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Kumo Hime Member
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Name:  Hime (Any too but here everybody calls me Hime)
AFF Name:  Kumohime (same as here, same as chatango, facebook, LJ, etc since I'm so creative with names :P )
Age:  33 currently... 
Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hobby: Reading, writing, making graphics on Photoshop (recently), singing, and when I had the time I used to dance and act a little. Watching dramas (mostly Japanese, some Korean and a couple TW)
Writer/Reader/Both: Both when I have the time (though I tend to write more than what I read, I think)
Comments:  Um... what can I add. I'm in college (I'm my third course lol) I also work as a teacher and I do translations. I listen to most any type of music (pop, rock, metal) I listen to NEWS, Yamashita Tomohisa, KAT TUN (but not much) Gackt (loove him) One ok Rock, Ft Island, Malice Mizer, VAMPS, L'arc en Ciel (not a lot either), Disturbed (there pop, rock and metal :P) and many many more and I'll stop here hehe.
So hi everyone :)


  • Annie He Administrator
    Hi Hime! Welcome to the forums and thank you for registering (even though I know it's for the art exchange and someone made you do it hehe ~_^).
  • Lol! Thank you and actually, I've been meaning to check it out for sometime, this just gave me the push I needed (^v^)
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    Ahaha it wasn't me >_>

  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    But anyway welcome to the Forum! ^^
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