FAQ - Miscellaneous
No, I don't read them. I just check if there's a lot of obvious mistakes, if it contains incest, bestiality, script form, etc. (see rules).
Unfortunately, you cannot edit your replies to the reviews. But you can click on "Report this" and write your new reply in the comments box and I will edit it and notify the reviewer. =)
You cannot delete your double replies. Click on "Report this" to report to me.
Click on "All Stories" or any category (kr, jp, tw, hk, original fiction), select "Completed Only" from the "All Stories" dropdown list and click on "Go"! (of course you may also choose your characters, ratings, genres, warnings, story types)
Because the person who created the tagboard decided not to allow links to prevent spam. lol Use [dot] and [slash] if you wish to post a link.
You can swear on chatango and insult anyone except AFF members. Desperate perverted boys/pedophiles and trolls are definitely not welcome on chatango. Please report to me or the chat moderators if this happens.