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wilnikki reviewed Lines on Jun 17, 2011 09:32 PM [Report This]

funny,,, hilarious,,, i was smiling the entire time i was reading this one shot... and nino being loud mouth is so like him.. hehehe...
the best couple for me is aiba and becky.. love arashi and like becky's personality she's funny.. hope you'll write more story like this or even better....
Author's Response: thank you, glad you liked it!
i had fun writing these mini-stories...
it was interesting... :D check out my other works too, if you're interested... :D

kumaa-chan reviewed Lines on Dec 23, 2010 01:16 AM [Report This]

This is super awesome!
So funny and absolutely adorable!!!
Author's Response: thank you kumaa-chan... glad you liked it... :) and thanks for the review... it makes me happy... :)

Tierra reviewed Lines on Dec 14, 2010 06:31 PM [Report This]

Author's Response: :D thanks teirra... :):):)

Anna Clair reviewed Lines on Dec 14, 2010 01:38 AM [Report This]

Okay One Chance is gonna have to wait.


okay okay. I'll structure the review

Aya x Morita Go

That's so cute! But so sad still cause I remember how she was at the Eclipse premiere when they asked her about him. Ahh the life of a Johnny and his lover.

Jin x Meisa.

FUNNY ASS STUFF. I love made her sound so kick ass I loved it. Especially when Pi and Kame were like. LOL this made it worth it.. Poor drunk jin

Aiba x Becky

LMFAO this just makes me happy. Seriously Aiba is so cute I love him. And Gussan was just using for a laugh poor guy. That is such a typical line though XD

Ryo x Erika

YOU'RE THE SEXY OSAKA MAN! Oh yes...yes he is =D

BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WHEN NINO IS AROUND! I swear that guy reminds me of an evil little bunny.

I love you making Ryo fail. That was awesome


I actually want these two to get married O.O I really want them to and I don't even know why I like this pair so much.

Yamada Ryosuke x Shida Mirai

That was adorable! Nagase's just going to have to learn to deal and understand that cute little boys do it better than he does.

Author's Response: i'm gonna structure my response too... :)
Aya x Go: yeah... i kinda felt sad when i read that about them...
JinxMeisa: i like strong Meisa... i think it fits her persona... it's either that or i just love writing Jin that way... LOL... no, not that much... but i really think Meisa would be a tough girl (w/ a soft interior)...
AibaxBecky: yeah, the line is so typical... but i thought it kinda fits... coz this two would seem to often be thinking of over the world situations that i wanted to give them a normal line...
RyoxErika: i think i wanted to say that i'm sorry for making Ryo fail but then i remembered how he looked at that one interview with him, Nino, and Erika when he looked absolutely flustered when Erika noticed him and i realized that no, i'm not sorry... he's fun to write like that... :D
NagasexSaki: i like the pair, i'm not sure why too but i like them...
YamadaxShida: yeah... sometimes, the age does matter... :) and i just can't help writing in Nagase... :)
it did? i'm glad... :D:D:D

inawza reviewed Lines on Dec 13, 2010 03:14 PM [Report This]

aaawww meisa walked away from jin again...poor there no happy ending for these two? :))
ryo that was cheesy...lost in your eyes?hahahaha...that news headline was hilarious...
nagase tomoya...yes i would keep you!!!he's funny as ever... :)
different pick up lines...some are cheesy...some are funny...but most failed :))
this is simple and genius...yay!!!
Author's Response: i seem to enjoy jin's pain... or meisa walking away from jin at least... LOL... maybe... one day... they might have their own happy ending... if i get a good idea how... my favorite part for ryo's story would be the parts where Yoko is talking... and i enjoyed writing that headline... :) and nagase's adorkably lovable... :) but yeah... fail... :) thanks for the review wanani... :) it really makes me happy... :)
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