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Christine Apr 30, 2010 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 17: Unexpected Visitor

the new link to your trailer :)
[my account got deleted >
Author's Response: why did your account get deleted??? you had such wonderful videos!!! T_T

Christine Apr 14, 2010 - True Happiness by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Mei-Chan No Shitsuji: True Happiness

This was!
Kiba was one of my favourite butlers! He was so cute! Kind of reminds me of a guy friend of mine...but anyways
I so wished they got together in the drama!
Kiba is so cute and I loved the suspense you created! I thought Izumi was going to get married! O.O
Then when Aoyama got up...I thought that was hot! ;)
Rika and Aoyama, they always had that sexual spark between them.
I loved how you described the dresses too!
Vera Wang and Versace...nice choice ;)
Write more of these!!! hehe I missed your writing :)
You rock as always! :)
Author's Response: Was it? =D I'd written this ages ago when I'd just gotten into the drama and I couldn't keep my mind of Kiba and Izumi and Rika and Aoyama. Awww your friend is like Kiba? Damn I wish I had a Kiba in my life. I just have a lot of Aoyamas. I was wishing they got together too! I'm glad it was believable. I've been having a couple of Rika Aoyama ideas in my head for a while so if they ever come back out you'll see them here. Vera cause she's the goddess of wedding gowns and Versace just cause I love her evening gowns =D they're sooo pretty and silky. I'll try and oblige you <333 I missed writing too T.T <3 you're going to give me a really big head one day. You rock too =DD <3 I just added you to my favourite authors list. I can't believe I didn't discover this function till yesterday. I'm such a n00b. *glomp*

Christine Mar 31, 2010 - The Story by Soowan - Chapter 2: Chapter 2

awesome!! ^^

Christine Mar 30, 2010 - Going Home by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

That was...
I can't believe...I can't believe Toma and Yui almost had a baby together!
I also can't believe that Toma and Yamapi were best friends.
Such a small world XD
Man this was...
It's like so many things make sense now...
And the part where Pi sent Toma the message...I love her please dont... sad man...does that mean he knew about Toma and Maki's past?
Also...when Toma told Maki she wasn't worth sad!
I feel so sorry for's like he is living in this life which he kind of wants...but...there is still something he wants more...
OK am I making any sense?
Anyways...AWESOME job Lillith...gosh I love your stories :D
Keep writing! :D
Author's Response: I just got back from NYC =DDD and I was bored so here I go. THANK YOU AMAZING WRITER YOURSELF. Yeah eh? Intense stuff with Yui. I actually had a hard time coming up with that idea because I knew Yui had to have a dilemma, an issue but I wasn't sure what. I was sooo scared I wasn't making the best friend part believable so I hope that was good! I love linking people in f-ed up ways. I AM WORKING ON TTTC BTW AND WHEN I WROTE IT OUT I MADE JUN DO SOMETHING SMALL FOR MAO. So they stopped fighting. I just want to let you know T.T cause I didn't get to upload it before. Its easier to text things than say them neh? Yeah he knew that back then Toma wanted to jump Maki's bones and Maki had told him she was working late right? And Pi is nothing if not pre-cautious in this story. Incomplete lives are sad neh? I've met too many people with lives like that who live a half-existence pretending not to remember things they obviously think about. I hope to hell I don't have an existence like that. YES =D you are making sense. thankies and <3 you. *GLOMP*

Christine Mar 30, 2010 - The Story by Soowan - Chapter 1: Book One

You know I love this girl...
I'm reading the one you posted on winglin
kekeke I'll leave my comment on the latest chapter there ;)

Christine Mar 14, 2010 - Begin To Hope by Soowan - Chapter 1: Fidelity

That was sooooooo sweet!!!!
I loved Swaruma!!!!
I'm glad Maki gave Yamapi a chance at the end :)
Update sooon and the poster is oh so pretty! :)
Write more write more and I have a request...Swaruma has to appear in ALL song fics ;) kekeke ok ok you can totally ignore my request but....maybe not? ;)
Author's Response: Oh geez, Christine.. You're trying to kill me, right? xD That's gonna be hard, but I'll do it just for you lmaoo Thanks for reading! :D ♥

Christine Feb 26, 2010 - Dance In The Dark by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Omg Lillith....
That was beautiful!!!
Do you remember me? ;)
I'm so happy to see you are on this site as well :D
I loved it seriously loved it!
The emotions, the raw feelings Maki had.
It's impossible for me to write down and comment on everything that touched me because...well the whole piece did!
It was brilliant!
And I would love to read Toma's version as well.
I have to say that...Ken'ichi going bi and going out with Yuya...killed me...seriously did lol!
But everything else was so breathtaking the way you wrote it.
As always you amaze me with your writing and I hope I get to read more from you!
Please keep writing!!!!
*hugs and kisses*
Author's Response: Guess what??? I'm finally updating =D. I finished Toma's part. It's a lot more memory than Maki's so I'm a little scared cause there's not as much dialogue. I hope you enjoy it!!! <33 and yeah no Maki was a reallyy raw individual before Yamapi came along in her life. (And lol you know I had to give Ken'ichi a happy ending PLUS what with the Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac coming out?) I'm so glad you liked it <3 *glompglomp*

Christine Feb 25, 2010 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 17: Unexpected Visitor

Uwaaa that was some chapter!
Haha Tomoe!!!!
I love Tomoe! She rocks but man she sounded really scary at one point...
Hahaha Benito...priceless lol!
And oh!! The 'I need you' part....I loved!!!
Update soon and I hope you have resolved everything you had troubling you!
Author's Response: I love Tomoe's character too!!! if only i could make her one of the main characters... tsk... there's just no enough space for her. Unfortunately she has to remain on the back ground. How scary do you think Tomoe can get? hahaha... i could imagine her strangling Pi so affectionately even though she's choking him already!!! lolz. Benito scores again ne? Its like going back to their non-official first date. thank you for the review and the concern christine ;) also i'm trying to fix some things in my life right now and making fan-fics is definitely diverting my attention from all the problems reality presents. thank goodness for stories!