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Star_Dust 23 reviewed Emails and Movies on Jul 12, 2014 07:09 AM [Report This]

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE!!! I started reading Summer in Tokyo yesterday and I was hooked! And then when I saw that you made a sequel I was so excited, but it's just here on this giant cliffhanger! I need to know what happens next! PLEASE! I will love you forever!!!!

Anna Clair reviewed Late Nights and Unanswered Emails on Oct 06, 2013 07:38 AM [Report This]

So Nana wants to be a singer :O? OMG OMGOMG. This reminds me so much of Nana the manga where Nana is a singer. But this Nana is really conflicted neh?

Is YaoYin's Mike Mike HE :O? that was who I imagined at first Chri!

omg who is this random girl Yamapi is having coffee and a bite with :O? Is it Keiko :O? Is she a part of this story too?

OMG PI. Just respond to the email baka what it takes like two seconds to type the words 'I'm okay'? T.T poor Chri. On top of that she's not paying attention in class *sigh* and then Jesse biting her brain too.

Ahh so it was that sort of I can't even really hold it against Jesse that he reacted like that huh? he's a stupid boy. (LOL i have no expectations of the male gender it's true) but still he should have been smart enough to give Christine a chance to explain herself to him.

Okay how can dylan not be my fav? She's a freaking gangster man. She picks up the phone saying Yo.

And lol TAYLOR XD. He reminds me of Shun from GGGB. XD All summer long bayby XD Eitherways I'm totally on board with the TaylorxDylan ship (SHIPS AWAY) (Yeah yeah I know she's with Daniel...she'll get over it I'm sure XD Taylor has gym muscles okay XD)

The moment I read Shige's name I WAS LIKE :OOOO YES. OMG BB I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. Man Koya is whippedddd XD but in a good way :P. Also Shige and Tego party? SO DOWN. For some reason this reminds me of a GD SeungRi party. I feel like the four of those guys would get along super well with each other. (In the mean time Koya can just go get laid)

AHHH JOHNNY YOU DOUCHE. You're back to being evil! Yamapi isn't getting the messages *hits self on head* I can't believe I thought Johnny would let him talk to her in this time apart. *shakes head*

also omg. bro how has he not checked facebook. Yamapi so stupid (lol i didn't think of that either tho...maybe I'm foolish too)

Who is this girl :O? I'm so curious!

And what did Jacq find :OOOO? I'm so curious!

Okay but I do have to go bed today at least. SIGH.

but thank you for writing this story ChriChri :) it's actually really cute and I suck for not reading it earlier but I'm really enjoying reading it and getting to know the girls and the new story twists you have! I think WiNY is an excellent sequel to SiT already!

Mwah! Love it and love you! Happy birthday my bffl! Ttysoon :D!


Anna Clair reviewed Jerks and more Jerks on Oct 06, 2013 07:11 AM [Report This]

Hmm that's interesting, is Jesse trying to say that he shouldn't be taking all of the blame :O what happened then that he shouldn't be taking the blame? (But poor Chri neh? She just landed and already her heart is all in a mess)

LOLOL So Pi kinda agrees with me in the end. Johnny is an evil sadistic man but he does everything with a reason and Pi gets it. (He even appreciates it :O) Ryo is so cute though XD He's just like eyes on the prize. I need a vacation for sure after this hell of a work schedule! New York BAYBY!

So Jacq is a party girl! I thought she would be :)


Okay calm down Lilli, you know no matter how crappy Gossip Girl got I'll always love Ed and Chace they're just such perfect characters. Nate and Chuck sighsighsigh. YAY I'M SO HAPPY THEY'RE IN VLV!

Also lololol at Misha groping Steph XD whatttt XD this party sounds exciting Dylan! What party were you at!

Hmmm Hyuk Jae is kinda a player then? Or he's just playing around with Mish at least?

I'm learning to love all the girls as I get to know them better Chri :D! They're pretty cute characters :) I like them already these western kids!

