Reviews by miki

miki Jun 13, 2010 - Chocolate Kisses by Christine - Chapter 1: Chocolate Kisses

yamapi so cute here haha!!! nice one ^___^
Author's Response: Thank you Miki! I am so glad you liked it :) <3

miki Jun 12, 2010 - Anata ga Kirai/Suki Desu by Blossy - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

o.o never expected this... nice story i'm happy she wasn't scared by that experirence any more ^^
Author's Response: I'm glad it was unexpected. Just what I wanted to give to the readers. Thanks for the review :3

miki Jun 12, 2010 - You and I by harmony2244 - Chapter 1: You and I

that was cute!!! i'm glad they ended up together(not that they wouldn't :P) but he shouldn't look at other girls anymore!!! -.- lol jk!! love it!!
Author's Response: hahahaaa you know how guys are.. ;)) hehe, JK! thanks for the review miki!! <333

miki Jun 12, 2010 - The Beginning of Bishounen Café by Blossy - Chapter 1: Chapter 1

aw that was really nice ^________^ love it!
Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the review =D

miki Jun 08, 2010 - WonderWall by Christine - Chapter 1: WonderWall

sooo nice ^^ love it!!! i didn't waste my time reading this(instead of studying chemistry) :D