Mission Impossible 1/2 by Christine
Story Notes:
This is seriously silly...If you don't have a sense of humor don't bother reading!!!
Also I don't own any of the celebrities mentioned here and I am sure they don't drink that much lol
Mission Impossible 1/2 by Christine
Author's Notes:
WARNING: you need a sense of humor to read this one...very silly...hope you enjoy ;)

Yamashita Tomohisa never really understood them. They were complicated creatures and he couldn’t really be bothered to understand them. However he knew that unfortunately he couldn’t live without them. Even though he couldn’t understand them he found himself thinking constantly about them.

So it was no surprise that when he was hanging out with his friends he found himself talking about girls.

“No seriously what’s up with girls when they say ‘I like you…but I can’t go out with you…’” Ryo complained with a beer bottle in his hands and a frown on his face. “What the fuck do you want then?!”

Meet Nishikido Ryo. He was Yamapi’s best friend and the loudmouth of the group. He was the one who was most popular with the ladies because of his looks and the I-don’t-care attitude. He was popular with the girls but that didn’t mean that he understood them.

“Yeah I hate it too! And like, when they say, ‘I don’t really want that…weren’t you listening I want the pink one not the blue one!’ and she goes on how pink makes her look fat or whatever…” Shige commented, ruffling his short hair in frustration. “They don’t look fat in anything! Besides…they all look the same in the dark anyways…” he added while shrugging.

Meet Shigeaki Kato. He met Yamapi and Ryo when they entered college and was the pervert of the group. He was the smooth talker but the one who got slapped the most. He believed that he can talk himself in and out of anything.

“Guys guys…how about when the girl goes, ‘I only want to be friends…can we be friends?’ Like hell I can be friends with someone I want to shag!” Yamapi yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

Meet Yamashita Tomohisa. He was the one with the worst luck with girls. He never really understood how a girl’s mind worked and always managed to ruin a relationship one way or another. The only steady relationship with a girl he was able to keep was with his best friend Inoue Mao. He couldn’t really call that a relationship. They fought like cats and dogs and hadn’t had a normal conversation since high school.

“Girls are really something…it’s like I can and never will understand them…” Ryo commented, chugging the empty beer bottle he had in his hand on top of the others.

“You know what…” Shige suddenly said, his cheeks flushed red from the alcohol he had been drinking.

“What?” both Yamapi and Ryo asked while looking at him.

“I know the perfect way we can get inside a girl’s head!” Shige declared, his lips curving into a cheeky grin.

“What is it?” Ryo asked, inching closer towards Shige, his eyes shining. He was a little tipsy and bored so he was open to new ideas of how to fill his time.

“What are you thinking Shigeaki?” Yamapi asked looking at Shige with narrowed eyes.

“What is the one thing that holds every girl’s secret?” Shige asked, wagging his eyebrows up and down, the smile still on his face.

“Uh…like a book or something?” Ryo suggested a crease on his forehead from thinking so hard.

“Exactly!!!!” Shige shouted slapping his knees.

Yamapi took the hint and gasped loudly. “If I were to write a book I’d make sure everything was precisely right.” He declared a smug grin on his face.

“Exactly…” Shige agreed, looking at Yamapi a wicked grin forming on his lips.

“Book? What does a girl’s thought’s have to do with a book?” Ryo asked, getting more and more confused.

“A diary Ryo…we can steal a girl’s diary and read her thoughts!” Shige said looking at Ryo with a disappointed look on his face.

“And if I had to write things in a diary I would write them exactly like they are…” Yamapi continued to explain.

“Ah! That means that a girl’s diary contains all her secrets and thoughts precisely written! So we can understand them better ne?” Ryo said, a wide grin forming on his lips. He didn’t really understand what they were saying but he decided to go along the game they were playing.

“Exactly!” Yamapi agreed while high fiving Ryo.

“Now the only problem is…where to find a girl?” Shige asked, looking at the guys.

“That’s the problem…currently we don’t know any girls we can sneak into their room and read their diaries…” Ryo muttered, putting his hand on his chin thinking deeply. Ok truth be told he did know another girl but he didn’t want to mention her to the guys just yet.

“How about Mao-chan’s?” Shige suggested, looking at Yamapi.

“Mao? Oh hell no!” Yamapi shouted, getting up from the sofa he was slouching on. “I am not going to sneak inside that thing’s room! She scares the shit out of me and besides…I don’t want to know HER thoughts!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

“For God’s sake keep your voice down!” Shige shushed, pulling Yamapi back down on the sofa.

“Yeah Pi come on she is the only one we got…besides Mao-chan is a girl too you know…” Ryo said, crossing his hands and looking at the still flustered Yamapi.

“I can’t…I won’t go inside that thing’s room! I like my balls thank you very much.” Yamapi declared, putting his hands on his hips to emphasize his point. He knew that if he was caught inside Mao’s room she would skin him alive. She had really turned sour towards him lately…and he had no idea why. It must have all started way back in high school when he had ditched her at the amusement park to go and pick up girls with the guys. He probably shouldn’t have done that.

“Oh come on! Don’t be a baby! Don’t you want to know how a girl thinks? Mao-chan is our best shot!” Shige said, trying to convince Yamapi to agree.

