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Come To The SHINee World by sup_shaz – Rating: T – Chapters: 1 – Reviews: 2

The line between Bestfriend & Boyfriend is easy to cross, especially when he has been her friend forever. Choose to be his best friend is not easy: overly protection; too much skinship;and constantly having to keep up with his famous idol status as one of Asia's biggest stars. Choose to be his Girlfriend is not easy either: need to keep up with all his flirting with other girls; try to get rid of his playboy image; take the risk of being the target or trillions of SHAWOLs. But this is what she gets for getting into his world...

And worse, making 3 members fall in love with her does not help the situation... Who would she pick? And not break the hearts of the other two?
Category: Korean Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: f(x): All members, SHINee: All members, SHINee: Jonghyun, SHINee: Key, SHINee: Minho, SHINee: Onew, SHINee: Taemin, SNSD: All members, Super Junior: All members, Super Junior: Donghae
Story Type: Multi-Chaptered – Genres: Humor, Romance – Warnings: Fictional Character(s), Sexual References, Vulgar Language
Published: May 15, 2011 – Updated: May 17, 2011 – Word Count: 1978 words – Read Count: 1011 – Completed: No

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