FAQ - Submission of Stories
Anything except stories that contain any of of the following:
- Incest
- PWP which means Plot? What Plot? or Porn Without Plot (smut with plot is acceptable with the proper warning) - Adults having sex with minors
- Bestiality
- Necrophilia
- Male Pregnancy (Mpreg)
- Stories in script form
- Applications stories (stories that require readers to apply to be a character)
- "You" stories (stories written in the second person)
- Stories with "_____ (insert your name here)"
If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story.
Go to "Account Info" > "Manage Stories".
You are allowed to post:
- a banner that is exactly 700 x 110 pixels in your story summary
- a poster in your chapter.

Your poster and banner must be hosted on an off-site server like Photobucket.
Pornographic material is strictly forbidden. The banner must be exactly 700 x 110 pixels. The width of a poster shouldn't exceed 800 pixels. Posters and banners that don't comply to the rules will be deleted without prior warning.
No, sorry, you can't post a background image. You can only post a poster/banner.
You can't embed music into your story page. But you can put a youtube link to the song.
No, only English stories are allowed.
Please report the name of the artist that is missing from the list.
You can create a new series for your favourite drama. Go to "Account Info" > "Add New Drama/Series".
When submitting your story, please select the warning "Slash/Yaoi" or "Femslash/Yuri" and the proper rating.
Asian Fan Fiction is a moderated archive, meaning that fanfictions are only posted after they are manually approved by a moderator. Your story must comply with our rules.
The validation of stories depends on the admin's schedule and the number of new submissions to process. It may take 5 minutes to 7 days.
If your main character is an original/fictional character (created and made up by you) and your other characters are Asian celebrities, then your story shouldn't be categorized as "Original Fiction". For example, in your story, your main character is an original character (please, no Mary Sue!) who interacts with DBSK. It should only be categorized as "Korean Entertainment" with the proper warning "Fictional character(s)".
No, keep in mind that your original character is not a real-life celebrity. You should categorize your story according to your other characters who are celebrities in real life.
For every new story submitted, we DO check if it is a plagiarized story. Asian Fan Fiction does not support plagiarism! Our mods haven't validated those plagiarized stories in respect towards the real authors and will never validate them. However, our moderators are humans and not perfect. If there is any plagiazired story that is validated on Asian Fanfiction, please do report them immediately with the url of the plagiarized story on Asian Fanfiction and the url of the original story.