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Magzhydfan Dec 14, 2018 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 40: The Contract

biniBningPunkista, thank you for this Christmas gift. I truly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful holidays. And looking forward to the new year and new update.

Magzhydfan Dec 11, 2018 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 39: Birthday maladies

I am so sorry I didn’t check for a while. I am so happy to see you updated. I will keep an eye for any new update. Hopefully it will be soon. But I do understand your personal life. I will be patient. Looking at the positive side, I can anticipate for more MaoPi’s goodies. Yum yum
Author's Response: I should be the one to apologize for taking such a long time to update! Thanks for not giving up on me and reminding me to update. Lots of MaoPi hugs for you!!! =^_^=

Magzhydfan Dec 11, 2018 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 38: Falling in deeper

Pi is surely falling deeper and I am happier to see update. Yay! I can’t wait for more

Magzhydfan Sep 21, 2015 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 37: The question why

Hello. It's really been a long time since this fic has been updated. Almost a year in fact.Any hope for an update soon???? Pretty please.......
Author's Response: Hello Magzhydfan! Here's the chapter you've been waiting for. I apologize for taking so long on updating... Hope you love this one as well. *hug*

Magzhydfan Oct 06, 2014 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 37: The question why

Ahhh, the whys.... Wait round the corner. You mean it's ending soon? I thought this will last forever. I would love to see as well what will happen after Pi drove away with Mao. You know, meeting the mother, wedding, life after???? Will you take us there too. Pretty please. For now, I can't wait for they finally confess their feelings to each other. Please don't take long to update.
Author's Response: I'm contemplating on your suggestion... we'll see. But I'm totally taking that into consideration as well. This latest chapter is for you dear... and thank you for always leaving a review. It definitely fires me up to update!

Magzhydfan Jul 15, 2014 - Broken Hearts Anonymous by Anna Clair - Chapter 1: Broken Hearts Anonymous

Really really love this fic. Maotsujun I love. Their bickering I love. The story, I lov. Please write more.
Author's Response: Thank you Magzhydfan :D! I had a feeling you'd enjoy this one! It's not my typical MaoJun little more realistic that way :)! Thank you sweetie :D my next update will probably be GStar or Himawari :D !! So I hope you enjoy it if it's GStar :D cause I know you like that one!

Magzhydfan Jul 15, 2014 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 36: Between like and like

Sure not a surprise that Massu likes Mao. I mean who wouldn't? With naiveness, innocence, personality and look. Even the rock would fall for her.
But like Massu said, Mao and Pi now love each other, though they try to deny it, especially on Pi's part. Can't wait to know more what he will do specially with the recent knowledge of Mao's true identity. I mean, is he sleeping still with her after what he found?

Can't wait for nxt update.
Author's Response: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Now that you asked that! I'll be pulling some strings in the story line to go to THAT. Remember in the first chapter where Mao had to say goodbye to Pi since she's graduating? Nothing happened right? Because Mao was too drunk and Pi was too... okay. Not spoiling it here since that was only on Mao's perspective. Haha! We'll get to what you're thinking about, and I'm not going to sensor anything when that happens! This is a rated M fan-fic anyways. heh!

Magzhydfan Jul 15, 2014 - Inoue Mao One-Shot Collections by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 15: His Unusual Guardian Angel (Part 1 - Choi Siwon)

That's it? What happens next? Will she fall for him? Will she able to go back as an angel? So many questions. I really want more. Looking forward for the next part.
And thank you once again.

Magzhydfan May 12, 2014 - Impure Intentions by Anna Clair - Chapter 10: Intentions: Kiss

How I wish Jun will open more to Mao and give up his revenge. Love each other live happily ever after.

Magzhydfan May 12, 2014 - In His Bed and After by biniBningPunkista - Chapter 35: The other calm before the inner storm

Wow. So Pi finally knew. Now I'm really getting curious how this will go from here on. I will read again the one shot and see which time frame this part of Pi knowing Mao's identity and his growing love for her will fit. Can't wait for more. Please don't leave it for so many months without updating. It's killing me.
Author's Response: I am totally sorry about that Magz. I know you have been really following on with this story... I just cant's seem to update when I know that the chapter I have come up with is still crappy. But sitll, thank you sooooo much for the encouragement and comments. It really gets me going with this story. BTW, there are like 5 months into the story line and I also have a feeling that there would be a few chapters more before the end... I bet you could feel that already. THANKS AGAIN! *hugs*