Written for "One-Shot Challenge #9: The Big Wedding" Annie Yue and Mike He are getting married. They had invited all their friends. But Amalia Lewis, also known as Tsuki, is suffering from a huge...

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Penname: ColorfulMist
Real Name: Kim DaMi
Gender: female
Member since: Aug 15, 2010
Last login: Mar 03, 2012

Skin: Violet
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Stories by ColorfulMist
Christmas Party Gone Wrong by ColorfulMist -- Rating: K starstarstarstarstar -- Chapters: 1 -- Reviews: 3
Written for AFF Fic Exchange: story requested by LilDaisy

Pi and Ryo's party go wrong... terribly wrong.
Category: Japanese Entertainment -- Drama/Series: AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2010 -- Challenges: None
Characters: NEWS: All members
Story Type: One-Shot -- Genres: Drama -- Warnings: Fictional Character(s)
Published: Jan 05, 2011 -- Updated: Jan 05, 2011 -- Word Count: 1397 words -- Read Count: 715 -- Completed: Yes

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Game Over by ColorfulMist -- Rating: T starstarstarstarstar -- Chapters: 1 -- Reviews: 4
Written for AFF Wish List: story requested by mmizuki951101

Keito has a long time crush on Mizuki, will they finally be together?
Category: Japanese Entertainment -- Drama/Series: None -- Challenges: None
Characters: Hey! Say! JUMP: Okamoto Keito
Story Type: One-Shot -- Genres: Romance -- Warnings: Fictional Character(s), Sexual References, Violence
Published: Nov 20, 2010 -- Updated: Nov 20, 2010 -- Word Count: 1157 words -- Read Count: 702 -- Completed: Yes

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7 Days Left by ColorfulMist -- Rating: T starstarstarstar -- Chapters: 1 -- Reviews: 5
Written for "Last Chance at Hope Challenge"

Park Cho lee has brain cancer, she copes with the remain life of her.
Slowly about to give up, her life falls upon an angel [Not literally]
That makes them believe in second chances at life; their last chance at hope once again.
Category: Korean Entertainment -- Drama/Series: None -- Challenges: Last Chance at Hope
Characters: DBSK: Max Chang Min
Story Type: One-Shot -- Genres: Angst, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy -- Warnings: Fictional Character(s)
Published: Aug 31, 2010 -- Updated: Aug 31, 2010 -- Word Count: 1839 words -- Read Count: 721 -- Completed: Yes

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AsianFanfiction Girls Want To Do Me? by ColorfulMist -- Rating: M starstarstarstarstar -- Chapters: 1 -- Reviews: 11
Written for "One-Shot Challenge #5: Stars Come Across AFF"

Changmin meets his author of smut.
Category: Korean Entertainment -- Drama/Series: None -- Challenges: One-Shot Challenge #5: Stars Come Across AFF
Characters: DBSK: All members
Story Type: One-Shot -- Genres: Fantasy, Humor, Romance -- Warnings: Explicit sexual scenes, Fictional Character(s), Sexual References
Published: Aug 18, 2010 -- Updated: Aug 19, 2010 -- Word Count: 1326 words -- Read Count: 523 -- Completed: Yes

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