Anna Clair reviewed Unwanted Meetings on Oct 06, 2013 07:03 AM [Report This]

OMG EW. JESSE GET OFF HER GOD. You're such a perv. Girl just landed, she hasn't even gotten over jetlag. off off! She's not even your girlfriend anymore! gahhh

lol sorry was that too emotional? I think my Yamapine side showed too much...eehhhh gomen ne T.T

but this chapter was all about reunions neh? The girls are kind of sweet! Each of them has their own unique personality. I Iike Dylan! She seems like a badass man. Not to mention she has a guys name but it's like kick ass name.

And it was so cute how they all got into the pillow fight!

I'm definitely excited to read more! :) *clickclick*

Anna Clair reviewed Welcome to New York on Oct 06, 2013 06:35 AM [Report This]

:O so Jesse called and just hung up :O whattt what is this guy even thinking?

And shut up Jun! If they want to go to New York they should! *humph* they have a lot of work to do to explain things properly to Steph and Chri! Keep your nose out of it (Yey Shige XD he always chooses the best options)

LOL ALSO OMG SO AWKWARD. Yamapi just said he'll always be an actor XD (so what Pi you won't always be a singer :O?)

Okay somehow reading this story after NEWS has split up is even more painful...because now when Koyama says things like - we really need you, don't leave us. T.T it's like *RIGHT IN THE HEART*

honestly, that's part of the reason it was a bit hard for me to imagine myself reading this because it's set in reality but now the reality has changed so much and I knew I'd get a bit depressed. CHRI! don't you get a little sad rereading these chapters?

I would :( baka pi. (I mean props to him for going solo but I do wish he did it GD style and not JT style).

LMFAO at Ryo losing his temper with the guy tho, how did Johnny know to block Ryo's cards :O

Stephy and Christine are so cute Chri!! Aww this make me kinda happy reading this.. kinda like I'm being a creepy stalker into your real friendship with Steph XD (I'm guessing the flicking came from there)

And Johnny really has stuff planned huh :O he's planning on working them hard to make sure he gets the most out of them before he lets them go.

Man he's evil :O in a good way :O?

Anna Clair reviewed Prologue on Oct 06, 2013 05:37 AM [Report This]



Lilli's starting WiNY.

So not to be misunderstood you're still going to get something else but this is one of the things I'm giving you this happy birthday season :) (the other one is a little more delicate and I want to make sure it's perfect. When you see it you'll see why. So you won't be getting it on October 6th :( don't hate me!)

So mwah bb! I'm super excited just from this beginning and the posters and kyaaah! All the feelings they're starting!!!

Jessi reviewed Emails and Movies on Jun 19, 2013 04:34 AM [Report This]

oooooooohhhh. hes coming to new york! finally! I really love this story i do and i want you to finish it so flipping bad. you have weaved a good story and i love the relationships you have created between the characters. they're so real and i dont know how to explain it but it is awesome and i sincerily hope that you continue to write this story because i need to know if chri ends up with yama and see what is going on with steph and ed...and dylan and jensen.

Jessi reviewed The Pinapple Incident on Jun 19, 2013 12:51 AM [Report This]

see im telling you about ed and steph...magic. toma has arrived! yay

Jessi reviewed Party Poppers on Jun 19, 2013 12:36 AM [Report This]

okay fave chapter so far. good stuff happened. lots of fun stuff. Mish telling that guy to stick it was the best. i hated how he called her wifey. ugh....then ed and steph are some of my fave people in this. their interactions are great. Poor Chri i feel so bad for her. i was holding my breath at the end of that chapter whem she was talking to jesse. dammit jesse!!! and jensen and dylan need to do it badly...i need to read that in my life. and tis sentence; “Sure,” Jared said, flexing his muscles reflexively while he eyed the shorter the best. i laughed so hard. shes funny with jared and i like her with misha as friends i think she takes care of him more than she realizes. and Ryo he's awesome. i feel like he is the most grounded and has his shit together and thats why i like him so much. he takes care of the rest of them. but you know how i feel about him. rui you tease...i love it. and chri i always like what you write so hush

Jessi reviewed Cute Calls and Surprising News on Jun 19, 2013 12:03 AM [Report This]

Dan is an ass and i kinda hate him. jensen and dylan are golden.
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