“Yeah come on Pi…I’ll buy you some Chow Mein…” Ryo suggested with a grin, trying to convince him to agree as well.

Yamapi widened his eyes and his mouth formed into an ‘O’ before he spoke, “Dude…” he uttered. “Chow Mein is like, my life.”

Ryo grinned wider and said, “I know…so how about it?”

“How can I refuse now…it’s Chow Mein! Even Mao’s demonic nature can’t beat the awesome Chow Mein…best dish ever!” Yamapi confessed, his mouth already watering.

“Cool then we got a girl!” Shige said rubbing his hands together. “Now we need to devise a plan…” he continued, looking at the guys with a serious expression on his face.

“Wait wait…” Yamapi suddenly said, getting up from the floor and going towards the kitchen. He opened the fridge, which mainly consisted of three six packs, a block of cheese and mayonnaise. He took out a six pack from the fridge and walked back towards the others. “Need another drink because I think I’m getting sober.” He said, opening a can and taking a big gulp out of it. If he was going to do this he was going to be dead drunk so he won’t remember anything…

“Ok…so when is the best time to do this Shige?” Ryo asked, looking at Shige with a questioning look on his face. His heart was beating rapidly underneath his chest…he was excited at the prospect of getting to know how a girl thinks.

“Now.” Shige declared, making both Yamapi and Ryo gasp and look at him with wide eyes.

“NOW?” Yamapi asked, almost choking on his beer.

“Yes now. Mao-chan and the girls are out aren’t they?” Shige asked, looking at Yamapi.

“Uh…yeah…they wanted to go out and celebrate Yui-chan’s birthday…” Yamapi said, scratching his cheek.

“Cool…then we sneak inside their room tonight.” Shige declared, getting up from the couch.

“Wait…how are we going to get in?” Ryo asked, tilting his head sideways.

Just then there was a knock on the door, making everyone jump slightly. “Pizza?” Yamapi uttered out of the blue.

"Pizza? What on earth has this got to do with pizza?" Shige asked, looking at Yamapi with an annoyed expression.

“No...I meant the person behind the door...could be a pizza delivery man?” Yamapi continued to explain.

“But we didn’t order any pizza...” Shige said while shrugging.

“Dude you are obsessed with food...like seriously” Ryo commented, hitting Yamapi on the back of the head.

“What?” Yamapi whined while pouting. “Oh great now I am hungry.”

Shige frowned while opening the door. Who could it be at an important time like this? He opened the door to reveal a grinning boy holding up two six packs of beer. “Jangee?” Shige asked, raising his eyebrows at the boy who hopped inside the dorm room.

Meet Jang Geun Suk, also known as Jangee and the Korean boy. He transferred to Tokyo in order to study and...mingle with more people than from his hometown in Korea. He had an innocent smile but was anything but. He was also a smooth talker and like Shige he got slapped many times for saying inappropriate things. Unlike Shige however JGS was very shy when it came to the actual...it. He was all talk but no action, finding himself frozen when the time came to prove his manliness under the covers.

“Jangee! What’s up dude?” Ryo asked carrying out an intricate handshake with Geun Suk.

“Nothing much Ryo...I just thought I’d crash here for a while...had a shout out with my roommates...” Geun Suk said with a frown while plopping himself on the couch.

“Everything cool?” Yamapi asked, handing him a beer.

“Yeah yeah...you know how Key is...so what are you guys up to?” Geun Suk asked.

“Nothing much...we were just thinking about sneaking inside a girl’s room and read her diary.” Ryo said in a calm voice as if they were going to go for a ride in the park.

“Say what? And how do you plan on doing that?” Geun Suk asked while arching his eyebrows, the corner of his lips twisting upwards.

“Well…this is the part of the plan I haven’t thought of yet…” Shige said, scratching the back of his head while smiling.

“Look…if you let me in on this…I have a way we can get in…” Geun Suk said smirking evilly.

“Woah ok you are in! Tell us how you plan to get in…” Shige said, pulling onto Geun Suk’s sleeve.

“Ok ok listen up, I know this guy…his name is Jonghyun and he goes by the name of blingbling…” Geun Suk began to say the smile still on his lips.

“Ah I heard of him!” Yamapi said, clapping his hands in recognition.

“Yeah and he is this amazing lock picker…can pick any lock. He can get us in.” Geun Suk said taking a sip from his beer can.

“That’s awesome! You are definitely welcome to join us…Jangee.” Shige said after he patted Geun Suk’s back.

“Yeah and blingbling can keep watch while we sneak around the girls’ room.” Yamapi said, looking at Ryo and the others.

“Yeah dude…this is going to be awesome. I have always wanted to know what girls think about…” Geun Suk said looking up at the ceiling.

“Wait…” Yamapi said, shifting in his seat and looking at the others. “Is everyone going to read Mao’s diary?” he asked, feeling a little uneasy about the whole thing.

“Well yeah…we all want to know what girls think about…” Shige said while shrugging.

“B-but that’s not right!” Yamapi whined, feeling slightly nauseous. "I am NOT in the mood for getting my ass kicked by an angry Mao!”

"Why not?" Geun Suk asked. He looked at Yamapi with a shocked expression on his face.

"Do I have to have a reason?" Yamapi asked, putting a hand on his chest unconsciously. Alcohol always made him act more feminine.

