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Yuki Yan

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  • Yuki Yan Member
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    Okay! Welcome to AsianFanFiction Forum! (^o^)//

    Some of y'all probably know who I am, but from the ones who doesn't then let me introduced myself.

    My family and friends calls me Mei Yao, but mostly I go by Yuki specially online.

    I am 34 this year, but most people thought i was 24 which surprised me when they told me this year.  I guess that's a big complement.  I do remember a 17 year old girl thought that i was 18 when i was 27.  Bless her heart.  LOL...such an angel.  So yeah, I do carry the Asian Young look thingy.  hehehehe

    My pen name is Yukino78.  I got the name from the manga Kareshi Kanojyo No Jio (Kare Kano) and the 78 is for my year of birth.

    I am half Chinese and half Filipino and raised in the US of A.

    I started writing poems back in High School and stories just 5 years ago.  The reason I started writing was that I couldn't find much story with Yoon Eun Hye with DBSK, so I started writing.

    My first story was Photos of You that I started back in 2009 and still going.   That's my baby.

    I love photography.  I took my bestfriend's engagement photos and lots of people like it.  I just don't have the time to do it professionally.  I do take lots of concert photos for my friends and church.

    I love to travel.  I've been traveling since 1995.  Been to almost half of the USA, Canada, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Japan, and New Zealand.  Planning on going to Singapore and other surrounding countries this year if God permits.

    I love to sing.  I sing in the choir since i was in grade school.

    I guess that's all...if  y'all want to know more then just ask! (^o^)//

    Oh if  you haven't, do stop by and read my stories! hehehehe

    My stories here are:
    -  Photos of You
    -  B2ST Temporary Coordinator
    -  To Love Again
    -  The Runaway Bride
    -  Idols I don't Care About
    -  Finding Love at Unexpected Place
    -  Love All Around
    -  The Shadow Writer
    -  My Gay Bestfriend
    -  The Secret Composer
    -  The Red String of Fate ( Oneshot )
    -  When Jin & Kame Stumbled at AFF ( Oneshot)
    -  Psychology 101 ( Oneshot)
    -  Cafe Ai ( Oneshot )
    -  The Proposal ( Oneshot)
    -  Searching for the One ( Oneshot)
    -  Wedding Dress ( Oneshot )
  • Annie He Administrator
    Mei Yao!!! Is that your real name in Chinese? I love it! It's so cute! ^^

    I don't like to take photos of myself but I love taking photos of other people! You're so lucky to be able to travel. When I get a career, I hope I can travel as much as you do!

    P.S. By the way, if you want, you can insert links to your stories posted on AFF (in your thread and/or your signature). There's a button named "Insert Hyperlink" in the toolbar. =)
  • Hi, @Yuki-san! :>
    I hope to get along with you since we both love photography~
    Oh, you've been to the Philippines? GREAT! That's where I live. :3
    How did you find it so far? :DD
  • @Admin yeah my name 苏美瑶。Don't worry you'll get a chance to travel too.  I didn't start travelling until after college. It was the best time to go.

    Yeah, i'm planning on linking my stories.  thanks for the reminder! hehehe


    @wonderfulfailure I was born in the philippines just moved in the US of A.  Also, I'm a -chan not a -san.  LOL


    i tried pearl milk tea today :) it was certainly different. i hope to travel to korea one day and maybe come vist u in too unni ;)
  • @yukino78, so... you know how to speak Tagalog? :DD

    Oh, sure. Yuki-chaaaaan! :3
  • @wonderfulfailure  Yes! I believe I still can eventhough some says that it's a bit broken now...hahaha...Oh and I'll be in the Philippines this year! Can't wait to go to Ongpin and eat some Makimi and siopao!!! Yey!
  • I never knew your name was Mei Yao!
    That's a really beautiful name. I'm curious as to what it means in chinese...?
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