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ichigoyamada reviewed Ladies Night on Apr 09, 2013 10:02 AM [Report This]

*Imagining them cross-dressing*
Ahahaha :D :D :D
Nice story ^^ *hugs*

SimpleSnow reviewed Ladies Night on Apr 09, 2013 03:17 AM [Report This]

I love this it is so cute!!! I really liked the end it was so cute!!

cahaya reviewed Ladies Night on Jan 23, 2012 02:48 PM [Report This]

evening chri...
wow love the one shot and all the characters
kindda cute and adorable as the guys dress up as girls...kekekek
really love the ending ...seems all of them got their love one with them ....
keep it up chri and take care dear! ;)

Tsuki-chan reviewed Ladies Night on May 20, 2011 03:58 PM [Report This]

I just love this story my Chri-chu!!!!
It was so freakin' funny XD I almost cryed of laughing XD
And I'm Massu's girlfriend w000000!!!! XD
No more seriously you are the best, woman!
I promise I'll repay you for that ;)
Good job^^ Write again!!!! It always light my day when I read your work ^^ *hug*

Anna Clair reviewed Ladies Night on Mar 02, 2011 02:29 AM [Report This]


Wow. I'm not even lying that when I dress up with my friends in a room that's what we sound like.

Is it stupid I'm still turned on that they're all getting dressed together even if they're all getting dressed into DRESSES?

My baby's not gay! He just acts gay sometimes because it makes me happy XD.

Dude I hope they get in. It said women's night...not tranny's night.

LOL poor Rui! Getting hit on by trannyo that must have been scary. At least Shige manned up and saved his woman!

I don't know why I feel like an entire fic in my head could be dedicated to woman Toma trying to avoid News members. Seriously in my head it all goes down rather well.

LOL. I can just imagine Toma standing there awkwardly as Tsuki and Massu get ready to make babies. Even though he would have probably left by then.


Okay this description made me die from sweetness. Permanently stoned. So right on so many levels.

Damn you Christine.

DAMN YOU. HOW IS MY BRAIN SUPPOSED TO STAY PRUDE-Y WITH DESCRIPTIONS LIKE WE SHOULD GET YOU OUT OF THAT DRESS? Yeah okay I don't even have to tell how much my part made me squee. It made me squee so much that I'm going to go borrow my friend's navy dress next time we go clubbing and look around for manly looking girls that look like Tomato.

Hey hey Pi XD i'm doubting your sexual tendencies right about now =D but that was so cuteeee! the scene with the washroom and the whole transformation i loved it!

Lols at poor Ryo getting all angry about dresses. Then Coco shows him sense. I bet now he'll appreciate her a lot more when he sees her legs *wiggleeyebrows*

ON THAT NOTE. Daisy and Sho were so cute! I love how bossy and perfectly independent gorgeous female you made her sound like =D it totally fit perfectly!

You sleep on the floor =D why i love this line so much i don't even know.

I loved reading it BB =DDD good job! You did good dressing them up as women!

mmizuki951101 reviewed Ladies Night on Mar 01, 2011 01:05 PM [Report This]

i swear that once i hit the legal age, i'll make Keito dress up as a girl and drag him to a bar for a "girls" night out^^ haha! fantastic story chri

Coco reviewed Ladies Night on Mar 01, 2011 03:37 AM [Report This]


Tierra reviewed Ladies Night on Mar 01, 2011 02:24 AM [Report This]

I love it Chripi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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