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Marrying the guy I hate by mzma-arte – Rating: K – Chapters: 2 – Reviews: 1

What if you had to marry the guy that you absolutely hated. You'd rather do anything than marry that person. That's what happens to Hebe Tien. She hates Arron Yan. She's hated him since she was young, because of what he did to her. The thing is, it wasn't even he who did it. What happens when she finds out, will she fall for him. Because, if you have to marry the guy you hate, what is there for you to do?
Category: Taiwanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: Fahrenheit: Aaron Yan, Fahrenheit: Jiro Wang, Rainie Yang, S.H.E.: Hebe Tian, S.H.E.: Selina Ren
Story Type: None – Genres: Humor, Romance – Warnings: None
Published: Feb 28, 2009 – Updated: Feb 28, 2009 – Word Count: 545 words – Read Count: 3220 – Completed: No

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