YvonneLoveYou reviewed Second Visit on Apr 05, 2013 11:35 AM [Report This]

Omg i love that story so much.The story is just amazing, the best I've ever read. I want to read more

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Second Visit on Mar 03, 2013 02:42 PM [Report This]

HAHAHAH!! Cutting richards off... That would actually be so useful cause chatango is such a bitch about using the word dick...
And now they're left by themselves :O i wanna read the third visit soon!!

Kristy reviewed Second Visit on Feb 03, 2013 05:36 PM [Report This]

Chri-unnie, I can't believe I just found this story! It's absolutely adorable! Yamapi is just so... innocent when finding out about what really goes on at Chatango. You should write a sequel or a follow-up one-shot about Yamapi's and Yamapine's (Hee hee, love their names) conversation on AFF! That would just be WONDERFUL. :)

Carol1646 reviewed Second Visit on Aug 12, 2011 12:51 AM [Report This]

Woahhh.. Update soonn, the story feels so reallll, i love it so muchh!!^^

Spuricu reviewed Second Visit on Feb 16, 2011 01:53 AM [Report This]

More more more! This is interesting:)

chi17 reviewed Second Visit on Dec 29, 2010 04:43 AM [Report This]

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~ i so missed this site !!!!!

and waaaaa!!! part 2 is up!!!

it feels so real while reading this ~ and LOL..i can totall imagine this story in real life ~ (and somehow wishes that it comes true)

missed you kaa~chan ~!!!

cahaya reviewed Second Visit on Dec 12, 2010 03:50 AM [Report This]

morning chri...
well done n beautifully written one shot
love both pi n chri :blush:
funny when both pi n shige join the chat :lol:
poor pi kindda blur n daze when the girls talked about ***** ....kekekeke
love the ending ...
keep up the good work chri n take care dear!!! ;)

biniBningPunkista reviewed Second Visit on Dec 10, 2010 10:17 AM [Report This]

what? the end??? noOoOo....

this made me laugh the living crap out of me!!! hahahaha.... i love love love the richard part!!!! i was the same. remember that time that you and yuki were talking about richard and i was like... "Who's richard???" and you girls were. "....ummm."


reading shige (who by the way is so under-appreciated in fics) is pure fun. he is sexiasian indeed! and toma with drunken half naked jin, i suddenly see stars! toma is kakkoi! ghaaaa.... Yuki is mean. yep. she's mean to Yamapi. i wonder why? and why is jess mean to yamapi too? lolz.

this fic is so adorkable!!!! i laaaaveeet. i'm spazzing right? i am. hahaha.... let me spazzz..... *sssshhhhhhhzzzzzzzttttttt*

this fic made my day chri! I so Lurve you for this and i want mooOooreeeeeee!

Blossy reviewed Second Visit on Dec 09, 2010 10:48 PM [Report This]

Ahhhh this was really really long! But it's still not the end right???

I loved our convos!!! It was epic! RAMEN BOY!! HAHAHA

Can't wait for the next one !!!! XXXD

pulangpagong reviewed Second Visit on Dec 08, 2010 05:31 AM [Report This]

oh btw. wats with the aquaneesha thing?? it hs smthg 2 do w/ jin?? lol. just asking
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