That's Where You Take Me by Ooper
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Oh Baby by Ooper
Koyama was watching her, that quiet girl with the long hair she always kept tied up, her eyes always on the ground.

She was stacking papers, piles of directions and quizzes obnoxious stresses on English words her students just weren’t grasping.

They both frequented the same print shop- him for new menus for his family’s restaurant, her for her worksheets.

He was smiling, the crinkles of his eyes appearing just so, and she was crinkling up her whole face in frustration. It was a thick stack this time, she must have been giving a big test or something. He knew from her casual and often poor Japanese that she was a teacher at the small school across the street and three blocks down from his restaurant. She pressed her hip against the copy machine to steady herself, pressed the “print” button one more time, and waited as the ferocious machine spit out a dozen more pages of gibberish he couldn’t really read.

She gathered them up in her arms, but Keii could see the catastrophe before it even happened. He darted forward just as she tripped over the power cord to the printer and caught her in his arms. Her papers went flying, but his heart was flying faster. He had this beautiful girl in his arms… What would he say?!

She quickly stood, brushed herself off, then bowed and bent down to gather her papers up again. “Gomen! Arigatou!” She kept repeating. It sounded like she was going to cry, the way her voice kept shaking.

He squatted down and grabbed a few handfuls of papers before awkwardly thrusting them in her direction. “No need to be sorry, you’re welcome.” He offered her a friendly smile after consoling her in the only real English he understood- apologetic. He liked to learn those bits first- it seemed to him that no matter the language, he was always apologizing or being helpful, so he wanted to be fluent in those aspects. She gave him a shy smile, nodded her head, and quickly exited the shop.

One month later, they made direct eye contact. It was the heat of the summer, he was sure, that caused the glistening of her perfectly tanned skin. She rubbed her neck, and smiled at him softly, acknowledging his existence. It was more than he’d ever hoped for, really.

She was wearing western-style shorts, too short for the Japanese, inappropriate even, but it didn’t seem to bother her. She still had her hair tied up, per usual, but it was tucked up in a stylish bun, one that his eyes kept darting to over and over again. Something about the soft, dark waves and the hints of blonde and red kept catching his eye. She plugged in her headphones and he was surprised to realize he recognized the music. Was that NEWS? The band he sang for?! His face flushed red. But she mustn’t have recognized him, or else she would have said something. Right? His head spun, and she glanced over at him again just quickly enough that he didn’t notice it. Silently, she collected her belongings and tucked her papers into a folder under her arm. She left with a little wave at him. He smirked, ducked his head, and hit print again.

The next month, she wasn’t there. He felt silly for dressing up to go to a print shop! Who cared how he looked? He just wanted to be classy! Sure, that was it.

She was home, her mother had called. Her grandmother had been put in the hospital and she had to go home. She was tossing around clothing when his smile crept into her head. She dismissed it and called off of work.

The next month he wasn’t there. She’d been so hopeful to see him, to explain that she’d been too busy at home with her family to see him! She was sorry! But they weren’t dating, so why should he care? They never really had a good conversation… She just muttered some nonsense incoherently and embarrassedly because her Japanese wasn’t as good as she’d wanted it to be and his English wasn’t much better than her students’. What would he wonder about her single absence in their sort of printing dates? He wouldn’t, she assured herself, he probably hadn’t even noticed.

He was training, dancing around stage when he glanced up and thought he saw her reflection in the mirror. He shook his head and asked for a five minute break. He called his mom and told her he’d be home soon to make the prints.

One month later, he fingered the ticket in his pocket. It was a tiny piece of paper, but it felt like two ton lead in his steps. She wouldn’t be there, he thought, she wouldn’t be there and he would look like an idiot and feel like a huge dunce.

He yanked on the shop door, picked up his head, and went face to butt with her. She was bent over, her jeans hugging her butt, as she picked up some sheets she’d obviously dropped. It was his chance! Palms sweaty, he raced forward, picked up the rest of her papers and handed them to her. “There you go!” He exclaimed as they both stood.

“Thanks,” she muttered, tucking her hand behind her ear with a half-grin. She had worn her hair down and her face was flushed.

“Yeah,” he said, breathless without reason. “So you like, um, NEWS? I heard you listening to them the other day…”

Her eyes brightened and then fell. “Oh, yes, I would love to go see them in concert this month, but I couldn’t get a ticket! I was so upset!” Her hand flew to her mouth. “Sorry, you probably don’t really want to hear about that!” She giggled nervously. “They’re my favorite group. I don’t have their CDs, I only get to listen to them online. I’m too shy to look them up… I just don’t want to know what they look like until I see them! I was so excited, I saved a lot of money but then I didn’t get tickets.” She sighed then, and shook her head. “Sorry. I don’t mean to ramble!” He just laughed and reached into his pocket, producing the ticket. She looked at it and gasped. “You are going!? I am so jealous! That’s amazing!”

He nodded and smiled. “I want you to go, too. This is for you. Will you go with me?”

Her smile fell and her entire face turned bright red. “Oh! Oh! Um, I’m Talia! You’re…?”