"Yes. Yes, you do." Geun Suk said nodding his head.

“I don’t have to have a reason for not wanting to get my ass kicked! I think its self explanatory...” Yamapi said, crossing his hands and closing his eyes, giving them a lazy smirk.

“Oh shut up Pi…don’t you want your Chow Mein?” Ryo asked, looking at Yamapi with an incredulous look.

“Well…” Yamapi began to say suddenly feeling his mouth water again.

“Chow Mein? Dude…Chow Mein is like, my life!” Geun Suk said, turning to look at Yamapi.

“Dude! I know! It’s like the best dish ever!” Yamapi yelled, seeing Geun Suk in a while new light. He always knew he could connect to a deeper level with the boy…and what better way than through food?

“Guys you do realize than Chow Mein is neither a Japanese dish nor a Korean one right?” Shige asked, not quite getting what all this fuss about Chow Mein was.

“Yeah so?” Yamapi and Geun Suk uttered at the same time after turning to look at Shige. They gave him such a look that made Shige retreat back with a small whimper.

“Ok ok guys we better hurry up if we want to get inside by the time Mao and her friends arrive back from their night out!” Ryo urged, getting up from the floor and waving his hands about.

“Oh right…lets go guys…Jangee, call blingbling and tell him to meet us on the third floor of the west wing.” Shige ordered, grabbing his phone and a flashlight.

“Hahahaa…blingbling rhymes with wing…” Ryo commented while laughing softly. He had put on a jacket and put two cans of beer in both pockets for him to drink while they were on their way towards Mao’s dorm room.

“Shut up Ryo…lets go guys!” Shige ordered, waiting for everyone to get out of the door for him to close it behind them.

“I called Blingbling, he is coming on his way. He seemed pretty excited about doing this.” Geun Suk said, flipping his phone closed.

“Cool! Let’s do this guys!” Shige cheered, hopping in front.

They made their way towards their destination, each of them excited at the prospect of completing their little mission. Shige and Ryo had huge grins on their faces, Yamapi had on a worried frown on his lips while Geun Suk had a smirk on his lips as well.

They stopped in front of Mao’s dorm room and waited for blingbling to show up. “Call her Pi. Let’s make sure that there is no one in the girls’ dorm room.” Shige suggested, nudging Pi’s shoulder.

“Do I have to?” Yamapi whined, he didn’t really feel like talking to Mao right now. He had this incredible feeling of guilt building up in his stomach and frankly he had no wish for that guilt to increase by hearing her voice.

“Do it for us Pi…” Ryo said after he nudged Pi as well.

“ No. Do it for all the guys out there Pi…” Geun Suk said, looking at Yamapi with a somber expression on his face. “Do it for everyone Pi…” he egged on.

“Think of us as Tom Cruise in Mission impossible…” Shige commented, nudging Yamapi’s arm.

“Yeah think of this as Mission Impossible 4!” Ryo said clapping his hands.

“I like James Bond more…” Geun Suk commented, receiving a slap on the back of his head by an angry Shige.

“Mission Impossible four? More like half!” Yamapi scoffed, holding his phone close to his chest.

“Whatever Mission Impossible and a half…we are going to do this. Now be a man and call Mao.” Shige ordered, alcohol always made him short tempered.

“Ok ok fine…” Yamapi said, flipping his phone open and dialing Mao’s number.

After a few seconds Mao’s voice was heard over the phone. “What do you want?” she asked in a slightly rougher voice than she had intended. He had pissed her off lately, always calling at the most inappropriate times with the most stupid reasons. She was standing in front of a shop with her friends and Keiko was just telling them about this guy she had met recently. She wanted to hear what her friend was going to say and not talk to her idiot of a best friend.

“Well hello to you too Mao…” Yamapi retorted, his voice slurring slightly. Before calling her, Ryo had shoved a beer can in his hand and he had drunk it all in one go.

“Are you drunk?” Mao asked, narrowing her eyes and putting her free hand on her hips.

“No I’m not. Hey where are you anyways? You out with your friends?” Yamapi asked, noting the looks of encouragement the guys were giving him.

Mao sighed and was about to reply when suddenly Yui shouted, “Oh my God! I can’t believe that they sell wonder bras here!”

“They sell those here?” Erika asked, inching closer to Yui.

“Seriously?!” Mao shouted, looking at the window of the shop they stopped in front of. The shops around this district were open till late and so it was possible for the girls to do a little shopping before their night out.

“Wonder bras?” Yamapi suddenly asked, making the other guys look at each other in confusion.

“Huh? Oh Pi sorry uh yeah I’m out with my friends talk to you later ok? Bye!” Mao shouted feeling excited when she spotted the huge SALE sign in the front of the shop.

“What’s all that talk about wonder bras?” Shige asked, feeling his heart beating faster.

“I don’t know…” Yamapi replied, and then he looked at Ryo who was standing too close to him. "Stop drooling on me. You are not a dog, last time I checked." he spat out, shoving Ryo away from him.

“But dude...wonder bras!” Ryo shouted, putting out his hands as if cupping something.

“STOP thinking dirty thoughts about my best friend!” Yamapi yelled, feeling his cheeks burning.

