Snow Storm by dove
Story Notes:
This is an original story with original characters. Any similarities are of complete coincidence.
Snow Storm by dove
“Sandy! Come see what Mommy bought!” calls a voice after the slamming of a door. The little girl drops her colored pencil and clamors down the stairs.

“What did you buy? Is it for me?” Her mom pulls the object in question out from a paper bag. The little girl peers at the small sphere. There are two figures inside, a girl and a guy, a snowball fight frozen in time. “What is that?”

“It's a snow globe. See, you shake it and snow falls.” Her mom demonstrates and Sandy watches in fascination.

“Is it for me?” She repeats the question.

“Yes, of course!” Her mom hands it over to her.

“I'm going to put it in my room.”

“Ok, but I would like it to be part of our Christmas decorations, so remember to bring it down.” Sandy nods and starts up the stairs. “And be careful with it!” her mom calls after her. Sandy rolls her eyes. Her mom is always telling herself to be careful with this, be careful with that.

But back in her room, she remembers to place it gently besides her bed. “I'm going to take good care of you, snow globe. Tomorrow you can watch me bake cookies. And the next day is Christmas! We'll have so much fun!”

“The girl's asleep,” Senad says.

“Oh thank god,” replies Fefe. She comes out of her pose and walks to the edge. “Finally! After so much effort and work, we are finally here!”

“Yeah, but we still have to wait.”

Fefe puts her hands on her waist. “Way to dampen my mood!”

“Sorry, not sorry,” says Senad, shrugging.

“I can't believe I'm stuck here with you,” Fefe grumbles. She kicks the glass and the sound ricochets off the walls of the dome. “But soon I'll be able to. . .” Breaking off from the sentence, she starts laughing maniacally.

Senad scoops up some of the faux snow and throws it up. “Why are you so excited? It's not like it's anything special.” He looks as the mess he made floats lazily back to the ground.

She glares at him. “How many days?”


“Two days too much.”

“Well, you need the days to observe her!”

“As if I need you to teach me.” Fefe lays down with her back to Senad.

Sandy wakes up to sunshine peeking through the curtains in her room. The first thing she does is to check the snow globe. “Good morning! Rise and shine!” It's actually quite surprising that she still cares about it. Usually she loses interest in new things very very quickly.

After a breakfast of pancakes drowned in syrup , the girl goes back to her room for the globe. “We're going to go bake cookies now!” she says, while walking down the stairs. Her precious snow globe suddenly becomes slippery and rolls out of her hand and... CRASH!

The beautiful globe shatters. The figurines inside bounce once, twice, before landing nestled in the jagged pieces of glass. Sandy stares at her broken treasure, dumbfounded.


Her wails only turn into small whimpers after her mom cradles and comforts her for an hour. Then with her daughter situated, Sandy's mom starts on the task of cleaning up the mess. The glass goes into the trash. And so do the two little figures. When Sandy realizes that her globe has been thrown out, she begins bawling. Exasperated, her mom goes to comfort her. Again.

Fefe pulls Senad's fingers out his ears and stares at him. “It's quiet,” he says in wonder. “That girl either stopped screaming, or I'm deaf.” Fefe continues staring at him impatiently. “Wait. I can hear myself talk. Ok. I'm not deaf. That's good.”

“Are you done talking to yourself?” she asks drily.

“I think.”

“About time.”

They push themselves up from the garbage. “This is always the worst part,” says Senad.


Senad stops and stares with his mouth open. “Did you just agree with me? Did you get hit in the head when we fell out? Oh my god!”

She sighs. “And this is why I never agree with you. You're so aggravating.” She continues climbing and then jumps down from the edge of the trash can.

“Wait for me!” cries Senad.

Fefe doesn't wait for him. She starts running while complaining, “I hate being so small. Too. Much. Work.”

After spending longer than Fefe would have liked, they finally reach Sandy's room again. Standing besides her bed, Senad says, “Ok, Fefe. Do your magic.”

She rolls her eyes, then trains them on Sandy, concentrating.

A glow emanates from her and then she's gone. Sandy's eyes fly open, then blinks a couple of times. Getting up, she says, “Wow. I finally feel real again. But her eyesight is so bad. I can't see anything!”

“Can you see me?” To Sandy/Fefe, Senad's voice is a tiny squeak.

