Tegoshi Yuya is a spoiled, rich boy living in the house bought for him by his parents. After several encounters with Yuya's less than clean living, his mother decides he needs a maid. That's where Ayame, an amnesiac taken care of by the family's eldest daughter comes in.
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: KAT-TUN: Ueda Tatsuya, NEWS: Tegoshi Yuya
Story Type: Multi-Chaptered – Genres: Drama, Romance – Warnings: Fictional Character(s), Possible Drama Spoilers
Published: Sep 28, 2010 – Updated: Sep 30, 2010 – Word Count: 228 words – Read Count: 955 – Completed: No

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All celebrities used are only borrowed for the sake of creating an entertaining story and each and everyone is crucial to the underlying plot of the story. No one should take the personalities given to them seriously as they are only there to help further the plot. All original characters are mine and should not be used without my permission and knowledge.

Table of Contents

# Chapter Title Read Count Reviews
1 Prologue: Broken Pieces 955 5