"Usually, older brothers act as knights in shining armour, giving all their might to protect their treasured sisters. They often warn the damsels of the dangers of the preying, hormone-crazed boys and...

1) Do you like the new Chatango box on the homepage? (It should load faster.)

2) Do you like the black tab button in the bottom right corner?

1) Yes. 2) Yes. (61%)
1) Yes. 2) No. (3%)
1) No. 2) Yes. (1%)
1) No. 2) No. (4%)
I don't chat. (28%)
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Thank You
Asian Fan Fiction wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for all of you. I would like to thank you everyone who contributed to AFF:
  • every writer who posted his/her storie(s), created new challenges, participated in the challenges and in the round-robin
  • every beta-reader for offering his/her services in beta-reading
  • every active reader who commented
  • every silent reader who increased the read count of a story =P
  • everyone who promoted AFF or spread the word to his/her friends
  • Qbert for donating to help me pay for hosting fees
  • BambiJiBin for her suggestion about the "Preview/Teaser of upcoming story" story type
  • JennyPenny for her suggestion about the chat: chatango
  • HappyPurinsu for her suggestion about the rating system (5 stars rating system) and for finding celebrities' birthdays dates for the calendar
  • vietgurl412, moon_light_shadows and BambiJin for helping me find suitable pictures for the random header/banner (previous layout)
  • Christine for her suggestion about the trailers, soundtracks, inspirational word of the day, birthdays and AFF Couple.
  • Blossy for her suggestion about graphic designers, trailer makers and AFF Couple.
  • MidoriTsu for her suggestion about background colors for stories
  • Blossy, Christine and Anna Clair for testing out the mobile layout.
  • Wilson for his suggestion about the slideshow.
  • Rayne for creating the favicon (icon you see in the address bar).
  • Wilson for his suggestion about the slideshow.
  • Mori and SweetCherry for finding celebrities' birthdays for the calendar and
  • the last but not the least: my 4 real-life friends Honey, SweetCherry, Mori, Tata who encouraged me to continue AFF when I felt like I wanted to give up

I hope I didn't forget anyone. XD

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