“Ok fine...” Ryo muttered while pouting and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yah! Blingbling is here!” Geun Suk exclaimed, waving his hands and jumping up and down in excitement.

Jonghyun grinned and rushed over to the guys. He was holding a small box in his hand. He brushed away his brown bangs from his eyes and said, “Hey guys, which door do you want me to open for you?”

“Wow that’s fast!” Shige complimented.

“This one.” Geun Suk said, leading Jonghyun towards the desired door.

“Ok...give me a little space and I’ll get this open in minutes.” Jonghyun declared, kneeling down onto the floor and licking his full lips.

He took out some intricate tool from his box. It was long and thing and shaped like a strange key. Then he took out another similar thin wire and started fiddling with the lock.

“Dammit...” Jonghyun suddenly cursed. “I need something sharp to cut through this piece and make it fit.”

“Oh here you go.” Ryo offered, handing him a pocket knife.

Shige, Yamapi and Geun Suk looked at Ryo with gaping expressions. They were each nudging the other to say something when suddenly Geun Suk kicked Yamapi’s ass to make him talk. “Ah!” Yamapi exclaimed in surprise. He had Ryo’s attention now and so he cleared his throat and said, "Um... are you sure it's okay for you to have that?"

“Oh that? Yeah of course, you never know when it might be useful.” Ryo replied grinning innocently.

“Ok remind me not to piss Ryo off...” Geun Suk whispered in Shige’s ear. Shige nodded his head and was thinking of a way he could switch beds with Pi since he was the one sleeping next to Ryo.

“Bingo!” Jonghyun suddenly shouted, turning the door knob and opening the door.

“Amazing...” the guys chorused, staring at the door and at Jonghyun as if there was a bright light coming from behind him.

“Ok guys...let’s go in...” Shige ordered, grinning mischievously, his pulse accelerating.

Everything in the room was dark and the boys couldn’t see anything. They tip toed their way inside and jumped in fright when Jonghyun closed the door behind them.

“Oh my God, it’s dark. Ow that was my foot!” Ryo suddenly yelped in pain, making all the boys hiss at his sudden outburst.

“Shhh! Keep your voice down!” Shige whispered angrily, trying to slap Ryo’s head but couldn’t see in the dark so he ended up slapping Geun Suk right in the face.

“Ouch! Hey man watch it!” Geun Suk yelled, attempting to grab Shige’s offending hand and trying to smack it.

“Sorry Jangee, didn’t mean to!” Shige apologized. Then suddenly the whole room lit up, revealing Shige who was talking to a lamp, Geun Suk who had grabbing Yamapi’s shirt in an attempt to beat him up, thinking it was Shige, and Ryo holding his foot with a pained look on his face.

“Flipping this switch makes everything brighter you guys...” Jonghyun teased an annoyed expression on his face. Seriously they better find something good or else he was going to be pretty mad for missing Taemin’s and Jaejoong’s rendition of YMCA at their karaoke party.

“Genius.” Ryo complimented, the pain in his leg forgotten.

“Guys...” Yamapi began, making the others look at him. "This may be a total dad thing to say but... shouldn’t we take off our shoes?”

“Ok lets split up and search for Mao’s diary. Or any of the girls’ really” Shige ordered, completely ignoring Yamapi’s comment, making the latter pout sadly. Shige looked around the room and he felt himself getting slightly claustrophobic due to all the pink and purple.

“This room is so clean man...” Ryo uttered, looking around him, feeling afraid of touching anything.

“You are not going to get cuties you know...come on let’s look I am feeling the buzz wearing off and I need another beer...” Geun Suk complained while looking around him.

Jonghyun decided to stay next to the door in case someone arrived. He had a feeling that these idiots wouldn’t notice if someone arrived so he better stay and look himself.

Shige and Yamapi were looking around the room careful not to break anything. Yamapi went over to Mao’s desk and was shocked when he saw their picture from when they were little kids was replaced by a picture of her and her friends.

“Why that little...” he muttered, feeling angry all of a sudden.

Geun Suk and Ryo were loitering around next to the wardrobe when suddenly Ryo tripped on something. Ryo fell on his back and started laughing hysterically. Naturally he was still drunk and the fact that he had drunk another can of beer before going in hadn’t helped him sober up.

“Be careful Ryo!” Geun Suk sang, kneeling down dramatically to help his friend up. “What did you trip on anyways?” he asked, slurring his words slightly.

“I don’t know...” Ryo muttered and then he pulled something out from underneath him.

Geun Suk’s eyes grew wide when he saw the thing Ryo was holding.

“What’s this?” Ryo asked, holding the object up so he could see it better. He was so drunk his eye sight wasn’t functioning properly.

“Dude! Quit showing it around!” Geun Suk hissed, grabbing the object and hiding it behind his back the moment Yamapi and Shige turned to look at them.

“Did you find anything suspicious?” Shige asked, hoping they had found a dairy because so far he was having no luck.

“No comment...” Geun Suk muttered, starting to feel red.

“What do you mean no comment?” Shige asked in a slightly higher voice than he had intended.

“I mean no comment dude no comment so just continue looking over there ok!?” Geun Suk suddenly exploded tilting his head with every word he said.

“Uh...ok...” Shige muttered, turning back to look at the bookshelf he was searching before.

