Just For You... I'll Meet The Parents by Blossy
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Chapter 1 by Blossy
Author's Notes:
Credits: Thanking Christine for her AWESOME Poster and Banner! Thank you sooooo much and I HEART YOU!!!! XD

Christine Porter is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Nina Dobrev.

I was annoyed. My best friend Ryo Nishikido never had time for me. I hardly saw him since he’s always working so many jobs at once. For someone to drag me all the way to the big city of Tokyo and then refuse to hang out with me, I was definitely annoyed when he had told me that he was going to meet a girl he met.

I knew Ryo and his family since birth. My parents and his parents were best friends from high school. We instantly became friends since toddlers. But at the age of seven we became more than friends when my parents passed away. Since I had no relatives his parents took me in as they wouldn't allow me to be taken into the orphanage. If Ryo wasn't there for me, I would have locked away inside my own world refusing to talk to anyone.

Ryo took care of me. He was like my blood brother always protecting me, always taking care of me although he was just few months older than me. At eighteen I was in an accident that was life-threatening. Ryo’s parents couldn't afford the high medical fee and Ryo nearly went berserk, I later found out, and even had a panic attack because he thought I would die. But somehow miraculously someone had paid for it anonymously.

Since then, Ryo had always stuck to me more than ever whenever he didn't have work. In fact, it was at eighteen he started to work a lot, giving up his studies and whenever I asked him why he worked so much, he would always say that he hated studying and preferred working so he could buy whatever he wants.

It was the first time he willingly didn't want to hang out with me which shocked me. It must be the reason I was against the idea.

“I can’t allow you to go with a girl you just met!” I protested.

Ryo had just returned home that morning after working the night at the club. He kicked off his shoes while I followed him to his bedroom. Soon as he saw his bed, he fell on it and nearly fell into the dream world if it wasn't for me. I was not done.

“Are you listening?” I also jumped on his bed making a creaking sound. I cowered over his sleeping form, refusing to give up no matter how tired he was. “Ryo, you hardly have time to meet girls, it’ll be trouble if you meet the wrong girl and fall for her.”

“Mmm,” Ryo groaned. “She’s different,” his voice came out as a muffle as he was already half asleep.

“How is she different from the other girls?”

“She just is. I’ve made a fool out of myself every time I met her, so you think a girl would stick around after seeing all my bad points?”

I stopped short to ponder on the question. “Hmmm... for a girl to stick with you after all that then... maybe I should meet her.”

Ryo’s eyes flew open and he sat up. “What?” he exclaimed. “You can’t have her!”

“I never asked to have her,” I merely said as innocently as possible. “I just said I want to meet her.”

My friend gave me a cynical look. “I know you, Yamashita Tomohisa, and I know you’re the type to go with any pretty girl.”

I couldn't help but grin widely. “So, she’s pretty?”

Ryo clamped his mouth shut. Then opened it when he thought he calmed down. “I’ll call her to cancel our date,” he concluded at the end.


I was happy. Although Ryo had said that he would cancel the date, the girl managed to convince him into brining me along while she would bring her friends. We met up at the dark and loud club that Ryo worked at.

He introduced me to the girl who had made a fool out of him, who was pretty as he had said but lucky for Ryo, she wasn't my type. I never went for the sweet girls. I did meet my type straight after the introduction with Ayumu Hamano, the daring type.

Then Ayumu, who preferred to be called Ayu, introduced us to her friends, starting with Bam who was sulking that Jaejoong had not turned up yet and to Jessie who was looking lovey-dovey with her boyfriend, Hangeng. She finally introduced me to Christine Porter who took my breath away at first glance.

I have never felt like that with any other girl. In fact, I had come on a mission to seduce Ryo’s girl who turned out not to be my type. But Christine was different. She was the type who wouldn't take anything lying down, exactly the girls I liked.

“Hi,” I breathed heavily as my brown orbs bore on her with lust.

“Hi,” she huskily greeted back.

I was taken aback. I wasn't the only one lusting. Things went like a blur after that because we were both chatting animatedly about everything and anything, ignoring everyone else around. It was weird how I could talk to a girl more than five minutes rather than bedding her like I usually did. But soon I had taken her to a side, away from the group to make out with her.

It was funny that she was easy to kiss but I could never go any further than that. She would never allow it and it has been a year since we started dating. And my frustration had been building up over this time.


One day I came back home from work, unlike Ryo, I only had one job, working in an office. I found my girlfriend sitting on our bed painting her toe nails and humming along to the song that was blasting on the CD player. I gulped as I stared at her white smooth legs. She wore one of my white shirts that were way too big for her. She had on a pair of very short black shorts.

