Magzhydfan reviewed Between like and like on Jul 15, 2014 01:30 AM [Report This]

Sure not a surprise that Massu likes Mao. I mean who wouldn't? With naiveness, innocence, personality and look. Even the rock would fall for her.
But like Massu said, Mao and Pi now love each other, though they try to deny it, especially on Pi's part. Can't wait to know more what he will do specially with the recent knowledge of Mao's true identity. I mean, is he sleeping still with her after what he found?

Can't wait for nxt update.
Author's Response: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Now that you asked that! I'll be pulling some strings in the story line to go to THAT. Remember in the first chapter where Mao had to say goodbye to Pi since she's graduating? Nothing happened right? Because Mao was too drunk and Pi was too... okay. Not spoiling it here since that was only on Mao's perspective. Haha! We'll get to what you're thinking about, and I'm not going to sensor anything when that happens! This is a rated M fan-fic anyways. heh!

burningzoul reviewed Between like and like on Jul 13, 2014 03:04 PM [Report This]

You know what? I thought you would never update! So when I saw this on the story list I was like YAY! FINALLY! I had a feeling Yamada had a crush on Pi, though Massu was unexpected. But ... what happened to Pi after he found out who Mao is? I want more updates! *whines*
Author's Response: Here's another update for you! I'm surprised that you thought Massu falling for Mao was unexpected... but I had an inkling it was. He was like an aloof guy from the bunch right? I had to put his perspective in a chapter because the guy's character was growing dear to me. And letting out his thoughts was a good choice. I hope you liked the latest chapter! ^_^v

romz reviewed Between like and like on Jul 13, 2014 08:12 AM [Report This]

Waaa Massu..
Thanks for updating. Really really can't wait for next chapter. I miss Maopi being together 'together' huehehe..
Author's Response: I hope you like the latest chapter! I miss having them together-together too. So here's the latest chapter for you with them being TOGETHER, finally. ^_^v

KitKat086 reviewed Self Confession, Self Realization and Self Preservation on May 26, 2014 01:29 PM [Report This]

Update soon ! I love this story !!
Author's Response: Hey there!!! Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you would like the latest chapter and tell me your thoughts about it. I love reading comments from readers. Have a great day Kaye!

burningzoul reviewed The other calm before the inner storm on May 25, 2014 04:32 PM [Report This]

Do you know what annoys me when reading a fan fic? It's when I got lost in the story and suddenly it stops... and I have to wait for the next update which I don't know when ... *sigh*... Sorry that was just a spazz, hehe ... keep writing! By the way, are those cookies still on? =D
Author's Response: I totally apologize for that... I haven't been consistent on writing this story because I have those moments where I only write if I am really inspired to do so. T_T I hope you still love the latest chapter though it is short, I would still love to hear your thoughts about the story and yes the cookies are still on! ^_^v *hugs*

maohartjun reviewed In His Bed and After on May 20, 2014 01:56 AM [Report This]

aaaw that pretty much is not good. Oh well, hopefully whatever you put out there is awesome. I always love reading your Maotsujun fics. Looking forward to it :)

burningzoul reviewed Caught in the middle on May 12, 2014 11:20 PM [Report This]

I'm in the middle of reading this and i really like it. I get it now how you get so many reviews kkk... Can I ask you something? Is it better to write your chapters long or short? Haw many words is too long? Because I tend to drag my chapter until I take out everything off my head. If you would read my other story, Survival of The Fittest, maybe you would get my point. I would really appreciate your opinions, thank you. By the way... this is not finished yet, is it?
Author's Response: Hello burningzoul, thank you for checking out my work. I am glad you liked it enough to post something and comment. *hugs* As for your questions: It depends on how you feel and want with your story. It would help if you have a theme. You could check out my story - Drabbles in Seven Scenes This is sort of a sample for the theme, each chapter contains less than 500 words. It makes the story concise, but as you could notice there's not much review on it. I think reviews vary on the type of story posted and the readers who love the story for itself or whom it represents. There is absolutely no long or short chapter, it is always a writer's preference whether to make it long or short. Readers would only be reading, but writers... we have all the control in our writing. ^_^v Personally, I read your stuff because of the person you used - Jong Suk and Woo Bin are my biases. So mostly it still depends on the reader whether they like it or not. It's better not to expect too much from them but instead be thankful that they spared their time in reading the stories you made and took time to comment - thus the disappointment that no one is reading or commenting on your story won't be too hard on you. Not everyone would love our stories the way we love it. I hope my thoughts helped you out and you would continue reading my stuff enjoying it as much as I did. Good luck to your stories and I will definitely check them out once I have the time to go on an on-line fan-fic reading spree again. *waves*

Magzhydfan reviewed The other calm before the inner storm on May 12, 2014 03:12 AM [Report This]

Wow. So Pi finally knew. Now I'm really getting curious how this will go from here on. I will read again the one shot and see which time frame this part of Pi knowing Mao's identity and his growing love for her will fit. Can't wait for more. Please don't leave it for so many months without updating. It's killing me.
Author's Response: I am totally sorry about that Magz. I know you have been really following on with this story... I just cant's seem to update when I know that the chapter I have come up with is still crappy. But sitll, thank you sooooo much for the encouragement and comments. It really gets me going with this story. BTW, there are like 5 months into the story line and I also have a feeling that there would be a few chapters more before the end... I bet you could feel that already. THANKS AGAIN! *hugs*

Roxy reviewed The other calm before the inner storm on May 07, 2014 12:26 PM [Report This]

Hi there, binibni. Please update this Fic. I really love your story, I am not into Jap fanfics cause I am more of a Jerry yan-Barbie hsu fan, but after I read your Fic, I instantly got hooked with Jap fanfics. I totally love your story, I like the catch. Keep it goin' , we are always here to support you and will never get tired of reading your fanfics. Thanks and more power!
Author's Response: Thank you so much for the support Roxy. I hope you would love the next update... so many more cheesy moments to come. Teehee! BTW, for the mean time you might want to read some of my completed stuff. I have stacks of them in my profile. You might want to check that one out. *winks*

romantic swan reviewed The other calm before the inner storm on May 06, 2014 04:25 PM [Report This]

You are back, so glad. As long as you continue writing we will never bother how long you will take.

Well the mom case is a surprise to me. Just love the twist.
Author's Response: Thank you for this message Kay... all your comments mean so much to me. I have a trivia regarding the mom's case - before I posted this, I have to re-write the chapter 3-4 times due to some back tracking on the story line. The line of thought for Inoue Taiyou should coincide with the first chapter where she had that initial conversation with her butler and the agreement she had with Mao. It went all jumbled until I came up with this final one. This is one of the reasons I take so looooooooong to update. Aside from my writer's block/crappy writing sessions - I have to reread the story again and again even though I already have the outline for it. I just had to get the details again so as not to lose the story. (why do I sound like I'm explaining myself?) Lols. But anyhow I am so glad you guys are still there for this story. *hugs*
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