“Is that a bra?” Ryo suddenly yelled, making everyone stop what they were doing.

Geun Suk’s cheeks turned bright red and bit his bottom lip. Shige, Yamapi and Jonghyun were all inching towards Geun Suk who was blushing madly.

“A bra?” Shige asked, walking slowly towards Geun Suk.

Yamapi’s left eye was twitching while walking towards Ryo and Geun Suk who were still on the floor.

“Jangee, you actually found a bra and you weren’t going to share?” Ryo asked, inching forwards a smirk on his drunken lips.

Geun Suk gulped loudly his heart was pumping fast while looking at the three boys inching closer towards him. He finally snapped, hitting the floor with his hand and holding up the so called bra in his other one. "Stop it! Just stop! Stop talking, stop breathing, stop making me so damn crazy!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, making everyone stop.

“Dude...relax it’s just a bra...” Shige commented, getting down on his knees so he could see the bra better.

“I...I...I have never seen one before...” Jonghyun suddenly confessed, making everyone turn to look at him. Blingbling looked excited and frankly all the boys were.

“Wait...” Ryo suddenly said, scratching his head with a confused look on his handsome face.

“What?” Yamapi asked also sitting down next to Shige and Geun Suk.

“Why does Geun Suk’s bra have no straps?” Ryo asked, pointing at Geun Suk’s bra.

“This is NOT my bra!” Geun Suk yelled, feeling flustered. Seriously a guy like him wearing a bra? What the heck where they thinking! “I have never worn a bra in my entire life!” he yelled again. “Oh wait...there was this one time when I was twelve - fifteen - and me and my cousin Minho were practising taking bras off of girls...but that was just one time ok?” he yelled pouting angrily.

“NO straps?” Shige screamed, completely ignoring Geun Suk’s statement and looking at Ryo with a horrified expression on his face.

“Yeah....it also says...” Ryo mumbled, taking the insinuated bra from Geun Suk’s hands. “I love pandas!”

“I just love pandas!” Jonghyun yelled all of a sudden with a grin on his face.

“Yeah me too dude, pandas are like...the cutest thing.” Shige replied in a matter of fact tone shrugging his shoulders. “What I don’t understand is why Geun Suk mistook this shirt for a bra...”

“Oh...pabo...[idiot]” Jonghyun insulted, rolling his eyes and sighing.

Geun Suk sighed loudly. He was relieved that they had completely ignored his bra wearing incident. It was really just a onetime deal. He couldn’t believe that Minho had convinced him to wear that bra...it felt so uncomfortable but he had to admit he felt supported. He was about to get up from the floor when he noticed Yamapi’s eyes on him. He gulped, immediately noticing that he was giving him the ‘what-the-hell-where-you-doing-wearing-a-bra!!’ look.

Geun Suk was about to say something when Yamapi just shook his head and got up from the floor. Great now one of his friends will think he was weird or something.

“Ah well...” he shrugged, “He probably won’t remember anything tomorrow...”

“Pi! Come here! I need your help!” Ryo suddenly yelled, making everyone look at him.

Yamapi broke away from his shocked trance and hurried next to Ryo.

“What do you need?” he asked, looking at the tin Ryo was holding.

“The Diary might be in here...help me open this Pi.” Ryo ordered handing Yamapi the side of the lid while he pulled on the other end.

“I don’t think - ” but Yamapi’s warning was futile when the lid suddenly popped off and paint splattered all over him.

When Ryo saw Yamapi’s facial expression he burst out laughing, hitting his knee with his hand.

“What's so funny?” Geun Suk asked, popping up next to them.

Yamapi looked at Geun Suk and yelled in an exasperated tone, “I have yellow paint splattered all over my face!" He threw his hands in the air in order to over dramatize the situation.

“Ahahaha exactly!” Ryo continue to laugh. “You look like a banana.” Ryo added, making Geun Suk burst out laughing as well.

Yamapi pouted angrily and said, “Yeah well stop laughing you bra wearing freak!”

“Hey! That was one time only!” Geun Suk yelled back balling up his fists.

Ryo continued to laugh, only pausing to drink some more beer since he was feeling thirsty. Seriously, Yamapi looked like a banana and the fact that he was acting so dramatically made him laugh even harder.

“I don’t care if it’s one time only you still wore that bra you you...you bra wearing freak!” Yamapi mumbled, trying desperately to find something to wipe the yellow paint off of him.

“Oh just just...shut up you oversized banana!” Geun Suk yelled, walking the opposite way with a frown on his face.

Shige decided to hand Yamapi some random towel he found in order for him to wipe away some of the yellow paint. They should have known that the tin was filled with paint. Erika was studying art after all.

Ryo wiped away his tears and walked towards one of the beds. He sat down and kept looking at the amusing scene in front of him. He giggled softly and continued sipping his beer.

“Come on guys let’s not forget why we are here in the first place!” Shige shouted, trying to keep everyone focused “or as focused as drunken people could be.

“Shige is right, you need to find that diary or else we will never know how girls think!” Jonghyun called out from the door. He was still standing there looking out for anyone who came too close to the room. He hoped that they would be able to find the diary soon before any of the girls showed up or else they were going to be in a lot of trouble.

