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wq123 reviewed Chapter 1 on Apr 25, 2018 08:47 AM [Report This]

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Eternaliex reviewed Chapter 27 on May 18, 2015 01:53 PM [Report This]

Ahh what's going to happen next???? Please update soon! xxx
Author's Response: I'm so sorry for the VERY late reply. I haven't been exactly active >.< But it was updated and the story is finished. I hope you enjoy the story and Thank you for commenting!!!

leyategoshii reviewed Chapter 27 on Apr 20, 2015 07:00 AM [Report This]

This chapter has a feel to it that the story's approaching its end T_T I am somehow sad but there couldn't be anything better than these scenes! When Tegoshi kissed Masuda I was like OMG *melts*

Even though there were signs in the previous chapters, I never thought Maki and Fujigaya will completely turn into antagonists.

Their fate now lies on the gatekeeper scenes uwaaaa I can't wait to read the next!
Author's Response: You commented again!! Thank you!! And the story is coming to an end only one more chapter! And he had to kiss him, who knows if they'll ever see each other again... hehehe The gatekeeper is coming and when he does it'll be all over. Thank you for commenting again!

ichigoyamada reviewed Chapter 27 on Apr 20, 2015 04:25 AM [Report This]

Author's Response:
Author's Response: Hehe, I'm evil like that

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Chapter 24 on Mar 29, 2015 12:21 AM [Report This]

I finally got around to read this! (took me long enough, I know)

The poster is amazing, by the way.

Anndd,I really liked the exchange between Massu and Tegoshi. And about time Massu showed Tegoshi his feelings. My favorite part was Massu holding Tegoshi in the bed though, that truly shows he cares.

Ohh, 25 people unaccounted for, and eggs need be cracked? None of that sounds good.

Sorry this review isn't very long, but I really did enjoy this chapter! I'll move onto the next now.
Author's Response: You finally read it! xD Many bad things will happen before the end but I was feeling sappy when I wrote this chapter. So many Tegomass feels lol Well chapter 26 is up today so you'll see!!

leyategoshii reviewed Chapter 25 on Mar 25, 2015 12:40 PM [Report This]

This (Ch. 25) is one of the most eventful chapters in the story and I'm glad I could finally give a review *I mean, you know, I've gathered all my strength to do this! hahaha!!! OTL*

I had to to reread it three times because emotions are overwhelming me. Especially the part where they followed their grandparents, the contract, the sacrifice and all... So intense! Though the Tegomasu and Shige-Erika moments were worth waiting too~

My favorite part was the little argument between Tegoshi and Fujigaya. Why was Gaya so pessimistic?(LOL) and Tegoshi's sarcastic answer made me laugh. xD

Looking forward to the next chapters! The cerberus part I honestly didn't understand much, so I will just wait for its explanation/elaboration whatever. You made me and my sis very happy with this update, thank you!

-love, your fan ^_^
Author's Response: You commented!! :D I'm glad you did and I appreciate you gathering all your strength so I updated soon xD The new chapter is already up! I thought the dream scene would be too confusing, I'm relieved it wasn't. And I have a soft spot for Tegomasu and Shige-Erika xD Gaya... well... you'll have to read hahah And your sister is reading too? Tell her thank you for me xD Thank you again for commenting. Comments make me happy hahaha *hugs*

ichigoyamada reviewed Chapter 25 on Mar 25, 2015 12:58 AM [Report This]

It's getting intense!!!
And it's almost over D:
What will happen with them now? I can't wait!!!
Thank you for this update :D *huggles* NICE chapter! :D
..... update soon, please :p
Author's Response: You can see what happens now! I updated chapter 26. See? I listened to you :) *huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Chapter 24 on Sep 02, 2014 04:27 AM [Report This]

Tegomasu's moment :D :D :D :D LOL
So Massu does like Tegoshi too :D
Ugh, I don't really like the conversation between G & Kimura “Do you know which eggs will have to be broken?” D:
Does it mean someone will dead??? D: Oh no!

Anyway, great update :D (Finally xD LOL) Thanks for this update :D Update soon 'kay :D *kitty eyes* *huggles*
Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to answer!! But yes! of course Massu likes Tegoshi!! xD Thank you for always commenting! *huggles back*

Uniquemikoto reviewed Chapter 24 on Aug 30, 2014 08:08 PM [Report This]

gosh i'm a tegomass shipper i'm so in love with the tegomass-ness in this chapter!
Thank you for the update so much!
please update soon?
Author's Response: That was fast! This chapter is almost entirely dedicated to tegomass-ness hahahah I'll do my best to update all the stories more regularly but live is hectic right now! Thank you for reading and commenting!!

justtoread reviewed Chapter 23 on Aug 30, 2014 06:17 AM [Report This]

Oh dear, i'm so happy i can finaly read this chapter, i have constantly checked your livejournal for updates, but i ended up finding tour pared héroe :D
Author's Response: Sorry about Livejournal but now I've updated everything there as well. And chapter 24 is already up. Thank you so much for commenting. I saw your comment and though "I really have to update this story more often" hahaha Again, thank you for reading and commenting
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