A letter from a daughter to her beloved mother.
-Dear Moma, a story by tigergirl12

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Penname: AnnaHearts
Real Name: Melody
Gender: female
Member since: May 23, 2012
Last login: May 24, 2012

Skin: Violet
Beta-Reader: No
Graphic Designer: Yes
Trailer Maker: No

Favourite Artists: SHINee
Favourite Dramas: ~~~Itazura na Kiss, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers, Hana Kimi, Playful Kiss, Mei Chan No Shitsuji and Hana Kimi.~~~


~~~Hello. I love writing stories! You know why I do? Well, it's because everywhere I go, I gain more memories and experiences and that gives me interest in writing. The best thing about it is to express how you think, feel, understand and relate it with your ideas. I love reading, writing and surfic the net as well. ~~~

~~So, whoever you are reading this right now, if you have the same interest as me, please do not resist to subscribe nor comment on my stories because I will feel so happy if you do. Please? ;) ~~

~~I used to write in the site 'asianfanfics.'' but they are still seem to be undergoing a repair in that site or it does not work in my region. :,( (cries...cries...)
I wish to update again in that site and I pray that it would soon be recovered in my country.
=) ~~~

~There are loads of stuff to talk about me! Ahaha..!!! ^O^
But I tell you for sure...
I am nice, sweet and I will not bite you! =)
So, let's be friends, okay?~~

~One thing...
I love SHINee!!! They are purely awesome, great and spectacular! Right?!~

~Anyway, I am AnnaHearts.~

~~And I will be writing stories for you...
Please...take care of me...~~


~~Annyeong! Subscribe and comment when I have stories, k'ay? ;) ~~


I usually am a perfectionist when it comes to the construction and grammar of a story.
Being a Beta-Reader is not an easy task because in this case, the person has to have less work and lesser tasks to do. In my case, I am mostly busy with uncountable tasks and studies and telling rather or not if i am a Beta-Reader needs lots of thinking for it needs lots of free time and less work. =)
I will think about it.
And maybe in the right time.
But please, do not lose trust of my capabilities...=) I am a person who works hardest not matter how hard the limit is and I seek for achievement and a high reach towards my goals.

~~For any more comments or feedbacks please e mail me in gmail.~~


~~~Subscribe me on tumblr!!! ^O^ ~~~


Graphic Designer's Profile:
~~I make my own banners for my stories. =) .....~~

Trailer Maker's Profile:
~~Actually, I would like to make trailer but it needs time making it. In most times, I get busy, so my thoughts of making trailers is still undergoing....~~

Credit: Badges are designed by Anna Clair, one of our graphic designers. Thanks Anna Clair!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/melodysovarez
Web Site:

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