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[RULES] AFF Couples

Talia Koyama Member
edited June 2013 in AFF Couples
There are only a few rules for this category- 
  • Anyone's "husband" can be made with multiple threads. For example, "Kamenashi Kazuya" may have multiple "wives" and thus multiple threads.
  • Threads should be titled with your AFF penname and the name of your "husband" like this: "Ninner x Chinen Yuri". This will eliminate confusion if by chance there is another "Emma" who likes Chinen Yuri. Also, because threads can be edited, if you change your AFF penname, you can change your thread, too. ^_^
  • Obviously all things written on these threads are fictional and are completely for fun! There will be no drama tolerated. If you cause or participate in any drama shenanigans, you will be warned up to three times, per the general rules. 
  • There is an example thread written out for you to look at. These threads, as stated before, are purely fictional and showcase a "relationship" between a celebrity and a member of AFF.
  • Please do not create threads about anyone except for yourself and your "husband" unless asked to do so by another member of AFF. Ninner is my sister and she asked me to create her thread, so I decided to use it as an example. 
  • You are free to discuss these couples in their respective threads, but please, no harsh words! Everyone is allowed to have an imagination and be silly!
  • Also, I encourage you to write little drabbles for the couples in their threads! It will help you with your writing skills, and it will be sure to make the AFF members smile.
Thank you and have fun!
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