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[RULES] General Rules

Annie He Administrator
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  • NO trolling, flaming and insulting. Be respectful!
  • NO spamming.
  • NO advertising any web site/blog unless it's a story posted on
  • NO linking to your story posted on a site other than
  • NO porn or adult content.
  • NO posting in a language other than English.
  • You are ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to post your story here. If you would like to post a story, please go to Account Info > Add a story and wait till I approve or reject your story.

What is spam?

Short, pointless, and irrelevant messages. Please don't unnecessarily increase your post count to become the top poster. You'll not get a reward if you do.

Examples of spam

Posts that contain nothing but:
  • expression words: hahahahhaa, hehehehee, hohohoho, etc. 
  • smilie faces: =), =(, =/, <3, etc. 
  • gibberish: kj3r5rfjsw, $%#%REFR, klhj#$@... etc. 
  • a few words: Thank you, I agree with you, Byebye, lol, etc.

N.B. This doesn't apply to the wall comments (Activity & Profile).

How to avoid spam?

Give substance to your posts by sharing your opinion, suggestions, inquiries, etc.

Failure in following the rules leads to a warning. After 3 warnings, your AFF account will be locked and your forum account banned.

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