Looking for graphic designers!

Dear AFF members,

As some of you may have noticed, I didn't make any new headers since last year. School and family matters kept me very busy. Even though I'm currently on summer vacation, I know I won't be doing new headers for the site. Apart from taking care of the site, I want to find time for myself and do things I like before the new semester starts (for example, reading fanfics, which I haven't done in a long while... it's ironic, isn't it?). Truthfully, I'm getting tired of seeing my own crappy banners and I have no patience with Adobe Photoshop. Therefore I'm looking for experienced graphic designers who are interested in creating banners for the site's header according to my requirements.

Position: AFF Graphic Designer

Requirements for the position

- You're an AFF member.
- You're open to constructive criticism. Art is subjective. I might not necessarily like all your banners.
- You love creating banners and you are comfortable with Adobe Photoshop (textures, layers, tools, etc.)
- You love helping people and contributing.
- You are willing to create banners for each entertainment.

You can be creative as much as you want. My only requirements for the banners are:

1. You must use the Photoshop file I created (975 x 250 pixels). It contains the AFF logo and the site's description. Their layers are linked and locked. You must not move them from their original position. You must not alter them.

2. Each side of the banner must blend well with the header's black background. To understand what I mean, see a bad example and a good example.

3. Every banner solely features Asian celebrities from the AFF characters' list. No fictional or American characters are allowed.

4. Shirtless pictures (for male celebrities) are acceptable but don't go overboard and don't make it suggestive. I don't wish to see all the banners feature shirtless men. It's kinda embarrassing to go on AFF at work or at school when you see a sexy shirtless celeb's banner everytime.

5. No violence, no gore, etc. You know the drill. I'll check each banner before I upload it to AFF. I repeat: You must be open to constructive criticism.

Other important requirements

If you become an AFF graphic designer, you'll be part of the AFF Graphic Designers Team. I'll create a private category for the team in the forum. Since AFF is a fanfiction archive for Asian entertainment lovers, especially Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mainland China and Hong Kong, the number of banners for each entertainment must be well-balanced.

How will we proceed? I'll give you a list of the celebs and each of you will choose a celebrity from each entertainment. The same celebrity cannot be chosen twice, which means we only do one banner per celeb. There are so many Asian celebrities. We should not neglect any of them.

5 Entertainments = 5 different celebrities = 5 different banners

When you're done with the 5 banners, you can choose 5 new celebrities (again 1 celeb from each entertainment).

Now, the big question: How many banners must you create per week or month? It's up to you. You set your own pace. I know that real life can be hectic and creating a banner takes time (well for me anyway). OPTIONAL: If you wish, you can also help me create a banner for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

N.B. For Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, I can help you find pictures.


When you hover over one of the banners, the name of the graphic designer will be displayed.

I do not own your banners. AFF does not own your banners. These are your works. You own them and if you wish, you have the right to ask me to remove your banners from the site anytime.

If you decide you no longer want to be a graphic designer, you can quit anytime. A two weeks notice would be highly appreciated.


If you'd like to become an AFF graphic designer, please send the application form to admin@asianfanfiction.com Once I receive your application, I'll send you a Photoshop file and ask you to create a banner featuring an Asian celebrity or a musical group of your choice. If I like your work, you'll be selected as one of the AFF graphic designers.

AFF Penname:
Why do you want to be a graphic designer for AFF??
What qualifies you to be a good graphic designer?

Thank you for applying! Please don't be discouraged if you're not selected. If you improve your skills, you can re-apply later. =) This position will always be available.