Yamapi had finally wiped away the yellow paint from his face and shirt and was once again looking for the diary. Shige was opening some of the drawers from one of the desks and was amused when he found an orange stress ball. He was busy gripping it and didn’t notice Geun Suk loitering around him.
Ryo got bored from sitting and was once again looking around when he spotted something which caught his interest.

He motioned for Yamapi to come over where he was kneeling. Yamapi pouted slightly not really trusting Ryo after the yellow paint incident. He bent down beside his friend and said, “Ne Ryo...do you really think I look like a banana?” he asked feeling somewhat like shit.

Ryo looked up from the box he was looking at and stared at his friend with a confused look. After a few seconds he decided to speak. “Banana? What does your face have to do with a banana Pi?” he asked scratching his head.

“EH? But...but you called me a banana back there!” Yamapi exclaimed putting a hand on his chest out of shock. He really had to stop drinking or else he was going to start talking like a girl and wearing girly clothes.

“I don’t remember...whatever Pi. Look what I have found!” Ryo said grinning widely, holding up a pair of high heeled shoes. They were black with large crystals which shone brightly underneath the energy saving light bulbs.

“Oooh pretty!” Yamapi suddenly sang, his black eyes shining. He had way too much to drink!

“These were the ones Keiko wore to that party. She looked so hot in these man...” Ryo mumbled, hiccupping slightly, his eyes glued to the shoes.

“Yeah...” Yamapi echoed, wiping the drool from his mouth. Those really were pretty shoes. So shiny too...

“I want to try them on...” Ryo said, shifting on his butt to raise his foot.

“What? But you can’t try them on Ryo! They are...so shiny...” Yamapi said, fanning his hands out, eyes still on the shoes.

“You can try them on after me...” Ryo suggested, giving him a smile.

“Okie!” Yamapi agreed while sitting down on the carpet, a huge grin on his face.

Meanwhile Geun Suk was looking through some things and found a small yellow packet. He held it up and squinted his eyes trying to decipher what it was. “Oh!” he suddenly uttered. “I think its candy!” he was feeling hungry after drinking so much.

“What you got there Jangee?” Shige asked, stepping next to Geun Suk.

“I got candy! You want some?” Geun Suk asked, looking at Shige and showing him the small tube like packet.

“Hmm nah...I’m more of a chocolate kind of guy.” Shige refused while shrugging his shoulders.

“Ok more for me.” Geun Suk said, licking his lips, already anticipating the sweet taste of the candy. He tore open the wrapper and took out what was inside. He frowned when he saw a strange looking object. Geun Suk put it up towards the light trying to see what it was. Then when he noticed the thin string attached to it he widened his eyes and screamed.

“What? What happened?” Shige asked, looking at Geun Suk. Geun Suk was standing in a corner, wiping on his jeans with a disturbed look on his face.

“T-T-Ta...” Geun Suk began to utter, pulling faces.

“What?!” Shige asked, frowning deeply. His temper was rising.

“I MISTOOK A TAMPON FOR CANDY!” Geun Suk yelled, making everyone gasp loudly.

“Oh poor thing...” Shige consoled, patting the horrified Geun Suk on his back.

“Does it feel weird?” Yamapi asked, turning away from Geun Suk’s pitiful sight to look at Ryo.

Ryo twisted his leg in order to see the shoe better. “Well, kind of...it fits my right foot.” He mumbled, wiggling his leg to see the crystals shining.

“It doesn’t fit your right foot Ryo...can’t you see your heel is hanging out...” Yamapi commented, crossing his hands and pouting. He wanted to try on the shiny shoes!

“You are just jealous...” Ryo spat out, looking at Yamapi and putting his tongue out.

“I’m not jealous...” Yamapi said, pouting angrily. “Bitch...” he mumbled, smiling slightly at the sound of a gasp coming from Ryo.

“Guys...Is this what you were looking for?” Jonghyun asked, holding up a pink and purple book with ‘Diary’ written in glitter on it.

The four guys gasped and Shige ran up to Jonghyun, taking the diary from his hands.

“Wait for me!” Ryo pleaded, falling onto his face since he was still wearing the heels on one foot.

“Hurry up Ryo! I wanna read!” Shige ordered, sitting down on one of the beds and flipping through the pages.

"But I can't read while trying on shoes!" Ryo whined while trying to get the heel off of his foot.

“Trying on shoes?” Geun Suk asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me...” Yamapi replied innocently.

“Ok guys shut up let’s see what we can find here...” Shige ordered, frowning slightly while still flipping the pages.


“I can’t believe he called me when he was drunk...” Mao complained while walking up the steps towards their dorm room.

“I know, but Mao seriously do you like him?” Keiko asked, giving Mao a look which told her you better not lie since I know the truth anyways.

“I don’t...like...him...” Mao mumbled, frowning deeply, lifting up the bags she was carrying so that they wouldn’t touch the floor.

“She is so lying” Yui commented, looking at Keiko. “You are so lying.” She added, this time looking at a pissed off Mao.

“I don’t like him so shut up you damn bitches!” Mao shouted, starting to feel flustered.

“Mao you always start cursing at us when you feel shy about something...” Keiko remarked, smirking at her best friend.

“Oh Keiko is right! You do cuss when you feel ashamed about something...or when you are dead drunk or excited...” Erika added, turning around to look at them.

