Too Long - Horikita Maki Version by Christine
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Too Long! - Maki Version by Christine

[Horikita Maki Version]

She woke up very early in the morning and was very excited to start filming the new drama. She was excited for several reasons…Yes she worked a lot and yes she had a lot of experience but she had only worked with him once…

As she was getting her makeup done she was chatting with the makeup artist but in her subconscious Horikita was thinking about him. She looked around the room and bit her lower lip expecting him to come at any moment.

She didn’t know why but her heart always beat faster at the mention of his name…and when she found out that she was going to co-star with him again she couldn’t stop smiling.

Then she heard his footsteps coming inside the dressing room and she could feel her heart beating faster.

Yamashita sat down beside her and stifled a yawn. He looked so tired, she thought as she looked at his profile.

Say it…

Say it…

“Ohayou!...(Good morning)” she said in a cheery voice.

Yamashita turned to her and smiled at her, she smiled back at him and he said, “Good morning…” while nodding his head slightly.

Doki doki…

That’s the sound that her heart made when he looked at her.

It was a known fact that Horikita Maki had a crush on Yamashita Tomohisa…well it was a known fact to her…and no one must ever find out…EVER…

She had wanted to stay there beside him forever but she knew that she had to go and film a scene before he was scheduled to film another one and so she grudgingly got up. Horikita turned to look at Yamashita but he looked like was engrossed thinking about something since a slight smile was formed on his lips…

She didn’t feel right to disturb him and so she walked out of the dressing room to shoot her scene.

Did she do the right thing? Should she have said goodbye? All these thoughts exploded in her head as she walked up to the set and got ready to shoot.

As they added the final touches she got into character and tried to concentrate on her role. I am Tsurara Yoshikawa she kept repeating to herself. Horikita closed her eyes tightly as she tried to concentrate on her role when suddenly a Yamashita playing the role of Akira appeared in front of her eyes doing his kon-kon move and pouting. She covered her mouth and tried to stifle a giggle.

He was so funny…and cute…and those lips…immediately she opened her eyes and tried to hide her blush. She noticed that everybody of the crew members was looking at her with a puzzled look.

She noticed that she had taken too long to get ready for the scene and immediately bowed down and apologized.

“Gomenasai! (I’m sorry!) I am ready to shoot…” She said with an embarrassed blush on her face.


Tsurara rushed inside the station filled with people tugging on her small cousin’s arm calling for her uncle. Horikita hadn’t noticed that he had come out of the dressing room and was looking at her.

If she had noticed she would have probably ended up messing up her lines so it was a good thing that Horikita didn’t notice Yamashita looking at her.

When she finished the scene and was walking up to her chair she saw him staring at the monitor.

She bit her lower lip and grabbed a cup of coffee. She held her breath and sat down next to him.

When he turned to look at her she automatically flashed him a toothy grin. Baka…she scolded herself but then she was caught off guard when he smiled back at her.

She had been holding her breath for too long because when he told her good job, she had taken a while to register what he had said.

She let out the air which was inside her and couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute he looked when he looked away.

Was he blushing?

No…no…couldn’t be…

“Thank you Yamashita-kun, I hope all the scenes will turn out like this.” She said while keeping her smile on her face.

Boy she was a good actor…because inside she felt like a thousand firecrackers exploded, making her whole body on edge.

Yamashita nodded and got up when the director called him to start shooting his next scene.

“Well I’m off.” Yamashita said while waving at her, with a smile.

“Good luck…oh and you look good in that suit…” she said with a grin…Oh. My. God. Did she just let that slip? Oh God she did! He must think she was coming on to him or something…Oh God Oh God…Keep smiling Horikita! He is going to start laughing any second so just keep smiling and say you were joking…

Then when she saw him almost trip on the wires she got more alarmed…oh my god…he was so shocked that he almost tripped! Yeah great move Horikita you scared him away now…he is probably going to be afraid to stay alone with you from now on!

These thoughts had been filling her head for too long and she didn’t notice the blush that crept on Yamashita’s face as he made way towards the set to shoot his scene.

Horikita looked up at him when the director suddenly yelled action…

He really did look good in that suit…she thought as she slightly felt her face go red. He has improved so much from the Akira role…I think Kurosaki suits him better…he is more mature and…well his looks have impr”OH MY GOD he saw me looking! She immediately turned her face away and suddenly heard the director yell cut.

Was he apologizing? Oh no I caused him to mess up…I must have been staring at him for too long…baka me…I won’t look at him anymore. She thought to herself as she shifted in her seat and sipped on her coffee.

Now it was time for the scene where Tsurara falls on the rails and gets rescued by Kurosaki…

Horikita got up from her seat and made her way towards the set. Come on Maki…don’t be so nervous…you are acting…ACTING…yeosh…I can do this…she thought to herself trying to block out that annoying heart of hers which was drumming in her ears.

She and Yamashita bowed at the same time as they got ready to shoot the scene.

When Tsurara fell onto the tracks the camera zoomed on her as she lowered her scared face towards the ground afraid of being hit by the oncoming train.

Kurosaki jumped in front of her as the two looked each other in the eyes.

When he looked at her it felt as though everything dissolved…why can’t she look away from his eyes? Why did she feel that her whole body was petrified and that she couldn’t move? Why did she suddenly feel protected by having his hands around her? She could even feel his warmth coming out of his body and as she stood there staring at him she felt as though they were the only people in the world. She felt that she could stay like this forever…


“Cut!” the director’s voice suddenly shouted, breaking the whole trance she was in.

