her in front of Lillith. I feel bad for both of them, they should stay away from him! Ok, maybe thats a little much, but still, I'm not so sure I have a good feeling about him.

Lillith and Pi's little reunion was so cute! His mom seems soo sweet too. I can tell that Pi feels bad for phasing her out the way they are' but I can also tell that he cares more about Toma than his own feelings.

Lillith may not like working in Starbucks, but she really seems to know what type of coffee would really suit someones tastes. And she's so sweet, not allowing Pi's mom to pay for their drinks.

Ohh, she finally found out about Toma's dad. I can totally relate to her reaction. To find out about someone losing a parent or loved one, even if you don't like the person, or in Lillith's case, deny that you like the person, it's still easy to put yourself in their place, and feel some sadness for them.

And I totally feel for Toma, all those looks, and everyone being so careful around im, only makes things worse. They mean well, but sometimes it's best, to treat them normally, like a human being, not a wounded animal.

Jeez, even when Koyama is depressed and drinking, he's so blunt, and knows what exactly Toma is thinking.

Oh. Haruma and Talia... That's whats got poor Koya so down. I feel so bad, but I absolutely love this line; “I think there’s always a moment you can point to and be like shit- that’s where I fucked up and let her in. What a mistake.” But, that might be because of my stance on relationships. XD

Ceil makes an appearance too! Yayy! And she's a bartender! Paying more attention to those with money. XD She must have some real money problems, huh? Hiding tips and whatnot.

Shige is so blunt. I just love his friendship with Lillith. It's so funny, it started at a party, and now their cuddling on couches, and taking pictures together.

*narrows eyes at Mukai* I don't know about him. He'd better not hurt Lillith or Daisy! *shakes fist at him* Although, I guess he's alright, hanging out with people who work for him like Shige. XD

I like what Shige and Christine have to say about friendships. Because, what they say is true. It doesn't matter, if only one person cares about a relationship, but the other doesn't, it won't last, no matter how strong said relationship used to be. Poor Lillith.

Toma really waited for Ceil too? I have to say I'm a little shocked, but, then again, Toma isn't the same person he was before his dad passed away.

Their meeting seems like the start of a really sweet friendship.

I can't wait for another update! And, I can't wait to see the characters develop, the new ones, and the old ones! And, I can't wait to see the relationships grow either. Thank you for this update, I loved it so much!
And like i said earlier, I can't wait for the next! *hearts*
Author's Response: I'm super late at responding but I'm going to try because if I don't I'll forget again! But you're right Mukai did just bring her there to flaunt her. Daisy was just left unaware. And loll aww no you're right! They should stay away from him. He's trouble! But trouble can be fun too...trouble invites trouble :) so in a way...that should tell us about where Lillith's character's going to go. Isn't she cuteee? I like her. I love writing about parents...probably because I still live with mine. Keh, Lillith would know because I would know! I'm a starbucks maniac (at work they're calling me baller because I go everyday but honestly it's just a) something to do since I don't really have anyone to hang out with at lunch and b) something I enjoy so :D keh. I know exactly what you mean :( every time you hear about someone losing a parent it's incredibly sad. Especially at a younger age because you haven't had the chance to form your own family yet. (Koyama is not a happy person right now, I should probably spend some time expanding on that whole dynamic but in a not so depressing manner BUT LOLLL I LOVE THAT LINE TOO. But :( Ceil that's sad that's your stance on relationships...not that I can't say that too I mean...I wrote it but T.T we should be more positive). CEIL IS AMAZING :D she has her own problems too though and they'll come to light as Toma struggles to break through her barriers and find out more about her. *giggles* poor Shige...he has his own problems too that come out in this chapter. Loll Mukai and Shige are poles apart...bosses and employees usually are I find :O in terms of their management style and the way they talk. Mukai talks in a calculating methodic manner, Shige just says whatever's in his mouth. Oh man that tension is coming to a riseee we'll see how the girls react as their friendship starts to combust a little bit. Toma would have just told himself fuck it before but he's seeing the value of investing time in a person which is why he decided to invest in Ceil. He didn't invest as much time in his relationship with his parents at the end - he gave up trying to spend time with people and using them was the only way he could relate to people. So in a way him waiting for her means that he's willing to be open to letting people in properly again. (Friendship psht). :DDDD I'm glad you enjoyed it lovely! I hope you enjoy the new one too! *hugs* I love your reviews as always and I hope you're doing well :D!!

Lil Daisy reviewed Reuniting Never Feels Good on Nov 10, 2013 02:45 PM [Report This]

Mukai Osamu is yum in so many ways. And Toma-man things just getting heavy for you. sigh
Author's Response: kekeke he is yum and now he is your fictional man <3 enjoy my love enjoy the yummyness as it comes :D (I know T.T it was really depressing I'm sorry about Toma's sad life :( ) Thank you for your review Daisy :D *hugs*

Christine reviewed Reuniting Never Feels Good on Nov 03, 2013 03:46 PM [Report This]

Omgggg I can't believe you updated this as well!

Thank you so much woman you rock *hearts*

First off...the poster!!!! Omg Harvey looks so dashing!!

Omg omg and Lillith meets Harvey! I love the way you have described a god hahaha he does give off that impression doesn't he?
Kyaaaaaa Shige is here he's hereeee! It's nice seeing familiar faces isn't it? Omg and mukai is here as well!! Girl you described him so well it's like he's a model or something!