“No.” She swipes her hand around where she had just been standing.

She hits something and hears a “Watch it!”

“Sorry, not sorry,” she mocks in a sing-song voice.

“Ok. Seriously.”

Sandy/Fefe bends over and scoops him up. “Come little Senad. Let's take you outside.”

They begin the descent down the stairs. All the while, he grumbles, “I still don't know why I'm not allowed to become full sized until I'm outside. This isn't fair. It's not like they'll notice me. And you're so mean to me all the time!”

Sandy/Fefe puts him into her pocket and conveniently shuts him up.

Opening the door, she takes him out and places him on the ground. “Don't be late tomorrow!”

Fefe wakes up in the comfy bed and lays there, fully enjoying the feelings of being human. There are smells. And warmth. “There are perks to my job. Definitely,” she murmurs. She pulls herself out of bed and ambles over to the closet. “Now, what does a little girl wear for Christmas?” Fefe shrugs to herself and puts on red knit sweater with a reindeer on it. She had a reindeer when she was a child. They aren't the most docile pets.

She glances in the mirror, smiles, and walks down the stairs, making sure there's a bounce in her steps.

The first half of the day goes smoothly. Sandy's mom doesn't suspect a thing and Fefe's new body doesn't make any objections. After breakfast, they start opening the presents under the tree. Fefe receives various stuffed animals, clothes, and a creepy doll. She tries not to look at it. The lifeless eyes seem to stare right into her.

It's always interesting to Fefe what humans give and receive as gifts. All this useless trash.

Then as the party and the big moment comes closer and closer, Fefe gets more and more nervous and excited.

“Sandy, are you ok?” asks her mom when Fefe giggles at nothing.

“I'm excited. I can't wait for the party!” Fefe replies.

As if on cue, the door rings. “I'll go get the door!”

“Crap, I've never been briefed on this girl's relatives,” Fefe thinks.

She racks her brain for ideas when a middle aged man walks in with two younger kids. “Look who it is?” says Sandy's mom. “It's Uncle Tom!”

Fefe breathes in relief. “Hi, Uncle Tom.”

“Hello Sandy. You've really grown since the last time I saw you,” he replies.

“Sandy, say hello to your cousins too.”

“Hi,” Fefe replies, in a small voice, hoping they'll find her boring and leave her alone. She has a job to do.

Other relatives and family friends start piling in. Fefe fake smiles until she feels like her human mouth is going to fall off. When the living room, dining room, and pretty much the entire house is filled with people, she quietly disappears to the garage door.

Glancing at the ticking clock across the room, she chants to herself, “He better be on time. He better be on time.”

Making sure no one was around, she cracks open the door. Seeing Senad's familiar annoying face, she lets out a sigh of relief.

“You're happy to see me?”

Fefe rolls her eyes. “Just get in here, do the job, and I'll never have to see you again.”

“I'm so sad now,” he says. But Senad dutifully walks in and becomes serious.

She leads him into the room with the most people. No one notices the stranger until the weird cracking sound

The house starts shaking, trembling. A jagged line appears all around the top and parts of the walls crumble down. Debris falls like a snow storm. The people stare in awed shock as the entire second floor is lifted up.

That's when they notice Senad and Fefe, now back in her normal state and barely fitting in the girl's clothes. They gape at the two red and green creatures.

“Where is my Sandy? What did you do to her? Who are you?” Sandy's mom shrieks.

Senad and Fefe ignore the chaos that has erupted. Some people hold up butter knives and others threaten to call the police. Fefe is on the verge of laughing.

“Why aren't you all more excited to see us? Look how festive we are,” says Senad pouting. Fefe makes a noise of annoyance. “Merry Christmas!” continues Senad. “Now, are we all ready to go on vacation?”

He points up, and that's when they realize that the open gap in the ceiling has been replaced with a metal globe-like structure. The yelling quiets down, as if entranced and hypnotized by it.

The room is basked in that strange glow and the dumbfounded humans slowly rise into the air. And then slowly floats into the mouth of the globe

“Yay!” cheers Senad. He puts his hand up. “High five?”

Fefe looks at him with distaste and starts her own ascent up to the ship. “Mission accomplished. I don't have to talk to you anymore.”

“Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too,” Senad calls after her.

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