Oh shoot! We were acting! She completely forgot and as soon as he broke the bond they created she too looked up at the director and felt her face flush. When she felt him letting go of her she let out a breath she unknowingly was holding in and looked down at the railings.

“You are taking too long! You only need to gaze into each other’s eyes long enough to give the feeling off that Kurosaki and Tsurara are going to develop feelings for each other…nothing more…nothing less…come on Yamashita this is the last scene for today then you can eat…” the director said with a smirk.

Oh my…that was so mean…but then why were her lips curved into a smile? Oh no don’t…laugh…too late.

Horikita covered her mouth as she let out a small chuckle making a shocked Yamashita look at her.

When she saw him walking up to the director and bow in apology she stopped laughing and stared at him walking back to his post. This time she knew that he wouldn’t mess up…he looked so determined.

When the director again yelled action she forgot about her emotions and tried to play the role of Tsurara to the max.

The scene was filmed perfectly and Horikita got immediately pulled away by her co-star.

“What is it Ichikawa-san?” she asked in a low voice at the grinning actress who was in front of her.

“Do you know who they got to play my boyfriend?” Ichikawa said with a grin on her face.

Horikita shook her head and said, “No…who?”

“Koyama-san!” Ichikawa shouted happily while grabbing her hands and jumping up and down.

“Oh…that’s great…he is in the same band as Yamashita-kun right?” Horikita asked while tilting her head.

“Yes! Oh and by the way…you guys make such a cute couple! You should get together…” she said while winking.

“Ah yeah right…ano I forgot my purse in the dressing room I’ll be right back…” Horikita said while turning to leave in order to hide the blush which was creeping on her face.

“Ok but don’t forget to come back for the barbeque! Yamashita-kun promised to cook for us!” Ichikawa shouted while waving.

Horikita ducked her head down and walked into the dressing room. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Yamashita turn to look at her.

He smiled at her, a smile which made her knees slightly buckle…focus Horikita…she scolded herself as she smiled back and walked towards her purse. “Good work…” she said. Yeah good job…now he knows that you can repeat what he said earlier…baka…

“Yeah…you too…” he replied while turning his gaze away from her.

Why wasn’t he looking at her? She couldn’t help but feel a little hurt and looked at his profile. She sighed inwardly at how good looking he was… “I am really excited to work with you again Yamashita-kun.” She said while grabbing her purse from in front of the mirror.

He turned to look at her and smiled then suddenly something dropped from her purse.

Oh no! She gasped silently as she hurried to pick up the object but was beaten to it by Yamashita, who picked it up first and was now looking at it with a strange look in his eyes.

When she saw him holding the small pig shaped keychain in his hands she couldn’t help but blush.

“Do you still have this?” Yamashita asked while looking at her.

She nodded as she grabbed it from his hand and tucked it back in her purse. “I have always carried it with me after you gave it to me back in the Nobuta Wo Produce days Yamashita-kun…I guess it reminds me of the times we spent together filming the drama…”

Oh great…way to go Maki…now he is going to think you are obsessed about him and think about him all the time…

She had to explain…she thought as she looked up at him again and saw that he was smiling. She blushed as she touched her forehead and smiled awkwardly. “I guess you didn’t expect me to have such a thing after all this time…I bet you haven’t kept yours…” she said and then stopped in mid sentence as she saw him getting out his wallet and the same keychain dangling from it.

Were her eyes deceiving her? Was that the same keychain that she had given him back then? Why was her heart feeling like it was going to explode in her chest? She was suddenly overwhelmed by a flow of happiness which filled her whole body and the only way to let it out was by smiling and hoping that she hadn’t turned too red.

He smiled and said, “I always carry it around with me too…”

She smiled as well and they both avoided each other’s gazes. He is so sweet…I can’t help but smile…say something Maki… “Ne remember when Kame-kun kept pestering us to tell him what we were doing behind the tree?” she suddenly said making him look up at her and smile.

“Yeah…we couldn’t tell him that we gave each other key chains so we told him we were rehearsing our lines…” Yamashita said with a smile.

“I wonder why we didn’t give him one as well?” she asked while looking at him and slightly blushing. Stupid question Maki…because you didn’t want to give him yours…you wanted Yamashita-kun to have it…

“I didn’t want him to have it…that’s why I gave mine to you…” he suddenly said while taking a step towards her.

She looked up at him and in a low voice said, “I didn’t want him to have mine either…”

She couldn’t help but smile…had he said he didn’t want Kamenashi to have it? Her heart can’t take this anymore…she looked down at the floor trying to avoid his intense gaze and so as not to let him see her red cheeks.

She felt him stepping close to her and that made her look up. He was looking so intently into her eyes that he made her hold her breath and feel like she was chained to his intense gaze.

“Horikita-san…I…li”” Yamashita begun to say but suddenly the door bust open and Ichikawa burst in.

She was dazed…what was he going to say? She felt Ichikawa skip towards her but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the floor in fear of her red face being seen by her co-star.

“Ne guys you are taking too long the barbeque is about to start and you, Yamashita-kun promised to cook for us! Everyone is hungry!” Ichikawa said with a cheery voice.

“Hai…(yes) Ichikawa-san I am coming right out…” he said in a tired voice as he took one last glance at her and walked out.

She was left inside the room with Ichikawa who was talking about something but she wasn’t listening to a word she was saying. Horikita was staring at the door in which Yamashita had left. Why did they have to be interrupted like that? What was he going to say to her? And why did Ichikawa say they were taking too long when it felt as though they had been alone for a couple of seconds?

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