Reviews by Shin

Shin Jul 26, 2010 - Kyuhyun² by Cheon-Sa - Chapter 1: Kyuhyun²

Ahaha i like this ^^ Very cool. rating 10~

Shin Jun 17, 2010 - Anata ga Kirai/Suki Desu by Blossy - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

wow this was great ^^ Love it ^^
Author's Response: Thanks for the review =D Your review just made me happy. Thought this was unpopular XD Glad you enjoyed it xxxx

Shin Mar 14, 2010 - Valentine's Day by sunnix3 - Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Ahh Love this! Update when you can~!
Author's Response: Thankyou for all your comments <3333 I'll update soon~ would you like to read the story in the original [you] point of view? I can email it to you if you'd like XD

Shin Mar 14, 2010 - Valentine's Day by sunnix3 - Chapter 5: Chapter 5

ahahhah Heechul xD Your chapters always seem to make me laugh rating a 10!
Author's Response: Yayyy I'm glad I made you laugh XP somehow Heechul always finds a way to force himself into all of my fics ^w^

Shin Mar 14, 2010 - Valentine's Day by sunnix3 - Chapter 4: Chapter 4

LOL. Garbage Picking for Minnie's number xDD Of course I would do that to hehehe ^_^ Love the chapter
Author's Response: LOL I would too :3 thankyou for reading XD

Shin Mar 07, 2010 - It Was Always You by lesleyannhae - Chapter 2: News

OMO Aww poor guy! Update when you can~!!

Shin Mar 06, 2010 - Make Me by lesleyannhae - Chapter 2: Property

ahahaha LOL That made me laugh so hard xD Update when you can ^^

Shin Mar 06, 2010 - Valentine's Day by sunnix3 - Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Awww I have a feelin' where this fic is goin'!! I love this story~! Update when you can~!!! ^__^
Author's Response: Thankyou for reading :) I'll update soon

Shin Feb 28, 2010 - Secrets by meow_bunny - Chapter 1: Even they wouldn't wish it upon anyone else.

awww I hope in real life its not a cover >.< I like this story ^^
Author's Response: I really hope so too. Thank you!~ (=

Shin Feb 28, 2010 - Valentine's Day by sunnix3 - Chapter 2: Chapter 2

ahh what a cool story!!! Update when you can! ^__^
Author's Response: thank you ^w^ i'll update soon :)