No Regrets by Christine
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If you haven't realized by now I will spell it out for you.
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Breathless by Christine
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Old one shot...enjoy! ;)

As she walked on the bridge to meet him her heart started pumping faster. She couldn’t believe what she was going to tell him. When he saw her and waved she smiled although deep inside her heart was in turmoil. She walked up to him and smiled. “Long time no see…” She said.

“Yeah…so why did you bring me here Christine?” He asked while putting his hands into his pockets.

“I…Pi…I’m getting married…next Sunday” she mumbled as she felt her eyes sting with the tears.

Pi didn’t say anything…he just kept looking at her. The woman in front of him had changed so much since he had known her…for one she had grown even more beautiful. He was speechless right now. The news of her marriage had torn his insides apart. Why hadn’t he told her how he felt before? Why couldn’t he say it now? She is getting married so soon!

“Well?” She said while smiling as her eyes glistened with her tears. “Aren’t you going to say anything Pi?”

“I…c-congratulations…” he said, immediately regretting what he had just said.

“Ok Pi…If that’s how you want it…” She whispered as she stepped away from him and started to walk away.
She bent her head and tried to hold back the tears. He had let her go…she was free now…free to marry Jin and be happy…

As he watched her walking away Pi put his hands in his pockets and took out a small box. He clutched it between his fingers and was tempted to throw it away. As he watched her walk away he started to cry as he remembered that it was he who had introduced Christine to her future husband…He had been too careless and didn’t realize his true feelings towards her. It was too late now…she had chosen Jin…why didn’t he speak up? He couldn’t…he couldn’t ruin her happiness now that she had finally found love.

All through the years he had known that she loved him…he had known about her feelings and he had never told her how he felt about her. He hadn’t told her that he loved her too. He had been blind and didn’t realize that she was the most important person to him and so had inevitably pushed her away. He grabbed his dark hair and kicked the bridge wall out of frustration. He was doing the right thing right? He was doing the right thing by letting her marry another man right? A man who was more suited for her…a man whom he knew that loved her…The thing was that he loved her as well…


On Sunday he woke up early and decided not to attend the wedding. He knew that if he went he would do something stupid. And so he had gotten up early and drove down to the beach. As he was driving down the road he couldn’t help but remember all those wonderful memories that they had shared.

He remembered when she had waited all day and bought him tickets for an exclusive concert and surprised him for his birthday. He also remembered the time she had stayed up all night cleaning his wounds that he had gotten out of a scuffle he had with a guy who had stolen one of his girlfriends. He also remembered when she had confessed.

He smiled bitterly as he remembered that day. It was in the evening and they were walking in a road full of trees and they could feel the dried leaves under their shoes as they were moved. She looked beautiful as always and was wearing a brown shirt and a pair of jeans. The brown made her eyes sparkle…those eyes…he could stare at them forever…


“Pi…” she said timidly while looking at him.

“Yeah?” he said while looking back at her.

“I…I have to tell you something…” she said while avoiding his gaze as she looked towards her shoes.

“What is it?” he asked again feeling a little impatient at all the suspense.

“I like you.” She said frankly as she stopped looking at him.


As he remembered what he had done after that he wanted to beat himself up and hit the steering wheel angrily. He had laughed…he had burst out laughing in her face and asked her if it were April fools. She had looked so heartbroken that he had immediately realized that she was serious. She didn’t speak properly to him for a month. He had won her heart by doing something unintentionally and that is what had mended their relationship. From then on he had known…he had known of Christine’s feelings towards him but he had said nothing.

You deserve this! He scolded himself. Yamashita Tomohisa you deserve this! You deserve to be heartbroken! She does not deserve an asshole like you! How could I even pretend to love her and be accepted now? After all those years…Suddenly he screeched to a halt as the next thought hit him like a bullet and caused his whole body to move forwards. He hadn’t told her how he felt! He hadn’t told her how he felt so technically she hadn’t rejected him! GOD I AM SO STUPID! He thought as he turned back around and raced towards the church. He didn’t know exactly what he was going to do but he was determined to get there before any further damage was done.

As he drove down the roads towards the church you would expect a million thoughts to burst through his head but he had only one…he only had one thought in his head…or feeling to be exact. He loved her…He loved Christine and he was not going to give her up to another man if she still wanted him.

He pushed the gas pedal down to the floor and raced down the street narrowly avoiding a red light and a crash with another car. He continued speeding up the road when suddenly he came to a stop. There was a huge traffic jam and it looked like it was not going to move for quite some time. Time…he did not have time. He quickly parked his car at the nearest parking spot and took off.

He ran down the streets and despite the harsh warnings of his pumping heart he couldn’t stop. He looked up and saw the church. Just a few more steps he thought. God please don’t make me late…he begged as he sprinted up the steps.

When he opened the door he was shocked. There was no one. The church was empty, except for a couple of people who were removing the wedding flowers. He almost felt like he was about to faint. He managed to step inside and ask the nearest person.

“Wasn’t there a wedding today?” he asked breathless at the sudden shock he was sure we was about to receive.

“I’m sorry son…” the elderly man said, “It’s already over…”

Pi felt his legs buckle under his weight…over…it was over…he had been too late…he had lost her…lost her forever.

“Sir? Sir are you ok?” The old man said as soon as Pi had fallen onto his knees in front of him.

“Y-yeah…thank you…” Pi mumbled as he staggered onto his feet and slowly made his was out to his car.

As he was walking he didn’t think of anything. He was too shocked…he had put this on himself. He had broken his own heart. Why hadn’t he told her how he felt before she had gotten herself married? Now it was over…Oh God…she was married…just the thought of another man touching her sent his blood boiling and his tears pouring.

He arrived to his car and slowly made his way home. All he wanted to do was lock himself inside his home and drink himself senseless. The minutes that passed without having alcohol in his system seemed like an eternity and when he finally arrived he parked the car and, with his sunglasses on, so that those nosy neighbors would not see his puffy eyes, made his way up the street towards his house.

As he was walking up the porch something caught his eye. He turned to his left and dropped his keys onto the wooden patio. “Pi…” she said with teary eyes as she dragged her wedding dress behind her.

He could not believe it…she was here…Christine was here…he turned towards her just as she was speaking.

“Pi I didn’t know where else to go…” she said, her voice breaking as tears were falling down her cheeks.

He pulled her closer to him hugged her so tight that he felt her heart beating against his. “Pi…I…couldn’t go through with it…” she said through her sobs.

He widened his eyes and pulled her slightly away from him so that he could see her face. “What do you mean?” he asked his voice sounding desperate to hear those definite words. His whole body yearning for that one statement.

“I didn’t get married…” she said as he pulled her back towards him and buried his head in her hair as he whispered, “Thank God…” he felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

“I didn’t want to have any regrets Pi…I realized that Jin is not the one I love…” she said while breaking down and sobbing harder against his chest.

He held her closer and said, “I’m glad Christine because I love you…”

Christine looked up at his face and with wide eyes asked, “Really?”

He smiled at her and nodded as a tear feel down his cheek.

She smiled as well as she sobbed again against his chest while shaking her head, “I can’t believe this…”

He gently pulled her away from him and tilted her face towards his and kissed her softly on the lips. When they separated and their faces where still a few centimeters apart he said, “Well?”

“I love you too…” she said while smiling as he pulled her closer and gave her another more passionate kiss on the lips.

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