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Christine Aug 10, 2013 - Locks and Latches by Anna Clair - Chapter 5: Hide and Seek Part II

I love this chapter! I think it's my most favourite so far!
Thank you for updating bb!

Talia and freaking cute!
I felt bad for Talia but Toma is in a bit of a pinch isn't he?
He is starting to fall for Lillith because she is different from all the other girls he has come into contact with. I hope in the future as he gets to know her more he will fall further in love with her for her and not because she is so different...I don't know if I'm explaining myself better but I hope Toma falls for Lilly because she is awesome and not because she hates him *hearts*

Koyamaaaaaaaa he's adorable in this chapter I swear! I just want him and Talia to jump on each other and make sweet sweet love and babies...lots of babies with pasta like hair :P

Shigeee!! I like Shige too...I like that he kept Lillith admiring Toma a secret...for now

Update more!!!!
Author's Response: I AGREEEEE. Everything about this chapter is so playful and cute! It's very different from the normal LandL vibe (what happens when you get drunk lolololol) I love Tali Koyama but we'll see that things don't really turn out as Koyama anticipated with Talia. >< Toma're right. (I feel bad for him neh...loving a girl who hates you is really shitty XD). You do make sense don't worry but his love is fickle exactly like you mentioned. (It's not so much love as it is like in a very sexual way). You are explaining yourself dw! *hearts* hahahahahahah XD OMG okay I'll remember that for the future of this story. ANGEL HAIR PASTA BABIES FOR THE WINNN. (Dude...Shige is surprisingly important to this story. You'll see how ^.- Shige my favourite can't be not included in anything now XD he's in all my stories because I love him too much ><) *hugs* Updates are serveddd

Christine Aug 04, 2013 - Shoulda Been A Drummer by Ooper - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Omgggggg this was adorable!!!!
I loved all the sexual tension between them and how lillith's hate melted with the warmth of his embrace *hearts*

Christine Aug 04, 2013 - Eternal by Ooper, Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Prologue

I know you are both busy but...
This story is simply amazing and it would be a same if you didn't continue it xxx
Just thought I'd let you know :)
Mwacks love you both xxx

Christine Aug 02, 2013 - Locks and Latches by Anna Clair - Chapter 4: Hide and Seek Part I

first of all thanks so much for the update and you are welcome for the poster kkekekeke
Second Koyama as a chef is so freaking cute I loved it!
Lol that lasagna nom nom, you made me hungry!

Toma is so freaking confused about the whole ShigexLillith thing...

I bet he has already started to regret giving his friend permission to ask Lillith out even though he is trying to bury it by flirting with Talia.

I love how Talia is getting to know Koyama better...ekekekeke my second favourite ship *hearts*

Jannie and Jun are so cute and omfg I can't believe you said that to Pipi about his pipi!!! hahaha those jokes were mean but funny :P

I want to read moreeeee

What is going to happen at the party?

Will Shige and Lilly make out?

Will Koyama burn his lasagna?

Will Tali and Toma hit it off?

Will Pi's Pipi be insulted one more time?

Update soon!!!

Love you :D
Author's Response: You're a boss for helping me so I still thank you *goes into intense 45 degree bow* and thank you! I love Chef Koyama too! I think he's adorable :) Men who cook > everyone else. ( Nom that lasagna is actually based off my friend's recipe, except without chili powder...she makes what she calls 'Lasagna -> Brown style') Toma wants to tell him to be careful, but then he's not sure why and then yeah. RIght now he still has this very romantic notion of her because he's all like 'oh man she hates me, and she's so pretty...oh man why, I should bug her so I can find out more about her' and at the same time Lillith is like 'the more this bitch bugs me the more I want to cut his d*** off' Lillith is kind of mean... (She'll get better this violent girl I promise). As for Talia hmmm I love her character so you'll see the various reasons why Toma and she work so well, and reasons why they don't. Koyama is actually adorably perfect. I can say no more. JxJ are cute nehh :D I like them too, their relationship is going to slowly mature too. I'm so mean to PiPi T.T I promise it's not for no reason. He's actually going to become really boss in like two chapters okay. (If I don't end up writing any new random scenes) He's an amazing character in the future...just you know. In university he's a bit of a joker XD. (I'm so sorry I do this to your bf T.T) You're going to find outttt :D so I'm not going to ruin any of that but I will say one thing definitely doesn't's up to you to determine which one XD (actually a lot of them don't happen XD) LOVE YOU TOO :D! Mwah thank you so much ChriChri! I love your reviews so much. And you ask the perfect questions! *hugs*

Christine Jul 18, 2013 - Breathe Again - Teaser by Ooper - Chapter 1: Sunset

Holy!!!!! This was freaking amazing!!! There was so much emotion in those few lines!!!
I can't wait for more....update soon!!! Xxx

Christine Jul 12, 2013 - Once In A Lifetime by Lil Daisy - Chapter 4: Crush (SeungRi & SunMi)

Kyaaaaaa this was so sweet!!! I loved it
Seungri is adorable and his friends are dorks lol

Christine Jul 04, 2013 - Hot Over Summer by Ninner - Chapter 1: July 7th, 2013

excited to read this!!!
so many boys hehehehe
update soon ;)
Author's Response: Thanks Chri! xx

Christine Jun 11, 2013 - The Aftermath by Eyeslikeatoms - Chapter 1: The Aftermath

Good job bb this was really really sad!!!
I am so happy you are posting your writing on here finally! *hearts*
and I think this qualifies for angst ;)
Author's Response: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You reviewed!!! Thank you so much Chri *hearts back* And I guess I'm gonna post something once in a while if i write anything... it doesnt seem as hard as it did before. I guess I find it hard to think of this as angst 'cause to me it's just realistic xD But my view on life is kind of negative. But seriously, thank you so much for reviewing :DD

Christine May 25, 2013 - Erika by Anna Clair - Chapter 29: One Night

Jin's scenes in China and Erika's scenes in Japan...
It was something really strange between these two scenes...I mean...both Erika and Jin were dealing with romantic and lustful thoughts and yet they reacted differently sort of...

Jin...he didn't think about Erika unless I have forgotten...he didn't think about her and even though the boys were hinting about him and Aya, Erika wasn't wasn't mentioned that he was they even know? Kenichi's scene was intense...what did he really think was going to happen though? I mean..did he think that by telling her she was going to come running back to him?
I was really surprised and personally cheered for her when Erika said that she never really loved him. Then Shota...SHOTA! Like...

the sexual tension between these two is amazing.
I can't believe it...

They almost kissed and it was kind of sad how erika stopped him because of Jin and Jin on the other hand didn't think about Erika at all...

And Shota's last comment is really powerful and it makes a lot of sense...

Their relationship will never be the same because of him...even though they didn't do anything inappropriate...but he is a big influence now...
update soon bb!!!

Christine May 25, 2013 - A Night by Eyeslikeatoms - Chapter 1: A Night

Awwwww this drabble was so sad omg!!!!
Good job Cherry!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on writing bb
Author's Response: Thank you Chri :) It means a lot coming from you ^^