Christine reviewed That Time She Made Him Eat His Words on Feb 27, 2013 05:31 PM [Report This]

I had forgotten about Christine's test...
lol Christine and yamapi's bickering is awesome I love it...
he is an asshole though :( I'm glad Lillith got rid of him!
Lol when Lillith was talking to herself on her phone I could so relate with her relate...
The frat house scene was awkward but Shige was so hilarious hahahaa
awww pillow fights!
I love pillow fights kekeke but I love pancakes

MinGi_Imnida reviewed That Time His Best Friend Started Mattering on Jul 31, 2012 07:12 PM [Report This]

I love it. Update soon~
Author's Response: Thank you MinGi! I know this update took a long time! But I hope you can still enjoy it :)! Thank you for your review!

Christine reviewed That Time His Best Friend Started Mattering on Feb 21, 2012 12:21 PM [Report This]

DUDE TOMA IS JUST TOO FREAKING ADOARBLE!!! HE IS ADORABLE AND I LOVE HIM IN THIS!! The library part where he threw the balled up piece of paper and then waved just as Lillith turned to look at him...KYAAAA ADORABLE!!!!

I LOVE HIM IN THIS!!! lol I will never get tired of it...

Lady Lopez also made me laugh hahaah Yamapi Yamapi...he doesn't have the best brains in the world huh? hahahaha I wonder if he will ever man up and confess his true feelings to Lilly???

Lillith must be confused as to why Toma was actually helping her...I dont get it there must be a reason he's helping her make his bestie jealous...and something is telling me that there is more than what he has told her...kekekeke also...will we ever meet a Toma's EX? that would be something interesting kekeke

GEUNGEUN kekekekeke he's so hot and cute nice choice ;)


love you my lilly pad :P
Author's Response: The library setting is based on my library :) and if you saw the way he did it and the way it looks its even cuter :D trust. MAN Kyaah I do like that scene XD you made me like it more now. Yamapi is into the Latinas now XD! Before he can confess to Lillith he needs to own up to them himself! Toma hmmm...I wish there was something more or some reason he was doing this. Honestly sometimes he's just a good guy who likes to have fun, it might be said that he's feeling a bit bored and so he's decided to fix their fucked up relationship...but he's going to start to realize he never should have meddled in the first place. YAY okay so you just helped me rewrite the summary for the story. Toma's Ex though XD that could totally work out! Geun Geun ! XD want me to change him? You don't seem as obsessed as before! Love you tooooo! Hope you enjoy the update Chri :D! Thank you for your reviews!

Christine reviewed That Time He Broke Your Heart on Jan 20, 2012 06:40 PM [Report This]

And again I love this storyyyy (you TRAITOR I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SLEPT WITH MY MAN!!! [isn't he awesome?] {LOL})
I love youuuu
ahhh Toma, seriously Toma is awesome in this, he is like a ray of sunshine and I love how Lillith is all oblivious to his amazing-ness just because all she is seeing is Pipi
Also, maaaaan Pi is seriously damaged in this aint he?
The whole thing about women always use me for's kinda sad...I wonder if he ever fell in love for realz? oh or maybe it happened to him what has happened to Lillith!
and this is his way of coping with it!
Ahhhhh mysteries...hehehe
I want more!
In fact I demand more! hehehe
and all your readers should officially love me just like mine should love you because imma be pimpin you to update lol
love you moi lolita ;)
Author's Response: DON'T HATE MEEEE <3 but yesss I slept with your man technically...but it's necessary for the plot! ONLY REASON WHY!!! Toma is a cute little ball of sunshine but he has his own negative points that will come up soon :) i love his character here. He's a total casual college nut. Lillith will be oblivious for quite some time until she heals her heart :( Pi- ah he's weird...but we'll definitely get to know more about why he reacted the way he did when Lillith said that...and how he'll react to the tests that Christine Toma and Lilli throw at him. LOL XD my readers of course would love you! You're awesome ! Love you too awesome best friend!

nitelotus reviewed That Time He Broke Your Heart on Jan 20, 2012 02:29 AM [Report This]

Can't wait for more girls! awesome!!!
Author's Response: :D yesss and they'll come slowly trickling in! Thanks !

nitelotus reviewed Prologue on Jan 20, 2012 02:24 AM [Report This]

Really? Really? Cling hanger!!! but this is HAWT WOMAN!!!
Author's Response: Yesss all the cliff hangers! All prologues of mine have cliff hangers and leave readers confused how everyone ended up the way they did :D I'm glad you enjoyed it :D! I hope you like the new chapter as well! mwah.

Christine reviewed Prologue on Jan 19, 2012 10:46 PM [Report This]

You posted this!!!
Me is so happy!!!!!!!!!
Gahh the rawness of this chapter is amazing.
You don't know this but you are the very first author I have read that wrote smut and didn't even realize it.
Smut isn't just heavy sex you know lol, it's the sexual tension and you ROCK the sexual tension.
I love certain words you use to describe things.
You use certain phrases which are beautiful.
Author's Response: Yes I didddd wow late review replies >< but at least I'm getting to them. sigh sigh. I love the prologue for this story :) first smut i ever wrote :D and you made me write it! It didn't totally get there but it almost got there! (Thank you for the sexual tension compliment :D) Thank you for phrase loveeee :D love you backkk! Mwah *clicks next review too XD*
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