“I don’t curse when I am shy” Mao mumbled, still frowning.

“Look it’s ok Mao, seriously it’s ok to like Yamapi.” Keiko tried to reassure her friend. “I mean come on...he is hot...” she added, nudging Yui and Mao while smirking.

“Oh yeah~!” Yui sighed dreamily while skipping slightly ahead.

“He is not that hot...” Mao mumbled, feeling her cheeks turn red.

“Oh hell yeah he is hot...but I kinda like someone else...” Keiko hinted, the smirk on her face turning into a smile.

“Oh! That’s right you still haven’t told us who you like!” Erika shouted, stopping in the middle of the hall. She loved gossip and romantic stories so she was not going to move an inch until Keiko told her EVERYTHING.

“Uh...well...” Keiko mumbled, biting her lower lip and blushing.

“Come on Keiko! Tell us! I told you about my crush on Shige” Yui said while pouting.

“Yeah and I told you about the make out session me and Jang shared...” Erika mumbled a smile on her lips when she remembered that night.

“Haha ok...” Keiko said while shifting on her feet slightly. “I like Nishikido-kun.” She admitted, closing her eyes tightly, afraid of their reactions.

“Ryo? But that guy is an idiot!” Mao yelled out of the blue. “I mean...he isn’t as stupid as Pi but still...RYO?”

“Well he wasn’t stupid when he helped me carry my books and held the door open for me...” Keiko replied thinking back to that time. That was Keiko for you, she loved guys who were gentle men and seriously who doesn’t?

“Oh...” Mao uttered, her mouth in the form of an ‘O’.

“And he kind of asked me out...” Keiko mumbled, looking at the wall beside her.

“SAY WHAT?” Erika shouted, feeling completely like shit at the fact that Keiko hadn’t told her about this. “WHEN? HOW? WHY?” she continued to yell, making the three girls wince.

"For God's sake! Keep your voice down!" Keiko hissed frowning deeply.

“Oh sure, sorry about that. I kind of get carried away sometimes...” Erika mumbled smiling apologetically.

“It’s ok...I still love you girl...” Keiko said hugging Erika, who started wailing. Then the four girls started jumping up and down while giggling loudly.

“I can’t believe Ryo asked you out!” Mao said smiling brightly, still jumping up and down.

“Yeah I know! He hasn’t told his friends yet because we wanted to take it slow and see where it will go...” Keiko confessed after she removed some bangs from her eyes.

“I still this it’s awesome.” Yui said, sighing dreamily.

“Yeah...” Keiko sighed as well. She then turned to look at Mao and asked, “OK Mao now spit it out...you like Pi don’t you?”

Mao gulped loudly and frowned. Really why did she have to say who she liked? It was awkward enough that she liked her idiot of a best friend. Kind of explains why she had been fighting with him all this time.

“Oh come on it’s not like we haven’t already read it in your diary...” Keiko said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh my God...” Mao uttered, her jaw falling open in shock.

“Yeah...and what the heck is up with Toma sending you small notes for every day of the week filled with words that rhyme with Mao, Toma and love?” Erika commented while frowning in an unimpressed way. “Also...how come he knows that you go to the gym on odd days?”

“Yeah! And he knows which towels you use and which colours you like best!” Keiko shouted widening her brown eyes and flicking her long brown hair.

"I think it's funny Toma knows that. It's kind of obsessive." Yui muttered, touching her chin.

“It’s not funny it creepy...” Keiko commented while sticking out her tongue.

“GUYS! You know what’s creepy? The fact that you read my diary!” Mao yelled, balling up her fists in anger. She should have known she was better off buying the diary with the lock instead of the purple and pink one...it was just too pretty to resist though!

“Oh come on...we don’t mind.” Erika reassured, giving Mao a pat on the back.

“Ok fine...I like him ok?” Mao confessed with a defeated sigh. The girls started shouting excitedly and jumping up and down.

“Shhh! Let’s just go back to our room ok?” Mao said, grabbing her bags and leading the way to their room.


“Guys...I don’t feel good that we are about to read her diary” Yamapi whined, feeling a knot in his stomach.

“Oh really...then you don’t want to know who she likes?” Shige asked, arching an eyebrow. Ryo was trying to peer over Shige’s shoulder while Geun Suk was sitting on Shige’s other side, his mouth covered in shock. Jonghyun was standing next to the bed observing everything.

“Say what? She likes someone?” Yamapi asked, in a slightly higher tone of voice than he had intended. He turned himself around and stood right above Shige, trying desperately to see who Mao liked.

Shige snapped the diary shut and put it closer to his chest. “Ok fine Pi I think it’s best if we don’t read anymore...what do you think guys?” Shige asked, a smug grin on his lips when he looked at the others.

Ryo nodded a smile on his face and so did Geun Suk and Jonghyun. “I think we better get out of here before they come back. “ Jonghyun suggested, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Guys...I think I forgot to tell you something” Ryo mumbled the buzz finally wearing off.

“What?” Shige asked, turning to look at Ryo. He was feeling slightly queasy and it would be better if they were in their apartment instead of this frilly pink room.

“I don’t know I can’t seem to remember.” Ryo uttered rubbing his head with a frown on his face.

