FAQ - General
- Because Asian Fanfiction was created to be an organized archive of good quality stories. I'm not talking about the plot though. After reading quite a lot of fanfics in the past years, I have become SO allergic to bad obvious spelling, grammar & typos, stories in script form with no characterization, etc. That's why I've decided to create an archive of stories that meet a certain standard. I know English is not the native language of everyone (it's not my native language by the way) but there are beta-readers that can help authors. Writers can also use a simple spellchecker (Microsoft Word) which can correct obvious spelling and grammar errors.

- For every new story submitted, we DO check if it is a plagiarized story. It has come to our attention that someone had submitted plagiarized stories to our archive. Asian Fanfiction does not support plagiarism! Our mods haven't validated those plagiarized stories in respect towards the real authors and will never validate them.
Stories written by fans about their favourite drama, celebrities, books, anime, etc.
Stories written by an author with original characters and original backgrounds.
Symbol Description Minimum Age
K Content suitable for most ages. 5+
K+ Some content may not be suitable for young children. 9+
T Content is not suitable for children. 13+
M Content is suitable for mature teens and older. 16+
MA Explicit content is suitable for mature adults only. 18+
N.B. Stories rated MA are obviously NOT allowed on Asian Fanfiction. Only registered members can read stories rated M. Kids, please stay away from stories rated M!
*We use the ratings system from www.fictionratings.com.
Stories are classified by categories, story types, genres, and warnings.
Warnings are there to let your readers know there might be something in your story they don't want to see. Please use them when it's appropriate! The crossover warning is for stories that have an alternate universe (ie. DBSK interacting with Bella and Edward or with Harry Potter and Hermione).
We have encountered in the past anonymous flaming and hostile reviews. Those are not tolerated. Respecful and constructive criticism is welcome though. You need to be a registered member to post a review because we can warn those who post offensive and unrespectful reviews. Posting those kind of reviews several times will result in being banned from the site.
Drabble A true drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly 100 words in length. However, when a story is referred to as a drabble, it often is a short scene or idea that does not tell an entire story, or a story at all (about 500 words). A drabble is a challenge to perfectly describe a thought with only necessary words. 100 - 500
Multi-Chaptered Stories with two chapters or more 2 chapters or more
One-Shot A one-shot is usually only one chapter long. Only 1 chapter
Song Fic A song fic is a work of fiction interspersed with the lyrics of a particular song. Any
Sources: Wikipedia, Cognito
The read count thing shows how many chapters have been read. If your story has 5 chapters and someone reads the whole story, +5 will be added to the read count.