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Name:  Tierra
AFF Name:  ( I am so late on originality lol) Tierra (dreamair on chatango)
Age: currently I am 23
Location:  Oklahoma...
Hobby: Watch anime, read books, be creative
Writer/Reader/Both: Both, but been too busy with school to write anything.
Comments: Well, I am an art education major, was elementary...decided to change it because I love art and I like to create things, I love working with different medias of art, I can make posters and stuff with gimp!    Junnosuke Taguchi is my ichiban, but I have a lot of niban-s... LOL. I listen to KAT-TUN, NEWS, Jin Akanishi, Tomohisa Yamashita, Meisa Kuroki, Jang Geun Suk, DBSK, and B.A.P. (I just got into bands from Korea and Dramas recently, but I still love my Jpop and Jdramas. ) Hmmmm what else..... PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL just kidding. TO those who I have met, I finally found time to join the forms!!!! To those I have yet to meet, HI!!!!! 


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