Toma!!! Man I can't believe how much he's been going through since he graduated...what is he thinking of saying to his mom? Aww and he wants Pi to go with him, I think that shows what a close relationship they have.

Ahh so Harvey doesn't really appreciate Christine...a man like that is pretty hard to understand and keep interested isn't he? I wonder how their relationship will continue.

Omgggg Lillith met Mukai at Starbucks! This is so cute and I wonder if he is going to ask her out any time soon? Oh shit and then they meet Toma whilst on a date!!! Talk about awkward!!!!


Sorry had to mention that...

ahh man this is such an emotional part. I feel so bad for Toma...he is trying to do the best thing for the company yet his mom doesn't see it. This scene made me tear up a little...Pi and Toma bromance man...*hugs*

Thank you for the lovely chapter and omfg I can't believe Lillith threw up in Shige's mouth lmaooo that was hilarious hahaha

I can't wait to read more! This is a really awesome story and it got me hooked


love you!!!!
Author's Response: you rock tooo :D *hugs* you always leave such amazing reviews without fail. So thank you ChriChri :D Harvey always looks so dashing neh, if you think about it though he's quite a bit older than Chri. (AND DUDEEE I'M SO HAPPY YOU NOTICED I PUT MIKE IN TOO YAY FOR LAWYERS bro do you like Mike more :O? I should have paired you up with Mike but Harvey's the bigger screw it all I'm a hotshot type) Harvey is a god O.O what do you mean? Is he not a god? Did I misunderstand his godliness ? (XD man if only I could see him in real life and worship) It is nice seeing familiar faces right! Honestly without Shige Lillith would have become really uncomfortable so I thought it was a good way to bring him back (AND YES MUKAI <3 AGAIN IS HE NOT A MODEL XD have i misunderstood something xD) He will go through a lot, and then even more before he finally gets back up again because hey this is a Lilli story and Lilli likes conflict and pain XD (They have a very close relationship :)) Harvey really only apprecaites himself which is fine too but yes it is hard for Christine to hold onto him which she's trying desperately hard to do. It'll continue but it'll just get really tiresome neh? lolll ahhh this chapter this next one ruined the idea of him asking her out sometime soon didn't it :(? Well...we'll see what happens with him. I didnt just put him in this story for nothing. MIKEEEEEE :DDD YAYYY MIKEEEE :D I had to mention him too so dw totally get it! He is...I didn't think of it like that actually :O but he really is. I'm sorry it made you tear up :( his mom is kind of unforgiving huh? She doesn't end up coming around sadly...(YAY PI TOMA BROMANCE THOUGH <3 And Toma will always have Pi's mom) LOL XD yes poor Shige XD he's been through a lot, bro deserves a good girlfriend at the end of this story (ahh drunk misadventures) (HEARTS) Love you backkkkk :D

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Reuniting Never Feels Good on Nov 03, 2013 01:29 PM [Report This]

I freaking love Shige and Lillith's relationship! Shige's so snarky and sweet, and somehow seems to keep Lillith grounded.

Poor Toma.... I cried once again Lillith. It's a sad reality that everyone has to go through, burying a loved one, but Toma went to it earlier than should he should have....

Ahh another person who likes to play games. That guy Mukai. I'm not exactly sure how to feel about him yet though. XD

I'm so glad it was Pi who went with him, and stood up for him. If it weren't for Pi Toma would have backed down, huh? I'm glad he didn't, I'm glad he chose his happiness.^^

This chapter hit me harder than you know. XD Thank you for the update! *hearts* I'll patiently wait for another one!
Author's Response: KEKEKE I love Shige period he's freaking awesome isn't he :D? honestly he wasn't supposed to be that big a character but then when I was planning out the story somehow he just ended up worming his way. and damn it now he's important T.T (He's definitely going to help Lillith a lot through her life :)) Man T.T I'm so sorry I'm not going to lie, writing this part of the story I cried too because the other parts weren't as real to me. He was with his friends, and he wasn't alone. Here he was actually alone going through the pain himself. Ugh I don't even want to think of what life will be like for us when we're faced with this sort of situation *knock on wood* kekeke :D yes Mukai say helloooo :D you know I love the way you described him so suspiciously :D not going to lie he's not the greatest guy in the world (he has his pros he has his cons :) like everyone else) but i loveee the way you talk about him in your reviews it makes me giggle and smile a lot :D I can't tell you much about him but you're pretty much on the bat. Yes, so basically when I wrote this chapter I was studying this thing that I thought was really interesting and I wondered how it would be if I put it into Toma's character much more strongly. Basically Japanese families have a long tradition for being based on interdependent cultures where the values and priorities of an in-group (those you care for) are considered more important than any personal desires/etc. you may have or those of people in the out-group. So basically Toma comes from a very traditional family like that (Pi's family has adapated a little bit more, and Jun comes from a similar family but because Toma's more intense about pursuing his personal goals, and Jun isn't- it works out being a harder conflict point for Toma). If you ever get bored and want to read the paper it's a really interesting read! It's called Culture and the Self! (I'm sorry I talk so much in review replies T.T). So in the end Toma basically made himself a member of the out-group by doing what he did but yeah- he chose his happiness over the happiness of his family unit. T.T I'm sorry again if I made you cry too much. I'm hoping these next few chapters will be tear free for you. I'll upload a new one soon probably :D <3 *hugs*
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