Flight Dreams by mingclosetbunny
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Flight Dreams by mingclosetbunny
Author's Notes:
because I couldn't resist writing this down
Sungmin knew it was going to be one of their longest and most uncomfortable plane rides. They were going to Paris for the first time, and he learned from a friend that it was going to be a whole 14 hour long ride. He mentally groaned at the thought, but there was nothing he could do about it anyway, so he just settled himself on the plane as comfortably as he could and wished they get there as soon as possible.

It hadn’t even been 5 hours since their take off when he thought he fell asleep, and felt something prodding his shoulder.


A soft voice whispers in his ear, deep, melodic and rich, but in his state of drowsiness can’t figure out who, instead, he moans and shifts position, trying to tell whoever that is not to disturb his peaceful sleep.

The voice chuckles, enough to send shivers down his spine if he paid enough attention, but right now he was too sleepy to think.

“Mmm...’o away” he mumbles sleepily, unconsciously pouting in response.

“Sungmin-hyung” the voice was in his ear again, sounding so low in his ear, he could almost feel lips touching his earlobe “Wake up or do you want me to wake you up?”

There was something in that tone that sounded serious, that Sungmin finally forced his eyes to open “what?” he said, grumpily.

And the owner of the voice and the finger poking him endlessly was revealed to be none other than Cho Kyuhyun, who was sitting next to him and grinning at him quite amusedly.

Sungmin, not quite seeing a reason why should be all smirky, crossed his arms and scoffed “What is it Kyu?” he tried to sound angry, but he could never really be mad at Kyuhyun, God help him but he couldn’t. But the man doesn’t know so he tried to keep his frown intact.

Instinctively he looked around and found everyone else asleep (which is really likely, after all, they were all tired from different schedules before they left) then he noticed that Kyuhyun’s laptop was in front of him, although it was turned off. He chucked softly "Kyu, did you wake me up because your laptop already died?” he teased, thinking that the maknae was probably playing and his laptop’s battery died down, and had gone bored then wanted to bother someone, and him, being the nearest to him, got to be the lucky victim, at least, that would be the usual “Cho Kyuhyun” reason anyway.

“Well, actually hyung” Kyuhyun said brightly “I really woke you up”

“Really?” Sungmin was surprised at this, “Wae? Do you need something?”

Kyuhyun nodded eagerly, smiling even more widely “Yes hyung, as I matter of fact, I do need something” he said.

Although he was a bit weirded out his rather uncharacteristically happy expression, Sungmin was completely oblivious to what the maknae was implying “Really? What?”

“This” and without warning, Kyuhyun bent forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Sungmin’s eyes widened but Kyuhyun had pulled away before he could even react “K-Kyu…w-what” he stuttered.

The maknae smiled and winked at him “That’s for sleeping beside me looking really cute, hyung” he said before chuckling.

He groaned, realizing he has fallen victim to another one of Kyuhyun’s antics “Aish! This kid!” he exclaimed, blushing madly, but soon enough he joined in on Kyuhyun’s laughter, trying to shake off the inexplicably happy and disappointed feeling deep inside him.

When their laughter died down, Kyuhyun was not yet done, instead he asked again “Hey hyung, you know were going to Paris, right?”

Sungmin nodded “Hmmm…”

“Do you know what Paris is famous for?”

“Fashion?” he answered, suddenly remembering ZhouMi who was rambling the day before they left about all the famous stores he was definitely going to have to visit and shop on when they arrive.

Kyuhyun chuckled and pinched his nose, instantly making him pout “Hey! Stop that!”

“Near enough hyung, but Paris is more known” he bent closer “as the city of Love” he went closer and closer and…


Sungmin blinked, feeling hazy, he looked around and found Kyuhyun staring at him “Kyu?”

He was looking at him amusedly, that Sungmin couldn’t help it but blush “Had a good sleep hyung? Were almost there”

He shook his head, suddenly remembering what he was dreaming about “It was a dream? He whispered to himself, confused more than anything.

He caught Kyuhyun’s wink at him “Try again, Hyung”


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