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Niki Ehrhart Member
edited August 2012 in Introduce Yourself
Name:  Niki
AFF Name: Niki3E 
Age:  16
Location:  USA (American)
Hobby: Asians. Is that statement weird? Videogames. Taiwanese dramas
Writer/Reader/Both: Both
Comments:  I speak English, I am starting my third year of Spanish, and first year of German. I like learning languages.  Would love to learn Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and French. 


  • Annie He Administrator
    Hi Niki! Welcome to AFF and thank you for registering to the forum! Oh, you're a fan of TW dramas too? :D I am!!! What's your favorite TW drama? And who are your favorite TW celebrities?
  • Whoa! 3rd year of spanish! I bow to  you little one.  Only thing I know about Spanish is...Losiento, mi no habla espanol.  or Un Momento por fabor...oh and Un hamburgesa con queso, mayonesa, no mustasa con was it?

    Oh and i'm from the US too...nice to meet you Niki...hope you enjoy your stay here. And I love taiwanese dramas too! Actually I love Taiwan! hahahaha...i'll retire there someday...


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