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thesilentreader47 reviewed Together on Oct 18, 2011 05:18 AM [Report This]

No need to explain. You are simply amazing.

Author's Response: thank you so much for the rating and the review. this really mean so much to me... *hugs*

Lil Daisy reviewed Together on Oct 12, 2011 08:24 AM [Report This]

so cuteeee hahahaha. i love happy endings ^^
thank you so much for this story!
Author's Response: Lil, I'm a sucker for happy endings too! haha... ^_^v

lovesmatch reviewed Together on Oct 10, 2011 01:16 PM [Report This]

i will forever love you for continuing with this story dearie...
even with all the troubles you've had to go through...

and so ends one of my fave stories...

it was very much worth the wait my dear!:)!

my favorite line?
“You never did finish that fifty days and I never did say yes on letting you go,” Nari said with a coy smile on his face.
lols! i'm not even sure why... :)

thanks so much dear!
Author's Response: hi mich, thank you so much for sticking in with this story until the very end... you do know how much i really appreciate you by doing that, right? *gives gigantic hug*

Lil Daisy reviewed Home on Sep 21, 2011 05:42 AM [Report This]

awww brotherly love always gets to me. now gimme some nari meisa action! :P lol thanks for the update love!
Author's Response: last chapter is up... I love meisa in this. do you watch Jiu? She's awesome!

lovesmatch reviewed Home on Sep 20, 2011 01:09 PM [Report This]

i swear, i read this the moment you posted it yesterday but just when i was about to leave my review, i lost my connection... :(
argh! the sorrows of being in the midst of transferring houses... :(

anyway, enough about that...
back to the story...

seriously, i feel really sad for Shun...
it's like he had always had everything he wanted just by the tip of his fingers... but he had never really even managed to actually touch any of it...
but i do feel glad that he finally realized that he has to put his own happiness in consideration...
better late than never!

and Alex... nice one! i love you for that! lol

and Nari...
well, i'm going to say it's better late than never too... LOL

and Meisa... where is Meisa???
i guess i'll just have to wait for the last chapter to find out!!!
so excited for it dearie!

and may i just repeat that i love you for continuing with this story... :D
Author's Response: gaaaad... i hate it when that happens to me, when i'm all ec Meisa had to disappear for one chapter so Nari and Shun can resolve their "issues". Brothers... you know how siblings could be. lolz. I hope you'll like the next chapter!!! *hugs*

Lil Daisy reviewed Unexpected on Sep 01, 2011 07:34 PM [Report This]

Yay an update~~ Have I thanked you enough for writing this story? Obviously not. THANK YOUUUUUU.
So Meisa's heading back to Japan. Nari man you can't just stand there like a dork and let her go! gyaa
Author's Response: LOL! "Nari man you can't just stand there like a dork and let her go!"
I think that would be a good line coming from Alex. One last chapter to go!

lovesmatch reviewed Unexpected on Aug 30, 2011 06:01 AM [Report This]

first of all... I.LOVE.YOU!!!
seriously, i really love you for continuing this story even despite everything you said the last time...
thank you... thank you so much!

back to the story...
the first half was very nice... the changing of the guards (or something like that...
and i could really imagine Nari's face when Meisa asked him to teach her...
but after that, i was all "Go Meisa! Go Meisa! Go Meisa!" especially when i read the part of the ruling of the kitchen with an iron fist...
And oh.... Shun returns with a bad news...
and now Meisa's going back to Japan.
i kinda understand Nari's part of wanting to help...
even though he doesn't know how or for what reason...
it's quite difficult...
the agreement is over, the deal is done...
the question is, what happens when Meisa returns to Japan...
will Nari follow her immediately or not?

hmmmm... looking forward to the next chap!
Author's Response: Your question is answered on chapter 9. The last remaining question i am anticipating after that chapter is... "Now what?" :) I have asked the same question myself. There is only one last chapter left and hopefully it suffice for the the whole story in the reader's end. These two characters are adorable and Meisa is soft behind her bratty-princess like exterior. I love her as much as I love Nari who in turn loves Shun as part of his blood. Now I am feeling sad! lolz. One last chapter. Hope you love it as well. *hugs*

Lil Daisy reviewed Family on Mar 02, 2011 06:49 AM [Report This]

Hollaaaaa just watched I am Number Four and Alex was smoooooooooooooooooooooooookingggggg
Author's Response: i have freaking mixed up my comments for you and Annie in the that tagboard. damn. Annie was so confused at what i was talking about. she was like, "WHAT THE HELL IS I AM NUMBER 4???" LOLz. anyways....... ALEX is HAAAAAAAAAWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTTT.... The story though was premature and why the hell was he playing a 15 year old when he could seriously pass as a 28 years old guy? He's not a kid and that body is to *DROOL* for. LOLz. oh... and yeah... am I a leading lady in that fan-fic in the making with Alex Pettyfer? i want one. just saying. *shrugs sheepishly* I MISS YOU LIL DAISY!!!!!!! BIG TIME!

Lil Daisy reviewed Family on Feb 04, 2011 11:11 PM [Report This]

Ohhh and I can't wait for Alex's movie 'I am number four' ^^
Author's Response: OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I initially thought that was a series... and boom. it's a movie. with ALEX in it. gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh... is this calling more fan-fics in the making? hahaha... I so love his hotness. kya!

Lil Daisy reviewed Conversation on Feb 04, 2011 11:04 PM [Report This]

just because you know it fits here :D
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