Mary J Zeller reviewed In His Bed and After on Aug 29, 2017 11:09 AM [Report This]

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romantic swan reviewed Falling in deeper on Oct 10, 2015 12:51 PM [Report This]

Yeah its already a year lol. Friend my neck is as long as the giraffe. But worth the wait. Can't wait for Pi to confess but I doubt he dare yet. Poor Mao so confuse with Pi's weirdness. Love Ryo here, he knew how to react in situation. Massu is such a blur.
Author's Response: Thank you for keeping up with this story! I won't make any excuses for my lack of updates for years! I myself am disappointed for not uploading my stuff. BTW, I love your comment about Massu being such a BLUR. I like that word. Haha! I hope you love the latest chapter! *hugs*

burningzoul reviewed Falling in deeper on Oct 05, 2015 05:25 AM [Report This]

Ah! Best friends are exactly that: the best of friends! Gotta love Ryo and Massu here. But tbh I'm a little bit confused with the change of POVs... Because you didn't write whose POV it was at the time. It's been a year but you've still got that groove!
Author's Response: I'm sorry if it was confusing! I'll try to make things better on the next chapter. I realized that it's kind of hard to guess who the POV is when it's been long after the next update. Thank you! I hope you still get to enjoy this one. ^_^v

Magzhydfan reviewed The question why on Sep 21, 2015 03:51 PM [Report This]

Hello. It's really been a long time since this fic has been updated. Almost a year in fact.Any hope for an update soon???? Pretty please.......
Author's Response: Hello Magzhydfan! Here's the chapter you've been waiting for. I apologize for taking so long on updating... Hope you love this one as well. *hug*

shinhw4_girl reviewed The question why on Nov 29, 2014 10:19 PM [Report This]

It's been soooooo long since i didn't open this site and i just found lots of updates +_+

Keep the good work, i'm waiting for the next chapter XD
Author's Response: I'm happy you got to catch up with the story along with lots of chapters to read from. Hope you like the latest one too! ^_^v

Lil Daisy reviewed The question why on Oct 10, 2014 02:45 AM [Report This]

Hah! Pi finally admitted to his own feelings. took him long enough!
Author's Response: I knooooow! I also knew it was time he finally said it to himself. So the near is basically looming in.. but I still have quite a few chapters before it ends. There are still a lot of dialogues in my heed which needs to be transmitted in this fic. Hope you like the latest one as well!

Magzhydfan reviewed The question why on Oct 06, 2014 02:39 AM [Report This]

Ahhh, the whys.... Wait round the corner. You mean it's ending soon? I thought this will last forever. I would love to see as well what will happen after Pi drove away with Mao. You know, meeting the mother, wedding, life after???? Will you take us there too. Pretty please. For now, I can't wait for they finally confess their feelings to each other. Please don't take long to update.
Author's Response: I'm contemplating on your suggestion... we'll see. But I'm totally taking that into consideration as well. This latest chapter is for you dear... and thank you for always leaving a review. It definitely fires me up to update!

burningzoul reviewed The question why on Oct 04, 2014 09:56 AM [Report This]

Why does it always have to take lots of chapters before the characters admit their feelings for each other? And then it takes another lots of chapters for them to start confessing... *sigh* The drama we face in life ... and we keep on reading them coz we're suckers ! Hahaha!!
Author's Response: So true... that's the part that makes things interesting though. The in between. Lolz. Hope you like this latest chapter!

romantic swan reviewed The question why on Oct 01, 2014 04:34 AM [Report This]

Oww, so happy you update, I have been checking for update everyday.

I doubt Yamapi will dare to touch Mao again if he is sober when he knew who the real her. Poor both, so undecisive. But I think Mao will be the one to risk it if she knew Pi loves her. Pi will be afraid to hurt her. Aish I am so in dilemma.
Author's Response: Thank you for leaving your review! I know this chapter is quite frustrating, but I think you'll love the latest chapter. Enjoy!!!

romantic swan reviewed Between like and like on Jul 15, 2014 06:44 AM [Report This]

Glad you update and resolve the way to continue writing.
yamapi will not be happy to know that his many members are attracted to his "soulmate".
Yah yamada yu what is she trying to do? Investigating? Interogating? wow wow?
Hahaha that stray cat does not know that her identity has been exposed. so naive.
Mao just fall in love without fear, please.
Author's Response: I love how you've said that - "Mao just fall in love without fear" That's an awesome statement and I would LOVE to have Mao do that too... but! There are always buts and you know that already. hehe... Yamada you is clinch in this story. *sigh* but also an important clinch to say the least. I'm happy you reviewed. I love reading all your reviews right after I have updated. It pulls me back in to make another chapter, every time. teehee...
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