“Let’s get out of here.” Geun Suk ordered, getting up from the bed and walking towards the door. He suddenly felt uneasy.

The boys made it safely out of the girl’s room and were making their way to theirs. Yamapi still couldn’t figure out what the guys saw in Mao’s diary, or who the person she liked was. He was too busy day dreaming that he hadn’t noticed the Mao was standing right in front of him. He bumped into her, making an awfully girly sound when he did. Guess he was still slightly drunk.

“What are you doing coming from the girl’s wing?” Mao asked, putting her hands on her hips, looking unusually cute. Yamapi blinked a couple of times trying to decipher why his heart was beating so fast beneath his chest.

“Hi Ryo...” Keiko said, giving Ryo a smile and a wink.

Ryo giggled softly and clasped his hands together.

Shige looked between the two with a completely shocked expression. “You two aren't...” he mumbled, looking at Keiko and Ryo, who seemed to be in another world.

“I think they are” Jonghyun confirmed, looking at Yui and winking at her. The girl was cute.

Yui smiled awkwardly and pulled Erika next to her. Erika sighed when she noticed Jang was standing next to Jonghyun. He had left so abruptly after they had made out that time that she hadn’t had a chance to talk to him after that.

“We...were not coming from the girls’ wing!” Yamapi yelled suddenly defending his friends and the fact that they had in fact gone to the girl’s wing. More precisely THEIR room.

“You are lying. Your nostrils always flare when you do.” Mao commented, narrowing her eyes.

“EH?” Yamapi uttered, covering his nose with a shocked expression on his face.

“Whatever, Mao needs to tell you something Pi!” Keiko suddenly yelled, nudging Mao hard in the ribs.

“Oh yeah!” Yui suddenly remembered and pulled Jonghyun after her. Erika pulled Shige and Jang while Keiko took Ryo’s hand and pulled him after the others. Keiko winked at Mao who turned to look at Yamapi with a horrified expression on her face.

“What’s up with them?” Yamapi asked, feeling slightly nauseous. He shouldn’t have drunk that fifth beer can earlier.

Mao sighed and looked down at the floor. She better get this over with. She wasn’t one of those girls who was going to be all shy about confessing her feelings to a guy. Ok so technically she had never confessed to a guy before but whatever she was going to do this and hopefully he won’t laugh too hard at her. Who was she kidding? If he laughed she would beat his ass to the ground...his nice round as-OK! Get it over with Mao!

She suddenly looked up and with a frown on her face said, “I like you.”

“I like you too” Yamapi replied, not pausing to think.

“No...I mean I like you like you Pi, you understand me?” she asked frowning deeper. Why was he so dense?

“Yeah I...” Yamapi suddenly stopped in mid sentence. He made a funny face and covered his mouth.

“What? What’s wrong Pi?” Mao asked noticing the change in colour of Pi’s skin.

“I think I’m going to be sick!” Yamapi mumbled, running down the hallway.

“What?” Mao yelled, staring at Yamapi’s hunched back running down the hall. “WAIT!” she yelled and ran after him.

After a few seconds she found him bent over a potted plant in the hallway. “Oh you really are sick...” Mao commented, feeling her own stomach churning.

After a few embarrassing and awkward seconds of Yamapi throwing up in some random plant he turned around and wiped his mouth with his already stained shirt.

“Are you ok?” Mao asked, still feeling nauseous.

“Yeah...” he replied looking everywhere but at her. “So...” he began to utter.

Please don’t say anything please don’t say anything...Mao pleaded with him inside her heart. She was hoping he had forgotten about her little confession earlier.

“How could you have gotten so drunk as to throw up in some plant Pi? How can you be so fucking stupid huh?” Mao suddenly yelled, catching him off guard.

Not completely off guard, because if Yamashita Tomohisa could ever understand a girl...it would be Inoue Mao.

He couldn’t help but smile at how she was over reacting. She always cursed when she got shy and it was something he found strangely cute about her.

“What are you laughing at you idiotic fool? You want my fucking fist in your fucking face?” Mao threatened, balling up her fist into a punch and shoving it under Yamapi’s chin.

“I like you too Mao...” he said, the same idiotic grin on his lips.

Mao looked up at him with a completely flabbergasted expression on her face. Honestly she wasn’t expecting him to say he liked her back, what with the way she had been treating him these past few years.

“Let’s be girlfriend and boyfriend!” she suddenly said, hoping to catch him in his joke. If he was joking she was going to beat him up.

“Ok.” Yamapi agreed giving her a toothy grin.

“Eh?!” Mao shrieked, half out of sheer horror at the fact that she had asked him that and half out of pure surprise “ a type of feel good surprise but nonetheless surprised.

“Give your boyfriend a kiss girlfriend!” he shouted, attempting to wrap his arms around her neck and pouting his lips.

“Eww get away from me vomit breath!” Mao shouted, pushing him against the wall.

“V-vomit b- hey! Come back here!” Yamapi yelled when he saw Mao running down the hall with a disgusted look on her face. He failed to notice that she was smiling as well.

“Come back here!” he yelled again with a mischievous smile on his lips.


Yamashita Tomohisa will never understand them. Who needs to understand all the girls when he could just figure out the one that mattered the most?

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