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Hi everyone!

I should have done this earlier but sometimes I do get lax and lazy.

I go my Nitelotus but you can call me Nite. I am an Arashist (as dubbed by royal Jun Matsumoto-sama). As you can see, I love Arashi and my ichi-ban is Jun. I also love Utada Hikaru as you can see on my profile pic. I like jpop, learning the Japanese language, jdramas, traveling, books, writing, reading, RPG, shopping and making friends. I am real friendly so drop by to say hello. 

Kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu


  • Jannie <3 Thank you for joining the forum!

    I also love Jun, thanks to his famous portrayal as Domyoji in Hana Yori Dango! I also love Utada Hikaru's songs! And you role-play too? What character and where do you usually role-play? I don't RP anymore but I used to role-play in a Harry Potter forum. It was so much fun hehe.
  • Thanks for providing a haven for us writers Annie!

    That's what started me in Arashi was Jun's portrayal of that character. The mentos dude. XD And yes, I role play too! When I rp'ed before, it was always original characters. Vampires, mafia, mobsters or with magic. It was harder for me to do canon characters since I was worried that I'd be OOC. It was indeed fun. It just died down since it was hard to get decent partners without the god-modding or the mary sue story.
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