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Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
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AFF Name: Blossy
27 (Quite old I know!)
Location:  England
Hobby: Reading, writing, stalking
Writer/Reader/Both: I'm both a writer and reader :)

Before I joined AFF I used to post my stories in Winglin. I posted 2 of my complete stories Waiting For You and Runaway Daughter. But when I wrote High School with Minako, I did not want to post my proud work there. I hated the site! So I browsed Google for another site and I landed here in AFF and have been in love with it since then.

I have yet to write a M rated story but I do read them. My stories consist mostly romantic comedy.

If I write about myself I work during the weekdays and only get weekend free. But because I'm never free on the weekdays my friends and family try and take my weekends. But when I have free time I like to write or read. I'm an open minded girl so don't worry about talking to me about certain things and I don't get offended easily. I can take jokes (as long as it is jokes).

I love watching dramas. Be it Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese.
I love watching animes.
I love reading mangas.

So if I'm not reading a story or writing, I'm doing one of the above :)

I think that's all for now. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me <3


  • Annie He Administrator
    B! Welcome to the forums! =D Yes, you're very open-minded and I love talking to open-minded people (getting sick of my parents who are so close-minded). lol @ your hobby "stalking" =P
  • Ayumu Hamano Member, Graphic Designer, Interviewer
    Thank you Annie!
    I really love talking to you too! You're very easy-going person and ready to listen to my ideas.
    And yes STALKING is my hobby because GOOGLE is my best friend kekeke
  • Annie He Administrator
    edited March 2014 @Admin
    Ah then, stalking (and looking for plagiarized stories) is also my hobby. XD
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