Dreamy Luna reviewed NEWS on Mar 23, 2010 06:15 AM [Report This]

Hahaha Mao-chan didn't even recognize Yamapi in the last chapter! Of course she won't recognize NEWS either lol poor them! By the way, my brother is sleeping so I stole his iTouch to read this. He is going to kill me tomorrow morning because I am wasting its battery life. XD
Author's Response: its odd isn't it? i think i base this part to my life, since i DO NOT KNOW who the top artists in my country is. lolz... and i would even care less. so this is really possible ne? you should not steal things from your brother!!! just make sure you charge it again when you give it back or at least pretend you didn't use it when he seems confused as to why his batteries are minimal already. hahaha....

shattered_teardrops reviewed Unexpected Visitor on Mar 19, 2010 05:22 PM [Report This]

HAH! I caught up! keke I've been a silent reader of this because life is hectic and I can't catch every update but I decided to comment now just because I think BENITO is lame too.. XD Update soon!
Author's Response: I'm glad you still took the time to review my story. I love it when readers does that, specially when they come out of hibernation. hehehe... thank you for the review!!!!!! *hugs*

harmony2244 reviewed In His Bed and After on Mar 17, 2010 06:49 AM [Report This]

woah. amazing first chapter.
Author's Response: thank you for your review. ^_^v

Christine reviewed Unexpected Visitor on Feb 25, 2010 11:51 PM [Report This]

Uwaaa that was some chapter!
Haha Tomoe!!!!
I love Tomoe! She rocks but man she sounded really scary at one point...
Hahaha Benito...priceless lol!
And oh!! The 'I need you' part....I loved!!!
Update soon and I hope you have resolved everything you had troubling you!
Author's Response: I love Tomoe's character too!!! if only i could make her one of the main characters... tsk... there's just no enough space for her. Unfortunately she has to remain on the back ground. How scary do you think Tomoe can get? hahaha... i could imagine her strangling Pi so affectionately even though she's choking him already!!! lolz. Benito scores again ne? Its like going back to their non-official first date. thank you for the review and the concern christine ;) also i'm trying to fix some things in my life right now and making fan-fics is definitely diverting my attention from all the problems reality presents. thank goodness for stories!

ChristaLuvsDrama reviewed In His Bed and After on Feb 24, 2010 08:24 AM [Report This]

Oh I haven't read a story with Yamapi and Inoue Mao together. I like the sound of it hehe.
Author's Response: Yey! i Love new readers on my fic. I wonder if i could convert you into a yaMAOpi fan? lolz...

zuttonatsu reviewed Unexpected Visitor on Feb 21, 2010 09:23 AM [Report This]

hiiii! i came to this website bcos of your recommendation :) im so happy that you updated -i hope you solved your problems and you're doing fine right now-, the unexpected visitor, Pi's sister is really an interesting woman!! so different from her brother, LOLLLL she can make someone feel nervous but also at ease on the same time.
oh oh, and the tension between Pi and Mao, LOLLLL they were sensing something at the same time, but also didnt realize it!! hahahaha brilliant! and what the hell with the shoulder grabbing, Pi?? control yourself! you two live under the same roof and if you cant do that, well, we all know what would happen, and it will HAHAHAHA please update soon biniBningPunkista!! i'll read it :)
Author's Response: zutto-zutto-zutto!!!!!!!!!!! i am freaking happy to see you here!!!! i was shocked when i couldn't log in to winglin for 3 whole days after my long hiatus. I thought winglin hated me. ^_^v i'll be updating my stories here from now on... haven't been that diligent when winglin was around though. how's your story catching up btw? I miss my other reviewers. I wonder if christine had crossed over here too? hehehe... i think i would have to tell her on her youtube account. >_< and... you REALLY made my day in commenting here!!!! *hugs*

Dreamy Luna reviewed First encounter on Nov 23, 2009 09:03 AM [Report This]

I love this! I'm glad you continued this story. *lol* I can't believe Mao didn't recognize Yamapi!!! UPDATE SOON! I like donuts! =)
Author's Response: i guess Mao has this glitch in the head. lolz. I hope you like the next chapter. i have cookies in store for you this time. teehee... >_<

Dreamy Luna reviewed In His Bed and After on Nov 21, 2009 07:59 PM [Report This]

Good one-shot! I want to know how everything came together and what happens next. You know what to do. ^_^ lol I loved it when Yamapi "kidnapped" Mao.
Author's Response: I hope you get to read the succeeding chapters ^_^v

GlynZaelin reviewed In His Bed and After on Nov 20, 2009 04:14 AM [Report This]

I love this story:) and In His Bed. So glad you decided to continue the story. I'm subscribed to it on nWinglin.
Author's Response: haha.. thanks. i'm glad you love the story, though i'm just wondering if anyone in this site would like it too so i'm still waiting it out before posting. *grins*
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