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What do you do when you have writer's block?

Annie He Administrator
I usually start reading a lot of novels or watching a lot of dramas to get inspired again!


  • i usually watch a lot of dramas and read some mangas and anime...that usually gives me new ideas...
  • I just drop that story until i get inspired... but in the meanwhile (while im ofc trying to get inspired) i listen to music, paint and try to sort out my feelings. Or if i really need to work on the story i work on improving the grammar and details in hopes they will get me a strong visual of the story again. Or sometimes i translate the story to a different language (i always switch from finnish to english depending on which i wrote it in)
  • Same as @yukino78, I watch a lot of dramas, read manga and watch anime! Especially the romantic ones. XDD and then I re-read my work and wait until I get an idea. :)))
  • Lillith Evans Member, Graphic Designer
    Music <3 like @eyeslikeatoms :D 

    Most of the time anyways it takes a particular song to ignite something in me for a story. I can never write without music and if I find the right song and then I'm like WRITE ALL THE THINGS. 

    So I try to hunt music...otherwise I tend to read other people's stories but then I get scared they'll inspire me so I sit and I tell my mom I'm uninspired and ask her to tell me a story from when she was young and had like a million and one lovers that her mother never approved of.

    It's not plagiarism if it's your own mom guys...did you know that? XD 

    JOKING. I wouldn't do that...but her stories tend to inspire me :) She had a pretty cool young life.

    Sometimes if I'm outside and really into it I'll check out the people who are in line at Starbucks when I'm there and try to decide what their lives are like. Once in a while I'll overhear conversations on the subway/bus, scream at my friends, watch my favourite bollywood movie (which I swear I've seen over 30 times now). 

    And if NONE of that works. I do cliches. I think of a cliche I haven't written yet and try to write it and start a whole new story :) that one always works. (rereading does too sometimes :D like @wonderfulfailure <3)

    holy shit this is a long list...but if you know me as a writer you'll know that a lot of my stories haven't been updated in years months...and well LOL XD this is how I try to get the inspiration going for them again :D
  • Lilith...i so believe in the music thing.  The song and mv of TaeYang from BigBang Wedding Dress got me like crazy!  To the point that I had to write something to get it out of my system and when I did i was like..WHEW!!! I did it. LOL

    your mom sound so cool!
  • Lillith Evans Member, Graphic Designer
    (and it was an excellent story it was :)  )

    Lol sadly i have to admit she is quite cool... 

    @AnnaClair What was the bollywood movie? xD And i do that sometimes when im bored too, analyze people in public places like trains or parks and then i realize i've been staring at them and they're glaring at me T.T
  • @eyeslikeatoms...i was laughing so hard that i almost spilled my drink reading your post.  you were staring too much that they started glaring at you...omg...i could actually see that.  add a paper and pen on you then it would have been funny.  you're too much for me cherry...LOL

    and thank you to you and @AnnaClair for being nice... I do wish I can get inspired again like that. hehehe
  • Lillith Evans Member, Graphic Designer
    Wellll iunno if it'll inspire youuu butt
    Happier stories - banana pancakes - jack johnson I think
    And my angst stories I'm all 2pm - heartbeat
    2am - can't I love you
    Kim Soo Hyun - can't I love you (acapella)
    Rurutia - itoshigo yo :)
  • AnnaClair said:

    so I sit and I tell my mom I'm uninspired and ask her to tell me a story from when she was young and had like a million and one lovers that her mother never approved of.

    Yea, it's not!

    If the writer's block is small, I'll just do what was already mentioned above: look some music up or reread.

    When it's harder, I just immerse myself in the situation of the fic as I walk or travel (not in the driver's seat, have no fear) and imagine what happens. I do this several times, from the perspective of a bystander, of every character in the scene. Problem is that when I don't get easily out of my block it pretty much drives me insane because I end up over-analysing everything and rethink the situation until I find the answer.

    Now I'm just doing some writing therapy by typing down short scraps of a story without developing it too much. It helps me to keep on writing and regularly. Fingers crossed I'll be able to tackle the more meatier stories soon. lol.

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