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Christine Sep 26, 2013 - Locks and Latches by Anna Clair - Chapter 6: The End of An Era

I can't believe they graduated...
Lol poor Toma still trying to hard for's kind of a little bit sad for him...he must really like (of course) to still try so hard and yet to subtly to get her to open up to him.

Lol Pi being the new bachelor must reflect Toma's emotional state a lot at this point...
I'm surprised Lillith hasn't liked anyone or gone out with anyone during college...but then again she is so focused on her writing that she wouldn't have wanted any distractions...

Kyaaaa the real worldddddd
I wonder how they will meet again *hearts*

update soon!!!!
Author's Response: Ahh yes they graduated. The deed is done. They are adults :D it felt kinda nice taking them from where they were and growing them up in this new chapter. I got emotional about my babies. He tries really hard neh XD but Lilliths' just a bitch who doesn't see anything XD she's just like blahblahblahI'MSOAWESOMEblahblahblah XD but he likes her so he lets her act like a total bitch in the hopes she'll not walk totally over him and realize he's a somewhat good guy XD (poor Toma his methods are so ineffective) Yess basically Pi is discovering himself and he's very playful and fun and tbh in the story if this was a movie -> Pi would be growing up to be more attractive than Toma and Jun combined which makes for a very powerful potent combination for manwhorism but also the most lovable character ever. Toma's starting to just forget about these sorts of things because - well you'll see this chapter somewhat what's really important to him. Lillith hmmm she's not really about being focused but she hasn't found a person worth her taking her focus away from defeating Toma XD?? (I don't remember if I mentioned it or if it's just in my notes but she has dated before in college...she had a three week long relationship with an exchange student from France XD) THE REAL WORLD BRO THE REAL WORLD WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN WHO KNOWSSS :OO (LOL it's actually really depressing this chapter gomen gomen T.T) Mwah Happy birthday my lovely! Love you BFFL <3

Christine Sep 22, 2013 - Memories by nitelotus - Chapter 13: Exchange: A Preview

This sounds interesting bb!
Why does Selina hate Jun?
And why does she feel obliged to help Tali?
Sooooo many questions!
Can't wait for more ;)
Author's Response: This is actually the sequel to Heart Strings, Talia's story. You have to read that first and I will be finishing that story soon so I can start on Selina's story. Thanks for the review!

Christine Sep 17, 2013 - Faith by Anna Clair - Chapter 3: Love My Company


Yes you are completely right, you are building this sexual tension is a super freaking classy way and I love it!

Talia and Koyama as I said before they are building an interest with each other and now for the first time I think Talia is starting to see Koyama as something someone who might actually make her leave Haruma...

kyaaaaaahhh more more!!!

love youuu

Christine Sep 17, 2013 - Faith by Anna Clair - Chapter 2: Keep Avoiding Me

Hahaha I love how you are slowly building their awkwardness and making it blossom into something hahahaha
The feeling I get from these two is not purely sexual...of course there is attraction but I feel tension building up...slowly and also a sort of fascination between the two...
Like Talia and Koyama are slowly getting addicted to each other...


Christine Sep 17, 2013 - Faith by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Story of My Life

Omg I loved the first chapter!
As I said before...
I loved how Koyama was like I enjoyed drinking with you and Talia was like...when did you get here? hahaha
Or so I thought
The hidden glances between them are so freaking hot!
Also Haruma seems like a pretty decent guy even though we don't get much of him in this chapter

Christine Sep 10, 2013 - Sabbia by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Sabbia



It was seriously so so good!

All the characters had their backstory without taking too much from the main story and yet at the same time were still mysterious? I don't know if that makes sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me :P

Meisa and Tegoshi were freaking amazing! I can honestly say those two were my favourite couple!

Ryo was so sweet and responsible.

Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaa Toma was seriously such a dork! At first I thought he was going to be some douche who will become better in the end but he wasn't!
He was a dork all the way and it made him all the more lovable!

Mao was really cute too, I could feel her pain and confusion with Jun and then her blossoming feelings for Toma.

It was so beautifully written that I want to go to Villa Spiaggia!

Thank you so much for writing and sharing such an amazing story!

I love you
Author's Response: Wahhh I'm so happy you liked it! I was really happy because even though it was so long I managed to finish it :O something I wasn't sure I could do (once stories get long I get weird seperation anxiety. You totally described what I was trying to do perfectly >< I wanted to give everyone a little bit of time at least. Ryo is one of my fav. characters too :D that adorable child him <3 But yayyy I'm glad you loved Toma so much, Toma isn't really a douche in this one XD I just wanted him to be a spaz all the way through <3 which I'm glad you lovedddd tooo :D (Mao had a tough time in this story >< her heart break was a lot stronger than Toma's) I want to go tooo! Let's go on a trip together XD Love you! Thank you for reading bb!

Christine Sep 07, 2013 - Propositioned Travel Companion by Blossy - Chapter 1: For Lillith

This was so cute!!!!
I loved it!
Lol the black eye was the best part and I can say that I also loved all the misunderstandings!!!!
Good job bb *hearts*

Christine Sep 04, 2013 - Work and Play by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 1: Work and Play


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job :)

kyaaaaaaaa I was so excited to read this story hehehe

The party!!! Hahaha Blossy is so cute and omg they bet a Big Bang concert!!! hahaha this is perfect!!!!

Young and hot new boss...isn't that every girl's dream? :P

I love how you wrote the whole party scene. Christine would be really nervous and it was cute how they started talking...
Omg their flirting actually made me blush!!! I loved it!!

Kyaaaaaaaaaa I love it when guys's just something sexy when a man is holding a nice place of food lol...

Omgggggggg their conversation it's so hottt i love ittttttttt




Thank you so so much Shan, this was perfect!
Author's Response: Chri, I'm so happy you're spazzing out with so much love with my story. Thank you for that lurve! v^_^v Btw, I like TOP of Big Bang. So I'm glad you have requested to have them inserted hence giving me an idea for the concert. Honestly, I was glad that you're the one who got assigned to me. I didn't have a hard time visualizing you with Yamapi that's why coming up with this story went on smoothly than I have expected. I loved your plots, but this one was what really inspired me the most. I loved writing it and thanks for the pictures you sent - I'm sorry though I wasn't able to use them :( the pictures were small and pixelated I was having a hard time editing it so I chose some other pics instead. But your pictures gave me ideas on what you like. So I hope the banner gave justice to your plot. :)

Christine Aug 20, 2013 - Twelve Months by Ooper - Chapter 2: February

Omggggg this was so sweet! ♥♥♥♥

Christine Aug 20, 2013 - Twelve Months by Ooper - Chapter 1: January

Oh my gosh!
I loved this piece.
I really liked how carefree she was and it almost makes me think that he might have imagined everything.
Beautiful bb.