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Kristy Sakano Member
edited October 2012 in Introduce Yourself
Hello everyone! My name is Kristy and I'm one of the newest users here at AFF. It's very nice to meet you! I live in North Carolina, USA and am 16 years old. Trust me, I still read the M-rated stories here. I am half Japanese and half Vietnamese and grew up under a Tiger Mom and a Tiger Dad. (Typical Asian parents!) I speak English fluently, with some Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. As for Vietnamese, I can understand it, yet not be able to form sentences back. Odd, right?

I love traveling! So far, I have I have been to Japan 3 times and Vietnam once. Besides that, I have been to countless islands in the Carribeans as well as Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii. I guess that's my short bio...?

My hobbies: Playing the piano and flute. Music is very relaxing for me. It seems to purify my soul and wash away my tears... (Getting all romantic here!) I also enjoy practicing my martial arts (Black belt, boo yah!) and reading. I am a Grammer Natzi; as captain of English Academic Team at my school, it's my given job to be as annoying as possible to check over every single error. (Sorry in advance!)

I love both the Korean and Japanese Culture (as well as Vietnamese!). I love K-Pop (Total SONE and ELF here!) and J-Pop (Pi and Arashi are my favorite!), both equally. I am a Korean Drama Addict, my current drama being Coffee Prince (for like, the 5th time!).

I'm currently a reader here, but I may turn writer pretty soon if people will actually read my stories! I hope so!

It is very nice to meet you and I appriciate you taking the time to read all the way to here! I hope to hear of you soon, my dear friend :)


  • Annie He Administrator
    Hi Kristy! Even though we've talked on chatango, I've learnt quite a few things here! :)

    As I said on chatango, it's impressive that you speak so many languages! Really, I envy you lol I wish it was easy for me to learn a new language!

    And you travel a lot! You went to places I'd like to go: Carribeans, Japan and Hawaii!

    I used to play piano when I was a kid but stopped taking lessons after 3 years. I enjoyed playing but my parents were very strict so I lost interest lol.

    And woow you practice martial arts?! OMG!!! Which martial arts? I've always wanted to practice martial arts (Kung Fu). And you're black belt too? Damn, is there anything you can't do? lol

    I'm a grammar Nazi like you obviously lol. However, I'm much more fluent in French than in English. I rarely speak English and I have a HORRIBLE Québécois accent. I don't even pronounce the words properly. I know I make mistakes in English so if you see any grammar or spelling error on the site, please let me know. =)

    Thanks for registering to the forum (late response I know XD) and I hope you enjoy your stay here. =D
  • @Kristy! HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! and a late welcome lol xD I hadn't been to the forums in ages but then i noticed that the latest forum posts can be seen on the front page and i saw yours!

    And like Annie I'm totally jealous of your language learning skills... Or well, it seems like you're talented at everything. O_o

    btw Grammar Nazis are loved by me, cause i wanna develop my English skills. xD You can be sure that if i start writing I'll take advantage of you and make you proofread my texts *evil laughter*
    Welcome again to AFF
    even though we haven't been friends for long I still consider you as an important member of my AFF family kekekeke
    Thank you so much for being supportive and girl...YOU HAVE BEEN TO JAPAN 3 TIMES I AM DEAD JEALOUS I SWEAR!!!
    YAY FOR LOVING PI KEKEKEKE  sorry you know me :P
    I think you are a pretty cool person and  I hope your parents aren't too strict in the future AND WILL LET YOU GET A FAKE FACEBOOK!!!<333

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