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Shan ^_^v Member
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Name:  Dhen Shaneen - Shan for short ;)
AFF Name:  biniBningPunkista
Age:  26 (this year)
Location:  Philippines
Hobby: skimboarding, reading, writing (fic writing, blogs, reviews), watching movies and drama series, photography
Writer/Reader/Both: Both.


I guess it's high time for me to put details and introduce myself. ^_^v

For those who are on twitter you may follow me in this username: BbPunkista
I'll surely follow back as long as you tell me who you are and that you came
from AFF. I would love to get feeds from my co-writers and readers.

Truth be told, AFF is my 2nd home forum (next to D-addicts) and I'm loving it. (Thank you Annie for putting this up and you will always be loved because of that!) This is the place where I met wonderful people who are writers and readers alike.

To add more info about myself, I am a Nurse working in a clinic setting so I have more time to frolic around than the average nurses.

My current main sport/hobby is skimboarding. It's like surfing but instead of going to the deep waters, you catch the waves by the shoreline and run fast to be able to wave ride properly.
I travel a lot locally and hit the beach areas as much as I could, not forgetting to bring along my skimboard.

I would love to travel overseas if given the chance.
Places I've been to are: Thailand, Hongkong and America

Aside this, I love music. It doesn't matter in what language it is as long as it's in my genre of punk-rock-alternative-garage-acoustics-indie-reggae, music in between, not too hard not too soft. I am an Asian drama/movie fan, I could go on a marathon for days just to finish a drama.

I also like reading books and manga/graphic novels. I have been in a few subbing/scanlation groups where I help out with editing. I was once a cleaner for Hotaru no Hikari and Kimi ni Todoke, until my lappy died on me and I ended up having no time to do the job. So I try to help out on editing typesets and quality control every now and then instead.

My current baby in AFF:
In His Bed and After - Inoue Mao and Yamashita Tomohisa pairing

Hope you check it out and my other stories, I would love to know your thoughts on them.



  • Shan <3 Thank you for joining the forum! I interned at a hospital last year and wow the nurses were awesome! I have great respect for you and all the nurses because you do an amazing job and it's not easy.

    I've never heard of skimboarding before. It sure sounds a lot of fun! However, it's not my type of sport. I'm a chicken when it comes to sports haha. Ahhh you lucky girl, I haven't been to a beach in 15 years... =(

    You've been to America? =O The USA? =O And Hong Kong too? Cool!! I miss Hong Kong!

    I used to read manga too since young (Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yugi, Card Captor Sakura, Goong). =) That's how I discovered Hana Yori Dango and when I finished reading the manga, I started looking for dramas and that's how I got introduced to Japanese dramas. =D Yep, Hana Yori Dango was my first JDrama!
  • Annie!!! And I have total respect for you as well for putting up this site. You know that already right? >_<

    I loled at the manga list you just posted: those are my favorite! except for Card Captor Sakura which I never got to the ending. What happened to it btw? I heard there were 2 saga's, one where Sakura was a kid and the other when she got older. Is that true?

  • shan, youre into manga too :O yayyy, and i loove kimi ni todoke
  • Annie He Administrator
    edited October 2012 @Admin
    lol really? Those are probably the only ones I've read. I think I've read other ones in but I don't remember the titles...

    Hmh I was 11 or 12 when I read the manga so I don't really remember the ending of Card Captor Sakura XD but I think she managed to capture all the cards? I remember I had a crush on Shaolan and even wrote a fanfic of Sakura hahaha

    Yeah, there are 2 sagas. The other one is Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. It's a crossover series with Sakura, Shaolan and characters from other series. I've never read it.

    My most favorite manga is Sailor Moon. Now that I think of it, I actually never got to the ending of Fushigi Yugi and Goong =O. Fushigi Yugi because it was kinda hard for me to find the manga at the library and Goong because the scanlation group took way too long to release the chapters so I eventually forgot about it.
  • @eyeslikeatoms yep yep! Kimi ni Todoke is still on the works, try checking out in the scanlation group is awesome. There's this one manga I'm really looking forward to be updated and its title is Nana. :) Have you heard of  that one?

    @annie I finished Fushigi on the anime version, my friend had to record it on VHS because we had class during its actual time slot on cable. so old school! haha... >_<

  • Shhaaaaan. I miss talking to you gurllll. It's been too long.
  • @biniBningPunkista yeah i've read nana... i've kinda lost all hope of it ever being updated... it was one of the first mangas ive ever read *sighs* i reaally wanna know what happens.

    And i'm actually kinda a part of a scanlation group myself :) *hi5*
  • @LilDaisy so you you're Daisy Mun!!! I thought someone else was just using your name. I MISS YOU too!!! I miss commenting on your fics (and requesting for image posters) LOL. I haven't been reading much on AFF or even updating, but I surely lurk around every now and then. You seem busy as well. How have you been???

    @eyeslikeatoms that is so cool! What scanlation group are you in and what work do you do? Are you still currently active for the group? BTW, I also have the same sentiments for Nana. It's just so sad and it's been YEARS since Ai Ayazawa has been on Hiatus. I think she's even quit. I couldn't just let REN DIE like that!!!! Ai has a lot of explaining to do. :-/
  • ahahahahaha, yeah it's me. i've been good, busy busy busy though. hope life's been good for you too. ;)
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