“Koyama Keiichiro.”

“Koyama-san, right, Koyama-san, I am super flattered, yes, I would love to go, wow!” He blushed, then, and handed her the ticket. When their hands brushed, she giggled again. “This must have been so expensive. I’ll pay you back. Wow!”

He just shook his head. “So, I’ll see you there?”

She glanced at the ticket. A date in two weeks with the guy she thought was totally cute! She grinned, nodded, and then tucked her papers back under her arm. “Wow, thank you so much! I am so excited!” She went to exit the store, but quickly turned on her heel. “Oh. Your email. Can I have it for when I get to the concert venue? So we can meet up?”

“Yes!” They swapped phones and she awkwardly typed in her email address while trying not to drop her papers or the ticket. They exchanged back and she left, flustered and so happy she thought she might explode.

She let her hair fall naturally and chose a red dress that flattered her twists and turns perfectly. She wore a dark leather jacket, perfect for the fall weather, and her shoes were matching black flats that glittered when she walked. She hoped it wasn’t too much- she’d done her makeup just so she looked enhanced, not unnatural. She took a deep breath and silly butterflies fluttered by in her stomach. She calmed herself with a tune, humming softly as she took out her phone and typed, “I’m here! Waiting in line, where are you?” Send.

He replied, “I’m around back. Show the security guards your ticket, they’ll let you in.”

She looked down at her ticket, surprised to find that she hadn’t noticed before, but it was definitely a VIP ticket! Backstage access; he must have lost his house to afford such a luxury. She made her way to the back, feeling humbled and so thankful toward the kind stranger in the print shop. Toward Koyama, she recalled his name with a blush.

She flashed her ticket to the security guard and he smiled, oddly, and led her in the back. He held out his arm and gestured for her to take it. She did and they walked through halls into a dark corridor that was slightly menacing. She tried to remain calm, but the security guard was picking up his pace, and just when she was about to scream, he came to an abrupt halt in front of a door. “Koyama-san!” He shouted with a quick knock on the door.

There was obnoxious hooting and hollering from inside the door. Talia shifted from foot to foot, unable to find a stability in her stance or her stomach. Koyama peeked his head out from the door and then smiled so wide, all of her insecurities were washed away. She let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding and fell toward him. “Oh, Keiichiro! I was worried I came to the wrong place!”

He turned red at the use of his first name, and only then did she realize her mistake. He grabbed her wrist though, still from behind the door and then uttered something that made the guard leave with a bright grin. She was confused, but still she followed Koyama in to a room with five other boys. All six of the men were dressed absolutely ridiculously. One of them looked sort of girly! She couldn’t contain her giggles. All the boys made comments- the girly one complimented her hair, the boy in the corner who was eating said she smelled nice, the “pee” boy kept telling her she was absolutely perfect for Koyama in impressive English, there was a quiet one with really dark hair who seemed to be writing something- she thought she could grow to like him, and then Ryo, who obnoxiously introduced himself with a very “Western” kiss on the cheek. She turned to Keii. “Are these your friends?”

Koyama nodded. “We’ve been friends for a really long time.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Talia,” she said, her eyes dipping down again.

“Of course you’d pick such a shy one!” Ryo interjected. Koyama reached over and squeezed Talia’s hand. Ryo’s eyes widened.

“I like her,” Keii retorted, squeezing her fingers a little. She brought her hand up to her lip and laughed a little.

“Boys, ten minutes to show! Stage time!” The boys all got up from their seats and tucked in their shirts. Talia leaned in close to Keii and whispered, “Thank you so much for this! Do you think I’ll be able to meet NEWS with these backstage tickets? It would be so nice!”

Koyama nodded. “I definitely think you’ll be able to.”

They walked up to behind the stage area and Koyama showed Talia where to sit on the big display to see the whole show. She was tucked behind a massive teddy bear, invisible to the audience, but able to see everything. Koyama told her that he and the guys would be back soon, and she nodded, getting comfortable for the show.

Soon the audience began chanting, and Talia was getting worried that Koyama would miss out on the opening. He quickly shot him a text, “Hurry back!”

The lights faded, and then there was the intro. Talia’s heart began to race when she heard familiar voices sing, “you are my precious baby!”

The camera panned in on a singer and she nearly fell from her seat. It was Koyama Keiichiro, up on stage! NEWS was introduced individually and each one of the boys she’d met lit up the big screens. Her heart raced.

Soon the show was over and Koyama came back stage to find her. He didn’t have a shirt on, but he gathered her up in his arms and hugged her tight, despite his regularly reserved personality. “What did you think?”

“You are part of NEWS! Why didn’t you tell me?” She pushed him away, embarrassed.

He quickly teased, poking her arm lovingly, “You didn’t ask!”

She had no other way to respond but to stand up on her tiptoes and kiss him square on the mouth. Behind her, she heard Ryo whine, “why doesn’t anyone kiss me like that?!”

Talia laughed into Keii’s mouth and he pulled her closer to him, deepening the kiss. “I loved it,” she muttered in a moment of separation. “I loved it so much.”

“Good,” he said, “because I think I might love you.”

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