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OpsieDaisy Jan 06, 2011 - Summer In Tokyo by Christine - Chapter 1: The Beginning

I read this story last night. I must say your writing is good. All the News guys were so funny. Most the time i felt like smackking Tomo for being slow. I'm going to start on the sequel soon because i was not satisfied with the ending like that. .
Author's Response: Hey!! omg thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Yes Tomo is really really slow but so is Christine unfortunately XD I think you will enjoy the sequel because both people grow up through that story... ;) Thank you again and see you over in Winter in New York! xxx

OpsieDaisy Jan 06, 2011 - Hot + Cold = Love by Blossy - Chapter 1: To Mizuki

I havw to say this is really long for a one-shot. loves the whole concept. Without Ayumu and Ryo-tan Mizuki and Keito would never have known their feelings.
I especially like it when Ayumu and Ryo describe each other without Keito or Mizuki knowing they are talking about the other.

OpsieDaisy Jan 06, 2011 - Perfect - Teaser by lovesmatch - Chapter 1: A peak at chapter1 :)

hi. to tell u the truth i clicked to read only bcoz i really really liked the banner.
When i read the teaser i said to myself forget the banner i love this. Will you be posting soon? Hope so. :)
Author's Response: hi there! :) you liked the banner? i liked it too! and i will be sure to tell Daisy that... (she's LilDaisy here...)
glad you liked the story...
it'd be up sometime by feb though... for me to work on my other ongoing stories too... :)
please check them out if you have time... :)
and welcome to AFF! :)
thanks for the review... :)