Thank You
Asian Fan Fiction wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for all of you. I would like to thank you everyone who contributed to AFF:
  • every writer who posted his/her storie(s), created new challenges, participated in the challenges and in the round-robin
  • every beta-reader for offering his/her services in beta-reading
  • every active reader who commented
  • every silent reader who increased the read count of a story =P
  • everyone who promoted AFF or spread the word to his/her friends
  • Qbert for donating to help me pay for hosting fees
  • BambiJiBin for her suggestion about the "Preview/Teaser of upcoming story" story type
  • JennyPenny for her suggestion about the chat: chatango
  • HappyPurinsu for her suggestion about the rating system (5 stars rating system) and for finding celebrities' birthdays dates for the calendar
  • vietgurl412, moon_light_shadows and BambiJin for helping me find suitable pictures for the random header/banner (previous layout)
  • Christine for her suggestion about the trailers, soundtracks, inspirational word of the day, birthdays and AFF Couple.
  • Blossy for her suggestion about graphic designers, trailer makers and AFF Couple.
  • MidoriTsu for her suggestion about background colors for stories
  • Blossy, Christine and Anna Clair for testing out the mobile layout.
  • Wilson for his suggestion about the slideshow.
  • Rayne for creating the favicon (icon you see in the address bar).
  • Wilson for his suggestion about the slideshow.
  • Mori and SweetCherry for finding celebrities' birthdays for the calendar and
  • the last but not the least: my 4 real-life friends Honey, SweetCherry, Mori, Tata who encouraged me to continue AFF when I felt like I wanted to give up

I hope I didn't forget anyone. XD