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Suzan C

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*Could someone help? I really don't get why there is such big spacing, does anyone know how to fix it?

Name: Suzan Cifci

AFF Name: BeautyMoon

Age: At the tender age of 20

Hobby: Beading and reading.

Location: In my beautiful mind, where Hyun Bin comes riding on a pink dragon and Gong Yoo is my unicorn-loving General. Where I am married to Seung Ho (Mblaq), Joo Won is my secret lover and Lee Min Ki is the father of my children. Suddenly the world makes a lot of sense - which is sense that I am lacking.


Hello guys!

I am so happy right now, because I always wanted this kind of forum, where we can talk about writing and share ideas. Yeey! I am Norwegian Turkish, that does not mean I am half. I am born and bred in Norway, but my ethnisity is Turkish. As you could see the list of the men in my life, I am so fickle. I try to change myself... but there are just too many goodies in the K-world.

Other than that, I just submitted my first fanfic here on AFF and looking forward to see how that will go. So excited!


Thank you and I am looking forward to hear from you.

- Suzan


  • hey suzan! Welcome to AFF!!!
    We do love our K-Ent world! LOL...i'm one of them! I love writing anything Yoon Eun Hye and those handsome Kpop idols! LOL...
    SO? what language do you speak?
    You do beading? like beads stuff? I'm curious!
    I'm so glad you posted your fic here!!! It will be amazing!
    Thank you for being part of our community!!!
  • @yukino78 Heey!! Thank you! I see that the forum lacks some spirit... that needs to change! Hehe.
    Who do you pair Yoon Eun Hye the most with? I just submitted it, but need Annie to approve ehehe.
    Yeah, I make bracelets, necklaces and earrings with beads and metal strings. Once I went into a frenzy and bought a bunch of beads from ebay.... and now I dont know what to do with them lol.
    I speak Norwegian, Turkish and English and understand Kurdish haha. Yeey!
    Where are you from?
  • Annie He Administrator
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    @BeautyMoon Welcome to the forum! Thank you for registering and for introducing yourself. :)

    Ohhh you should definitely show us your bracelets, necklaces and earrings!

    I agree that the forum is quiet but it's okay. Hopefully this will change soon. :)
  • @BeautyMoon maybe you can take pictures of your bracelets and stuff and post it on the hobby thread...i think we have that...let me go check...hahahahaha
  • Cherry M Member
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    and i so loved making jewelry at one point, but im free spirit i dont stick to anything that long lol (the reason i dont have any stories on AFF, i get nothing done)

    Did your fic get approved? im anticipating it :DD
  • @eyeslikeatoms you're too funny...finish your fic! and post it!

  • @Yuki .... that will be really hard. Cause i have self diagnosed myself with a bad case of laziness. And unfortunately it seems like this case is incurable. 
  • Hi Suzan!

    You sound so bubbly and your choices of men... ha! Snagging all those hotties!!! LOL.
    I would love to read your fic one of this days. I am not much of a fun in the Kent genre, but I would like to check out your story. ;)
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