Baby Blues - Teaser by Christine
Story Notes:
I own nothing but the idea and my children with yamapi XD
Baby Blues by Christine

Baby Blues

This is not your normal baby story...I would usually write a small introductory paragraph before writing the teasers but this time...I’m going to shower you with teasers and see what you think the story will be about ;)

A warning, this is going to be MAJORLY funny -or at least I will try to make it so.


“I don’t think this is a good idea...”

“You were always a scaredy cat Masuda, grow some balls would you?”

“Why does Toma have to come too?”

“Guys, guys are you sure our wives wouldn’t mind us being here?”

“OH. MY. GOD!”

“Shit, this is bad...”

“I always said your husband had a baby brain.”

“Tegoshi stop pulling Shige’s hair! God you are such a baby!”

“Which one is your husband?”

“The one who just wet himself....”

“I think I am going to be sick...”

“I hate babies.”

“This makes me think about my future babies with Massu.”

“This makes me want to invest in condoms.”

“Oh my god is that Ryo trying to peek at that girl’s skirt?!”

“I am going to kill him.”

“I thought I wouldn’t have to change diapers for another few years...”

“Stop complaining, we have to do something.”


“Pi stop picking on Shige, this is serious.”

“At times like these, only one person is going to be able to help us.”
“A witch? Are you seriously a witch?”

“Hey Michirui, would you mind keeping your husband’s pants on? I don’t wanna see his little Richard.”

“Please don’t cry baby, it’s going to be ok, I’ll tell Ayu to smack Ryo’s ass later ok?”

“I think he’d like that...”

“Shut up Lillith we all know what you and Toma do on kinky Friday’s.”

“Just think of this as practice...”

“For what?”

“Oh we all know about your dirty little secret girl...”

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

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