It had been six months since I had moved out of Ryo’s place. Ryo’s sister who had forced us both to come to Tokyo with her had already moved out earlier to move in with her boyfriend. While I moved in with Chri, Ayu moved in with Ryo.

This girl, I thought in frustration as I watched her smiling at her artwork on her toe nails. What is she trying to do to me?

“Chri!” I exclaimed.

“What?” she snapped as my sudden yelling had caused her to smear her flowery artwork. She grabbed a couple of tissues from the box next to her and dabbed it on the red smear. She stopped midway when I did not reply. “What do you want, Pi-kun?”


“Me?” she jerked her head back in confusion. “You already have me.”

“Already have you?” I let out a dry laugh. “You have got to be kidding me! We have been dating for a year now, we’ve moved in but we still haven’t done it yet.”

At the last few words, a blush rose on both our cheeks. Although I wanted it, I was still shy whenever it came to her. Chri was a little different to the other girls I have been with previously. She was innocent.

“I’m not ready,” she mumbled, averting her eyes back on her toe nails. She began wiping off the smear again.

“You say that all the time,” I retorted. “You’re such a tease!”

She stopped once again, her grip tightened on the tissues and I knew she was angry. Her eyes shot back up to meet mine, her eyes full of anger. “So, is that all you want from me then?” she retorted back. “You just want sex? Is that why you’re sticking to me?”

I gasped. “How could you say that?”

“Ryo-kun told me,” she went on, “that you only go out with a girl to sleep with them and as soon as she gives it, you leave. I’m sorry but I’m not like that. If you want me you’ll have to step it up to the next level.”

Sweat formed at the back of my neck as her words slowly sunk in. “W-what do you mean?” I asked although I knew where she was getting at.

“If you want this,” she pointed her finger at her body, “then you’ll have to show me some commitment.”

“Are you kidding me?” I yelled. “I moved in with you, didn't I? Isn't that a commitment? And I’ve been with you for a whole year now. You think that isn't saying something?”

I knew I was acting like a jerk but I was angry. I heard her breathing increasing heavily and I knew I hurt her. Letting out an exasperating breath, I glanced at her one more time before I walked out the bedroom then out the apartment. Tugging my tie loose, I headed for Ryo’s place.


Upon my arrival I realised that Ryo and Ayu had invited Bam, Jaejoong, Jessie and Hangeng over for dinner. Chri and I were invited but because of my work I had to decline the invitation to dinner. It was too late to turn around and leave because the door opened to reveal Ayu, laughing.

“Oh, hi, Pi-kun,” she said as her laughter died down but her smile was still on her face. She tiptoed to look over my shoulder. “Hmm... where’s Chri?”

I scratched the side of my neck uncomfortably. “She didn't come.”

Ayu frowned. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. “Well, come inside and tell us what you did now.”

I forgot how she notices little things. Over the year, I have gotten closer to her as she was always hanging around Chri whenever she had the time. I soon adopted her like a little sister.

She dragged me over to the dining room where everyone was. Ryo frowned when he saw me, another person who knew me well enough to know I had a fight with Chri. They all greeted me while I mumbled a small ‘hi’.

“Where’s Chri?” Bam and Jess asked looking over at the door as if waiting for her to come in.

“She didn't come,” Ayu answered for me.

The two girls groaned in disappointment. Ryo got to his feet and walked up to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and steered me to the lounge area.

“What’s up, man?” he asked in concern.

I fidgeted with my fingers as it was hard to tell them the reason we had a fight. I have never told them that the two of us have never done it. It was embarrassing and it would make me sound less of a man. But if I wanted his help, I had to start telling him the cause.

“The truth is,” I paused to take few deep breaths before continuing. “The thing is...”

“Why are you being nervous for?” Ryo laughed. “Just say whatever it is.”

“Chri and I... we’re not... you know...”

My friend looked at me with a raised brow and holding out his hands, motioning me to carry on. “No, I don't know.”

“We’re not... shit... how the fuck am I meant to say this?” I let out a frustrated breath of air. Dragging in one deep breath and then releasing it slowly, I blurted it out, “Chri and I haven’t had sex yet.”

There was silence. Ryo’s jaws dropped. Several minutes went by until he opened his mouth again.

“You and Chri haven’t had sex yet?!”

I whipped around to face Ayu who had screamed that out and not Ryo. I flushed with embarrassment, seeing Ayu with her eyes wide open and her jaws hanging.

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