Inspired by JYJ's W. Junsu goes through a small emotional roller-coaster before finds the answer that he couldn't put into words. HoSu

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Penname: biniBningPunkista
Real Name: Shan
Gender: female
Member since: Feb 01, 2009
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Favourite Artists: Inoue Mao, Aoi Miyazaki, Ikuta Toma
Favourite Dramas: Not in particular order: Full House, Hana Yori Dango, Answer Me 1997, You're Beautiful, Atsu Hime, Love at the Dolphin Bay, Queen In Hyun's Man, Fated to Love You, Jewel in the Palace

Superhero. Batgirl. Slacker. Asian drama addict. Movie watcher. Sanguine-phlegmatic. Beach lover. Skimboarder. Instagram user. Writer. Hater. Lover.

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I'm a choosy Beta-Reader. I only volunteer for this due to commitment issues. Please don't hate me for it! >_<

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I volunteer if I like the story... or the author. Either way I like making my own banners when I have the resources and time.


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Reviews by biniBningPunkista
biniBningPunkista Jul 20, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 9: To Mend A Broken Pea starstarstarstarstar

Augh! Why are you making me feel impatient on their ultimate meeting again?

BTW I loled at this:
"And do tell me, why do the two of you look bare-shouldered?" Minhyuk showed the picture again in front of her.

"I was wearing a strapless dress," Sora tried to explain.

"And so was he?" Minhyuk said sarcastically.

I could seriously imagine Jonghyun in a strapless dress. hahaha!

Author's Response: And the funny thing is, I didn't laugh when I wrote those lines, but I just LOLed when I read them again in your review. Come to think of it ... Jonghyun in a strapless dress would be hilarious ! *shudders* LOL!

biniBningPunkista Jul 20, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 8: On Denials And Acceptances starstarstarstarstar

Yes!!! Way to go Yonghwa. Drill some sense into your friend. He needs it big time! He should call her... oh gaaaad... please make him call her!

biniBningPunkista Jul 20, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 7: One Missing Pea starstarstarstarstar

WTF??? She left just like that? They don't even have each other's number? WHAT????

I hate all this misunderstanding on both their side. I have this urge to slap both of them hard and say, "Yah!!! You idiots have to wake up and realize you really love each other."

Graaaaahhh!!! *pulling hair out*

biniBningPunkista Jul 18, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 6: It Takes Two To Tango starstarstarstarstar

kyaaaa...!!! they slept together. OMO! *shakes head* to stop thinking of rated stuff. teehee...

What I liked about this chapter was the garden dance. I could totally imagine it, it was like that dance between Dawson and Joie from dawson's creek. *sigh*

Author's Response: Kkk... I just had to put some warm seasoning into the story... =D But Dawson's Creek! I can really relate to that. I love Joie with her "perpetual scowl", hehe!

biniBningPunkista Jul 14, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 5: The Knight In Thawing Armor starstarstarstarstar

Teehee... Yonghwa is so cute. I'm really starting to like the guy. Is he going to have a side story as well? His character feels like he's one of those playboy idol but has a really deep stance when it comes to love. That's just my outtake. ^_^v

Author's Response: I know! He really is an awesome guy in real life (yeah right, like I really know him kkk...) He's kind and nice to his fans, and not to mention very talented! I never thought of making a side story, but you inspired me.. so maybe when I finish my other story (Live and Let Die) I will start on something about Yonghwa. See you around!

biniBningPunkista Jul 13, 2014 - Wedding Dress by yukino78 - Chapter 1: Wedding Dress starstarstarstarstar

Augh... pierced my heart. That was freaking sad. So yes please... let's stick to rom-com.

This was a very lovely story yuki. Sad but really lovely.

biniBningPunkista Jul 13, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 4: To Sketch A Pea starstarstarstarstar

eh? EHHH????? Was that a kiss? It was a kiss right? That was fast Jonghyun my man! That was really a surprise.

BTW... I was meaning to ask. I noticed you don't have a banner/poster for this. Would you like me to make one for you? If yes, you can send the pictures you want me to use for the poster. Here is my email account:

Please give me high quality pictures so that it's easier to edit. ^_^v

Author's Response: I've wanted to have a poster for this story since I wrote the first chapter. Actually I asked someone to make it, but I guess she was busy. So... if you would make me a banner or poster (any one would do) I'm very HAPPY! I'll send you an email soon. thank you!

biniBningPunkista Jul 12, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 3: Peas In A Pod Don't Always Match starstarstarstarstar

okay.. so this chapter shows how much Sora is mesmerized by Jonghyun's features but not enough to say that she likes him romantically right? It's like saying that he is her muse.

I wonder though what's running inside Jonghyun's head. I like the fact that Yonghwa is so refreshing in this story.

Author's Response: Yeah she just can't get him off her head LOL ... Well Yonghwa is more or less like that ... hard working, fun and loyal to his friends. Though he doesn't really play around (at least that's what his management wants us to think kkk). I'm so happy to know that you're liking my story!

biniBningPunkista Jul 12, 2014 - Never Ending Story by Ninner - Chapter 1: The Beginning starstarstarstarhalf-star

Oh Emmalee this was cute... i liked that bit: "Hello? Miss? Hello?" God has an accent? "

this made me smile. hehe ^_^v

biniBningPunkista Jul 11, 2014 - Sketches of You by burningzoul - Chapter 1: Two Peas In A Pod starstarstarstarstar

omo omo omo!!! I'm happy you posted this up. I liked Kang Sora in Doctor Stranger... she's so pretty (even though there are touches of plastic surgery here and there) BUT STILL! I like her and she's so cute in that drama. BTW, I have mistaken Lee Jong Hyun to Lee Jong Suk. I had a different face in my mind all through out reading this whole chapter. LOLz until I really checked the names to make sure.

Oh well... now I have more time to learn about Lee Jong Hyun from your story.

Thank you so much for sharing this. The way you tell the story is wonderful and your vocabulary seems extensive, I love the way you use different words to describe everything within your story. I hope to read some more of your stuff. *hugs*

Author's Response: woah thanks for the awesome review! I like Kang Sora too, she looks good with CNBlue on a fashion catalog so I thought hey... why not pair her up with my bias? Ah so you thought this was about Lee Jongsuk? LOL ... Korean names can be confusing sometimes =D Glad you get to know my Jonghyunnie ... kkk. If you have the time please read my other story about him that i wrote for the next generation challenge. It's more or less based on his personality rather than his looks. I would like to know what you think of it =) Yes I like to experiment with words, the encarta dictionary being my best ally. The thesaurus is just awesome. So... I hope you follow this to the end, there's just a few more chapters to go. *hugs back*

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