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Animehugs247 Mar 03, 2012 - Not Too Late to Say I Love You by iscream - Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Saranghaeyo (I Love You)

Wow, this was absoloutley amazing. I really loved the description, and the emotion in your words.... Heh, I'm speechless, it was that good......... Keep up the amazing work!!!! ^_^

Animehugs247 Mar 01, 2012 - High School with Seul Mi - Just Friends Arc... by Blossy - Chapter 23: Volume 06 - Chapter 01

Wow, you're still amazing^^ But, you're still using some Japanese formals in some places hahahah keep on writing~

Animehugs247 Dec 11, 2011 - High School with Seul Mi - Just Friends Arc... by Blossy - Chapter 12: Volume 03 - Chapter 02

There are a couple of mistakes with your Korean, and I think you added some Japanese formals in there. But otherwise, this story is absoloutley amazing. I love it! *adds this story into my favorites, and you into my favorite author* ^^ AMAZING JOB~ keep writing! KYAAAA~~~ HWAITING!
Author's Response: Hey Animehugs, first of all thank you for reading and reviewing^^ Argh I thought I went through it to check if I changed all Japanese formals and words! I guess I did a poor job of that >.< As you can see I'm changing the story from Japanese to Korean. Also I'm good at knowing how to say Korean words but not how spell it which is silly (I watch a lot of Korean dramas) Anyways if you still know the mistakes I done, I would love for you to point them out for me :) Just go on the chapter I made the mistake and put it as a quote on the review box. Thanks once again and I'll be posting again after New Years when I'm back for good!